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Rules and Events!

1. Put art in the right places.
2. Don't hate or troll on the group or the art.
3. No stealing art.
4. 6 submissions max per day
5. Personal journals are not permitted (ex: gaming streams, hate journals, etc. promotions of art and business is allowed)
6. No journals can have anything mature related in it (intense gore, porn, anything that should have a deviantart censor to it)



All donations go to: :iconallstuffanddonate:
Why donate?
Donations give our group the ability to host larger contests and events like them. Everyone point helps and even one point can help us return points in fun and exciting contests back to members who keep this group alive ;)

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Group Info

You can submit as much art whenever and no limitations whatsoever. Enjoy it all. REMEMBER TO LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE'S ART!! EVERYONE NEEDS SUPPORT!

Immediate approval for all members! If you find yourself not immediately approved, you must have accidently chose Contributor!

:star: :star: :star:

1. Put art in the right places.
2. Don't hate or troll on the group or the art.
3. No stealing art.
Founded 7 Years ago
Dec 5, 2012


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Art Collection

31,430 Members
22,686 Watchers
767,296 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Featured 2 FULL
Request Batch (#4-7) by Plaidpathy
Request #1 by Plaidpathy
Request #2 by Plaidpathy
Request #3 by Plaidpathy
Valentines Contest DONE
Ikaros and Tomoki~Angel hug by dimitrigoku
Prussia x Hungary by hanakoofthejungle
Ponyo and Sosuke all grown up VALENTINES CONTEST by XxMindlessArtxX
i wuv u! by theultimatevera
Spring Contest DONE
Graveyard of the dead by SummonnerYuna
Spring by Nokami-san
Dawn of Spring by Secretadmires
Spring by Violention
Summer Contest DONE
Summer sunset by Elle-Madame
Little elf by Smertushka
Summer Contest Entry by BreesBeast
Dreams by wdnest
Drawings FULL
Misfortune- QROW by Plaidpathy
Natural Spring by Plaidpathy
Sharkboy and Lavagirl by Plaidpathy
comm: starry eyes by hollowCho
Photography FULL
I'll Send You A Rainbow by KatharinaKuebler
little me by Kibho
boh. by Kibho
little me2 by Kibho
Photography 2 FULL
Three thousand years ago by Poldarkk
Big Bar Lake, British Columbia by Gwidhw
Soak's silhouette by David-Tedstone
MarsCon 2012 - 2 by Hithorys
Photography 3 FULL
Shoe tree by BromeliaCarnivora
Killing time by BromeliaCarnivora
Poseidons Storm by BromeliaCarnivora
Terror in close-up. by BromeliaCarnivora
Photography 4 FULL
It hurts to breath by AlluFF
'White' by derJOgelle
Pet Pigeon by Mikkool
Church by Mikkool
Adopts FULL
MLP Silent Scream Auction - CLOSED by CreateAdopts
Commission: Love Muscle by L3Moon-Studios
Comics FULL
Lucyna by sanntta82
Fan Art 6 FULL
Am I cute?? by Kazenokaze
All Dat Other Stuff FULL
Sun in a Flower by Loo1Cool
Memes FULL
Art vs Artist :v, My style by IkaMusumeFan06
Photo Manipulation FULL
Pink by Kyara007
Photo Manipulation 2 FULL
The Feast has Ended by Benthos1
Drawings 2 FULL
Citrus by Plaidpathy
Crafts FULL
da Vinci devices by Luciferian-Alexander
Flippy Vs Fliqpy by Shadowjacke
Orginal Characters FULL
Be mine by Plaidpathy
Traditional Art 2 FULL
Eye See You by TheCapturedMoment
Tradition Art FULL
Silence ! by amandinezoli
Featured 3
Finches by poecile-atri
Fan Art FULL
Kids by stinkymuffin
Photography 5 FULL
A Heart Of Flower by Kyara007
Fan Art 2 FULL
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman:The Founder of Bangladesh by SaidulIslam
Digital Art FULL
Sunset Doodle by Plaidpathy
Digtal Art 2 FULL
CC by Plaidpathy
Digital Art 3 FULL
The Giant and The Man by KxG-WitcheR
Traditional Art 3 FULL
Longevity by TripleS-Art
Drawings 3 FULL
Peacock by YukiraNine
More stuff all dat other stuff 2

Mature Content

Dark Queen by Call-Me-CCB
Original Characters 2
Dismemberment by Plaidpathy
Original Characters 3
Digital Art 4 FULL
Point commission: Alex and Kate by cathrine6mirror
Fanart 3 FULL
Cyan by ghostlycrab
Fanart 4 FULL
PkmW #3: For You by LandonBridge
Literature 2 FULL

