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Birthday Points giveaway!
Pixel Bow Bullet - Pastel Pink So as I have no need for the points I've accumulated, and its my birthday on the 28th march. I am hosting a point giveaway.
Begins: 21st march 2019
ends: 28th march 2019 (i will announce a end time closer to the day)
.*f2u*. pink heart|pixel I am giving away 549 :points:
All I ask for in exchange is one comment on any of my artworks in my gallery! If you've already commented just make a new comment.
So for any meaningful comment left on my art between the dates above, will be given a number for the raffle.
[F2U] Blue Crystal So Rules are to qualify
Green Gem Leave a meaningful comment, not just one word, on any picture in my gallery.
Green Gem Leave a link on this journal, to the deviation you've commented on, so I can reply to give you your raffle number.
:iconmagicpotion:magicpotion 6 27
Open - Adopt Raffle
I wanted to give some good homes to three of original designs I created, so here is a raffle to win one of them !
The n°1
The n°2
The n°3
- Will be generated through
- The first winner will be able to choose one design between the three, the second winner will be able to choose between the last two,
and the third person to win will be given the last adopt
- All the adopts will come with a portrait artwork <3
- If less than 20 people enter this raffle, a person will be able to win multiple times, otherwise there will be 3 different winners.
- Raffle will end on 12/04. If less than 20 people join this raffle, it may close sooner.
There are few conditions for the winners
- You can't resell, but you may gift or trade it
- You can slightly change the colors/design
- If you agree with all the conditions, write
"This is a wonderful comment." in your ... comment
- Use for personal purposes
- Tell me if the owner changes QwQ
Conditions to enter, check th
:iconarirumu:Arirumu 2 0
69 Watchers Raffle |OPEN|
I promised myself that I'd hold a raffle for y'all once I reached 69 watchers~ AND IM HERE SO YAY,,, i dont have enough money for chicken nuggets uwu There will be multiple prizes and multiple winners! First place gets to chose which prize they want first, then second, and so on and so forth~
+ Must be a watcher (new watchers are appreciated, but please don't just unfollow me after this ends orz)
+ Favourite this Journal and leave a comment
a bustshot
 a custom
 a TH icon
+  3 death doodles (credit to orii ron for the species xDD)
 a lineless chibi
Extra Tickets
+ Share this journal in a new journal/poll and link me +1
+ Tell me which piece in my gallery is your favourite +1
+ Tell me how you found me (Scratch, IG, dA, irl, etc.)
:icongreyvestones:greyvestones 13 25
Floweryuu sketch raffle
I'm doing a sketch art raffle ♡
I will pick one winner for a coloured sketch raffle for one to two characters ♡
Deadline: 1st of April 2019
How to enter :
Watch me (New watchers are welcome but please do not unwatch me after this raffle ♡)
Comment on this for one entry
Get an extra entry by reblogging this post on tumblr (Add your DA name in the tags on tumblr or comment your tumblr url)
You can also commission me if you really want art from me ♡
:iconfloweryuu:Floweryuu 3 3
[1k watchers] Raffle!!
Thank you all so much! We did it; we hit 1k. So as promised, it's time for a raffle!
            Rules + How to Enter
Raffle closes in one month, on Monday, April 22nd.You must be a watcher. New watchers are welcome, but please don't just unwatch afterwards - it's rude.Comment to enter.Advertise in a poll/journal and link proof for +1 ticket!You can only win once. If you have multiple tickets and both win, the second will be passed off to the next randomized winner.The winners will have a week to get me the details of their prize - otherwise I'll reshuffle for that slot.Winners will be decided through
1st prize will receive a full body scene!2nd prize will receive a half body!<
:iconkii-wi:kii-wi 9 22
Draw To Adopt!! by Rosie-draws-art Draw To Adopt!! :iconrosie-draws-art:Rosie-draws-art 4 0 [ REQUEST ]: loki by akipng [ REQUEST ]: loki :iconakipng:akipng 3 2
Revive Raffle [OpEN]
        Hello and welcome to my raffle! 
        I need to become more active on dA and what better way to start off than a raffle! 
                This raffle will be for a half body picture with a simple background. (Like below)
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
            What do you have to e
:iconarriettakailo:ArrietTakailo 6 20
400 watchers raffle!! (open)

i meant to do a 300 watcher raffle months ago... and while i was procrastinating i got to 400 LMAO
thank you all so much for watching me!!
winner will receive:
a flatcolored, fullbody piece of one character!!

