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Bringing sexy back!

Gallery Folders

Rogue Pinup by sirhcsellor

Mature Content

Dragon Ball Classic Bulma by DragoonTequila
Pink Mercy :nsfw optional: by Emerald--Weapon
Slayer Jinx by ZAKUGA
Awesome Skills

Mature Content

Elf Girl - nsfw by JwichmanN
Wadjet by GENZOMAN

Mature Content

Robo-girl needs some pants by Meiphon
Cissenitaria by TamplierPainter
Sexy Women 2D
X-23 - Trinquette Weekly by EddieHolly

Mature Content

Ass-Binder by Evulart
I Told You To Wait Outside - Jasmine by Aozee

Mature Content

rabbits by Motolog

Mature Content

Chibi-pinup-asian-girl by BlissChild1
Mega Babe by BlissChild1
ANN TAKAMAKI - Persona 5 by Lolliedrop

Mature Content

$10 Reward by Montteiro
Sexy Anthro 2D
Butterfree / Papilusion by Oni-dessin

Mature Content

Zebra girl by AsheraArt
Eve by sensu-realis
commission - Enteka by CherryInTheSun
Sexy Women 3D

Mature Content

Fan Service Friday 9-21-18 by Zer0713
Fashion Model 3 by 3Dfantasyworld

Mature Content

tattoo test by xGrabx
Studio Pin Up by 3Dfantasyworld
Sexy Anthro 3D

Mature Content

Cobra Queen by IsiyAzza

Mature Content

Fleur-De-Lis   (Updated Model by Sindroom) by IsiyAzza
Elfine 34 by LaMuserie
Orc Warrior Woman by Zer0713
Sexy Hordes of Women
Penny For Your Soul - Pestilence #2 by JwichmanN

Mature Content

Penny For Your Soul - Pestilence #2 by JwichmanN
|CM| Deviyla and Goddyia by GigaMessy

Mature Content

Thought Bubble #17 Cover by sidneymt
Sexy Black White

Mature Content

Illustration 0 - Ink by Dark-Drac
Batgirl and Nightwing sketch cover by mechangel2002
Black Widow by KainMorgenmeer
Curvy Sexy Sailor by mechangel2002
Sexy Comics
DF 1 page 6 inks by mechangel2002
DF 1 page 5 inks by mechangel2002

Mature Content

Leia-The-Courier23 by Bikerbloke

Mature Content

Leia-The-Courier22 by Bikerbloke
Sexy Sketches
Commission : WildCATs Zealot and Grifter by ThomasBlakeArtist
Sexy Photography
Lich Queen | WoW by Dzikan
Artistic Folder
Junkertown treasures by Alloniya
Sexy Animations animated stuff only

Mature Content

Violet Dreams (Animated) by DelKon1
Still Learning
Lady Reaper by Sneekii

Mature Content

Factory by tekkoontan
Sexy Robot Rumble Competition Winners

Mature Content

Recharging Batteries by Juligan
Jenny Poussin As The ASA Girl by walcor
Past Contests
Tech Tribe warrior by Seyton-Grey
Happy Holidays 2011
Nadia : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Celso33

Folders Guide

A quick guide to submitting your stuff to the right place! Follow these and things should go a lot smoother...

1.Sexy Woman 2D:

Human women in 2D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female characters digitally rendered or traditional works, both are accepted. For reference see gallery folder…

2.Sexy Woman 3D:

Human women in 3D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female characters in 3D. For reference see gallery folder…

3.Sexy Anthro 2D:

Anthro women in 2D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female non human characters digitally rendered or traditional works, both are accepted. For reference see gallery folder…

4.Sexy Anthro 3D:

Anthro women in 3D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female non human characters in 3D. For reference see gallery folder…

5.Sexy Hordes of Women:

All women in 2D or 3D, clean and fully rendered works only! This folder is for scenes with equal or more than 2 characters. For reference see gallery folder…

6.Sexy Photography:

This folder is as it says for sexy photos of female models or cosplayers. Models and photographers are welcome to submit to this folder, but the material needs to be of quality photography or journalistic shots of attractive female cosplayers (as we understand many are photographed at conventions which don't often provide a high quality photographic backdrop). DO NOT submit self snapshots, those are not proper photographs.

7.Sexy Comics:

Here you can submit all your sexy comics that feature sexy women. NOTE that comic character pinups are NOT comics. Only characters that are portrayed in a comic environment with dialogue or sequential panels.

