#AllsparkMarchMayhem Round 4: the Fast 5

Voting has closed for Round 4 of the Allspark's March Mayhem IV: Sparky Races. Thundercracker with crew and Rattrap with jockey race onward to the final round, and the ultimate winner depends on your votes here! It all ends in the Championship match: the Council of Worlds Interstellar Challenge Course. Voting goes live at 12:01am EST on Thursday, April 5 to 11:59pm EST on Friday, April 6!

This is it, folks: The final match, the big one, the decider, the Council of Worlds Interstellar Championship match! IDW Thundercracker with Buster and Marissa Faireborn face off against Beast Wars Transmetal Rattrap with Dinobot. They’ve overcome fierce competition to get here, but only one team goes home with the cup. Will it be the quarreling beasts or the unlikely defenders of Earth? Will Buster’s ace pilot skills overcome Rattrap’s lightning survival instincts, or will erstwhile Predacon Dinobot honorably dispatch the former Decepticon Thundercracker? You decide!

Don’t forget to check out card art and bios for each March Mayhem team in their own thread for individual discussion in the MEET THE COMBATANTS! forum.

If you’re not a member but want to participate, join our forums! Add your favorite team to your signature on the boards and pull for your team in our forum discussions, Facebook, live chat in our Discord server, here on DeviantArt or on Twitter with #AllsparkMarchMayhem!

YOU’RE the master of this contest! Will you vote for the strongest team? Will you vote for the fan favorite? It’s your call! Make your selection, then tell others why and try to influence their votes!

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