(check my gallery for more art examples!)
i will draw fanart, OCs, human/oids, any gender/presentation, canine/feline anthros, and mild gore/body horror
i won't draw irl people, ferals, scalies, large muscles, very complicated designs, "femboys", loli/shota, nsfw/kink, or anything i deem to be offensive or that i'm otherwise uncomfortable drawing
if i'm not comfortable drawing the character you provide, i'll ask for another. if you refuse, i'll pick another winner!!
if i somehow hit 450 watchers during this raffle, i'll add another winner!
to enter:
must be watching me!! (new watch
:iconshoulderacoffin:shoulderacoffin 12 16
2k watchers - free art raffle
sooo, I'm finally holding my first raffle here on deviantart!
the winner will get a shaded fullbody with a background of their furry/kemonomimi oc like this:

you must be a watcher to enter, new watchers are welcomed as well! and to enter, all you have to do is to advertise this raffle in a journal, poll or status update and link it back to me in this journal and you will receive a number 
I will be using to choose the winner
if I get many entries, I will add more prizes, but for now it's kind of hard for me to estimate how many people will enter asdfgh
the raffle ends in exactly a month, so on 20th april !
good luck!
:iconsiqko:siqko 14 50
hey you! yes, you! do you want to win some free art? maybe you are just bored and have nothing better to do! well you've come to the right place! this raffle costs absolutely nothing! all you need is to meet a few requirements, and submit your entry in the comments! its that easy! you are one click away to free art!
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH*tries to make it sound interesting so people click*
honestly, i just really love drawing other peoples characters... its just so fun and some of your guys's designs are seriously gold. this is just a sort of raffle i thought i could do... so here we are. and yes, it is entirely free.
so how do i win, you ask... well, im gonna pick a number from 1-100 and your job is to guess the number you think it could be, and the closest person gets the prize.
what do i win? well, thats a wonderful question, good citizen... you will win 300pts worth of commissions.(that would be one custom or a fullbody and headshot as well as a few other combinations
:icondashaham:DashaHam 1 1
Raffle! (Free bust drawing)
Ok, I think it's one of those special occasions where I want to offer you something new ^^
So, this is for all my watchers who support my art but can't pay for a drawing cx

Heart :happybounce: Mangapunksai:squee: Win a free pic of your OC!:squee:Mangapunksai :happybounce: Heart 
Rules to enter:
Bullet; Blue Be my watcher
Bullet; Blue Fav this journal
 Tag 2 friends in a comment to get one (1) number
 You can tag 5 friends to get three (3) nu
:iconya-ya-tan:ya-ya-tan 13 42
Art Raffle 20/3/2019 (ESP/ENG) (Deadline 4/April)
Small Pixel Heart - Teal Español click aca Small Pixel Heart - Teal 
I want to go out of routine, draw something different, and for promo myself, with all these said, I'm making this raffle -^.^-
Pixel Rose Divider 3 v2 - Baby Blue - Bottom Right Prize (2 slots) Pixel Rose Divider 3 v2 - Baby Blue - Bottom Left 
A drawing of your OC, fullbody or halfbody, in my style, it can be one of these three:
Cell Shading Pixel Bow Bullet - Lilac  Sketchy Colored Pixel Bow Bullet - Lilac  Lineart Classic
To choose the winner I will be using 
Pixel Flower Divider - White 
:iconnixuizu:Nixuizu 8 20
Adopt raffle
I thought I would clean out some of the old open adoptables I had lying around so I will hold a small raffle in order to get rid of them ♥
These are the babes that are up for the raffle
How to enter
- All followers are allowed to enter, new followers are welcome
- Comment down below in the comment chain on the adopt you wish to win. You can participate on all three. 
I'll draw 3 winners in a week on the 28th
:iconhapbee:hapbee 5 17
~ Art Raffle - OPEN ~
Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] 
Hi hi minna! uvu
I would like to do an art raffle for my watchers, 
because it was a long time ago.. uvu
( i think it was at 450 watchers ) so i would like to say "thank you" 
for all support, watch, fave and comment.
Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1] 
How to Enter:
1. You must be a watcher. New watchers are allowed! ( but please, don't unwatch me after the Raffle! ;u; )
2. Faved this journal (1 TICKET)
Share this in a poll or journal (1 TICKET)
(Leave the link in your comment!)

 Tag some friends (max. 3 person) (+1 TICKET)
Follow me on Instagram~ leave your Username in your comment! (+2 TICKET)

Bunny Emoji-30 (I'm cute) [V2] 
What I can draw? Read my 
:iconrikkatan:Rikkatan 13 31
Free 46 HOUR Custom Raffle!!! by KoLAdopts Free 46 HOUR Custom Raffle!!! :iconkoladopts:KoLAdopts 15 89

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