8.Sexy Animations:

This folder is for animated works, not to be confused with anime. Animated GIFs for example are acceptable as long as they're of good quality and content.

9.Artistic Folder:

This is for all that fancy artsy stuff that doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else.

10.Sexy Black and White:

Is for finished black and white digital or traditional (pen or pencil) works. Not coloured pieces. NOT for black and white photographs.

11. Still Learning:

Is a Folder for novice sexy artist, who are still learning and are interested in improving their work with the help of ASA. This folder has slightly lower requirements, though a general understanding of anatomy and colouring is required.


If you still don't get it, feel free to ask. Send a (polite!) note to the group and we'll try to answer any questions.

P.S. Keep your works sexy or make them just awesome to look at!





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Oh its been a long while since I have written anything here, not dead, but been busy with work and life. Personally I haven't drawn anything outside of work for the 1,5 that I say that, it sounds bleak :P

It's cool to see that so many talented people are submitting lots of High Quality sexy stuff :D

Nice to see that Deviant Art is still thing and the Group hasn't died out!

Is there anything You would like from the group?

Hey everyone! Its getting into the holiday season again, so its time for this year's community-wide Holiday Art Swap! :holly:

Its been an annual event on :devart: since 2006. Some of the previous years have seen several hundred artists participate, but since :devart: has been a little quieter than usual these days we need your help to make the event bigger and better than ever!

The event is fully hosted on its own page at :iconholidayartswap:

How does it work? Its easy: Participants are paired up randomly and do a gift art trade with each other. The gifts don't have to be holiday themed, you can request anything your partner is comfortable with doing. So if that's something you would be interested in taking part in, then please feel free to sign up (see link at the bottom).

Who can join in? While the event is open to any kind of illustrator, it is also open to writers, handcraft artisans, photographers, 3D artists, and others (anyone creative). It can be tricky to fulfill some wishes, but it was really neat seeing artisans creating items like homemade scarves for their partners, photographers taking special shots for theirs, even writers creating short stories or poetry.

What is this event for? Its all in the spirit of giving to fellow artists, having fun and being sociable. Oftentimes its a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know artists and other creative people whom you might not have seen or spoken with before.

Now here's the thing: Signup is only open until December 15th 2017


If you have any questions about the event, the event blog is also a good place to leave them for the organizers.

And if you decide to participate, we recommend joining the group itself or adding it to your devwatch (especially the group's journals) so that you don't miss out on any updates. The entire event will take place on the HolidayArtSwap group itself.
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As the name says,

SEXY art

-- but only of the female persuasion (no gentleman sausages plz!!!), whether it be traditional, digital or photography, clothed or nude... See our "Featured" folder in our gallery for examples.

We don't accept art containing males, except where they play a part in a sequential comic book page or background. Submissions should otherwise ONLY contain female figures. This also applies to futa or gender-transformation - do not submit images with this content, the figures must have female genitalia ONLY.

We also don't accept art submissions if you are NOT the artist, or if you've copied the work of someone else! Artists must submit their own work as it is posted in their own gallery, and must not post reproductions of images belonging to someone else (ie. outright copying or even tracing a photograph). We do not accept writing (literature), advertisements or other non-illustrations.

ADULT MATERIAL: must have the required filters enabled, as specified by DA rules!

NB! Child or underage characters are NOT accepted! This includes AGING known underage characters!! Images with undertones of underage/loli content will also not be accepted. Nor will anything containing masturbation, sex or rape, or pics containing extreme gore and sadistic violence. Be sure your submissions adhere to the site policies.

Extreme fetishes will also be declined. We are not a fetish group, we are here to appreciate quality art that is attractive and appealing to the general membership. Unfortunately some fetishes, or the more extreme forms of fetishes are only appealing to a small niche. Please avoid submitting these, and see our Standards of Quality Guidelines in the section below.

2. When submitting art please try to submit to the correct folders, if you have questions feel free to ask!


Sexy stuff...the best works in our gallery folders will get featured! The "Featured" folder in the group gallery showcases some of our best submissions.

4. NOTE, that this is a High Standards Group and you might not get works accepted right out of the blue. We go for the best works.

5. What about nudity?

Remember that just because its nude, doesn't mean its art. The female figure doesn't have to be naked to be sexy. We accept erotic art to a certain extent, it should not cross the line into porn/hentai or contain extreme fetishes. Pornographic content is against DA policies - THIS INCLUDES MASTURBATION ACTS. There is a huge difference between erotic art and porn. If you don't know the difference, don't submit. For information on DA policy regarding adult content, go to the Help & FAQ and type it in.