Mature Content

Digital Art 5 FULL
JoG APP: Ah Tabai the God of Love [NPC] by Akeita
Digital Art 6 FULL
meeting of the minds by DavidSanchezart
Traditional Art 4 FULL
Blue Lady by ladyjuna
Digital Art 7 FULL
.: A Nightmare Night :. by ASinglePetal
Photography 6 FULL
fir cone by Mittelfranke
Literature 3
The smile by Cranash64
Photography 7
Under my Spell by Meljona
Photography 8
Nature wins by Maij-Lee
Traditional Art 5 FULL
Seductive Cyborgs by InkyOculus
Drawing 4 FULL
Zodiac Star: Gemini C and P by Tickie-Art
Comics 2 FULL
The Divine Gathering: Ep1 Page16 by RossoWinch
Fanart 5 FULL
Konoha by Tickie-Art
Traditional Art 6 FULL
Once upon a time by comteskyee
Digital Art 8 FULL
Sagittarius Chibi by Tickie-Art
Crafts 2 FULL
Standing with cape by digigirl789
Animation 2 full
Push Animation Exercise by KellMarie
Photography 9 FULL
Holy Candles by Destroth
Digital Art 9 FULL
Prodigy by ScorpiiLupi
Adopts 2 FULL
Dappled Branches by molecularart
More Stuff bleh bleh FULL
Traditional Art 7 FULL
Elf Coloured in by Xeyina
Photography 10 FULL
6 by Lillith37
Digital Art 10 FULL
Photography 11 FULL
Bundy Palms by AzzasArt
Digital Art 12 FULL
Adoptable batch : AUCTION CLOSED by Tammi-Adopts
Original Characters 4 FULL
AT: Stop acting weird and smile! by Jellymii
Fan Art 7 FULL
Dear Mario by DavyWagnarok
So much other stuff FULL
Illusion by Arythya
Traditional Art 8 FULL
well hello there sexy by Nana749
Digital Art 11 FULL
Daily 34 by DTCale
Photography 12 FULL
Aged by musicismylife10027
Drawing 5 FULL
Say you will, say you dare... by The-Transport-Guild
Traditional Art 9 FULL
Eye drawing by xxMagicGlowxx
Digital Art 14 FULL
Fanart 8 FULL
Digital Art 13 FULL
Serenata by AntiqueDoll8
Original Characters 5 FULL
Pastel Collab Auction [1/3 OPEN] by BunsDream
Photography 13 FULL
Naruto Will Protect Me by British-Prophetess
Comics 4 - FULL
Iole and Orinda #3 by shabbyrtist
Traditional Art 10 FULL
Behind Blue Eyes by CpointSpoint
Fanart 9 FULL
Batman fanart by LASILFIDEOSCURA
Digital Art 15 FULL
Horror story 2 by Jesikahlove
Traditional Art 11 FULL
lydia carlton by saeedamahmood
Photography 14 FULL
Christmas Parade! by Zach-Bowie
Original Characters 6 FULL
Forbidden Friendship by The-Artist-Marine
Fanart 10 FULL
Dd by yureisan
Too much other stuff FULL
Voodoo Hook by PrettyPumpkinhead
Traditional Art 12 FULL
Star,Marco,and Courage Meets Pacifica Northwest by K9X-Toons
Crafts 3
Dragon age: Cole by Vanya-Ninque
Digital Art 16 FULL
Happy 2015 by LorDeimos
Memes 2
The Loud House Sisters Reaction To Zabivaka by KawaiiRebichan
Literature 5
Drawing 6 FULL
Alexstrasza by 1o113r
Photograhy 15 FULL
Cracks In The Day by AngstyChocolatechip
Digital Art 17 FULL
PC - Drageach13  (10) by eleoyasha
Photo Manipulation 3
P0175eng by Cranash64
Fanart 11 FULL
Marshall Lee by iCeeLimes
Commissions 2
[COMM] Trinity by BearChiId
Cosplay 2
Mini monsters :11/24 OPEN: by Jixngshi
Original Characters 7 FULL
Wildest Fantasy by RaggedVixen
Digital Art 18 FULL
Batgirl by SoulArt45
Traditional Art 13 FULL
Trixie is Angry by Call-Me-CCB
Photograhy 16 FULL
Grey Afternoon by NunoPires
Fanart 12 FULL
Leo and Mikey huggles. by TMNTISLOVE
Digital Art 19 FULL
Commission: Symphonic Horizon by L3Moon-Studios
Adopts 3 FULL
Ask Luna and Venom 9 by DankoDeadZone
Digital Art 20 FULL
Decim! by the-mischievous-fox
Fanart 13 FULL
Reminiscing. by Pink--Reptile
Original Characters 8 FULL
Hugh vs Blue concept art by Backfiredinc
Comics 3 FULL
H 99 by AlyssaStehle
Traditional Art 14 FULL
Deep in my Garden by Aquamarine-Drop
Animation 3
CLOSED Auction Animated Adoptable: Shinigami by lololoxvi
Photography Folder 17
Potomac River from Sharpsburg, MD. by RabCoInk
Fan Art 14 FULL
EriUmi-Morning by Aiwairanai
Digital Art 21 FULL
Fiverr Commission by DrClosure
Digital Art 22 FULL
Commission: NYRangersFan by AkiiRaii
Traditional Art 15
Journey by Pixennon
Fanart 15
Young Ellen Baker by AlexArtwork
Digital Art 23 FULL
Original Characters 9 FULL
Crazy world by SweetSugaryLister
Photography 18
My Pain Station by Call-Me-CCB
Fan Art 16 FULL