We're also not interested in random anatomy shots or "crotch shots" -- while a few people might get turned on by those they are generally NOT sexy and boring, they completely lack creativity. We want to see actual characters, so don't submit photos or drawings of genitalia and don't bother submitting images where the character is just spreading her asscheeks -- show some actual skill. The same goes for badly cropped images and weirdly censored ones intended to bypass DA's policy when it come to porn. If a piece is obviously chopped off, it looks weird and isn't considered complete.


1. Some standards we follow:

-Members must have a general knowledge and a certain level of ability to draw proper proportions and figures.
-A moderate to advanced level of skill of coloring and inking - digital, traditional or otherwise.
-A general or unique sexy feel of the pic (if you have a sexy pose but ugly features, we wont accept it. Some would argue that everyone sees sexy differently, we are open minded and voting by our admins means voting could go any way)

2. Reasons for Declining or Deletion from the group:

- Was not up to a certain standard level of quality or is considered incomplete (do not submit: YCH crap or otherwise halfdone images, random camshots or poor quality snapshots, images of random body parts)
- Was accepted by error -- if later discovered and it doesn't meet our standards, we WILL remove it
- Has unattractive aspects (ie, sexy a figure with ugly features)
- Was submitted to the wrong folder... (we do manage pics when possible, but PLEASE try to submit to correct folders!)
- Contains figures with non-female genitalia (no futa - this is covered under our guidelines re: extreme fetishes)
- Contains extreme variations of fetishes. IE: lactation, breast/belly/ass inflation, extreme obesity, foot fetish, extreme body building/muscle fetish, extreme/gory BDSM, vore. If the art looks like it was drawn specifically for a fetish, and not as generally attractive art, we will ask you to use the various fetish groups out there instead of ours.
- Contains content considered gross, disgusting, or violates DevArt site policies.
- Was not drawn/inked/coloured/photographed/modeled BY THE MEMBER. Do not submit work that you are not the artist/model/photographer of. And do not submit photos of random cosplayers taken at conventions.
- Was a tracing/copy of someone else's work, especially when done without permission of the rights owner. Do not submit images where you copied or reproduced someone else's hard work without their permission. Do not take credit for images that you copied from someone else's work either.
- Is a blatant advertisement (ie. a collage of random stuff showing commission prices, etc -- not interested!! ART ONLY)

3. When submitting art, be sure to submit your BEST works! We strive for quality, so don't be surprised if your work is declined.

4. REMEMBER: getting accepted is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT!

Submission Feedback!

Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we do NOT automatically give reasons for declining. The submission queue is large and time consuming.

For information on submission, please refer to the submitting and quality section above this box!

If you do want feedback, please leave a comment on your submission, and we'll try to get to it as soon as we can. Polite inquiries are welcome, but anyone being rude, abusive, or acting in a disturbing manner will be removed permanently.

Please do NOT use our front page for feedback inquiries.

Please remember this is a High Standards group, what we might say may not always be what you want to hear. Artists have to be able to take criticism, so if you can't accept that criticism, constructive or otherwise, please leave it be. Acting out does not accomplish anything for you.

Joining ASA!


Anyone who likes sexy women and pretty bodies... feel free to join! However remember that getting accepted as a member does not mean that your work gets accepted. Please read our submission standards and guidelines below before submitting. And remember that artists MUST submit their OWN work. Do not submit anything that you did not draw/ink/colour/paint/photograph/model.

Members are allowed 3 submissions per week and these submissions are voted on by our volunteer adminstrators:

Disciples of Sexy (Contributor):

A status given on an invite only basis to members skilled in producing quality female art. If you *know* you meet this requirement and your gallery can prove it, you can apply for this status by Noting the group. We will evaluate your work, and if your art appeals and you fit the group, you may be chosen to become a Disciple.

-have great female art!
-be talented/skilled!
-vote on member submissions (is not mandatory, but much appreciated)
-help with the group development (is not mandatory, but much appreciated)
-no waiting for voting on submissions!

Overseers of Sexy: (moderator)

For highly active members of a certain skill level who is active in the group and would like to participate in the groups activities, help with the voting and keeping ASA standards, and help develop the group.

-must vote on submissions (insuring quality works get accepted)
-must have well established artistic skills.

Masters of Sexy: (co-founder)

Is a invitation only admin position reserved for some of the best.

-must have excellent art works!
-take part in ASA development and voting!


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