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Sword of the Ancients

Inspired by the Sverd I Fjell in Norway. Would love to see the aurora borealis one day.

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That is awesome!

Cool, wanted it for my desktop, but I cant download at 6000x3000px

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WOW, beautiful work !!

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I wonder who drop this?

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Beautiful work. I can only imagine what one would think stumbling across such a giant sword.

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Awesome :D

This looks amazing.

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I didn't know about that monument, you made me look it up.

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Reminds me a bit of the entrance to the "Maze Of Many" from the Goblins comic.

That was a cool scene, thanks to the storytelling.

Yours is cool even without description!

DunkleMaterie's avatar

°looks at sword°

" The people of earlier times had better genes. " ^^

Do you guys also got parental generations of people with freakish strenght?

awesome job mate !!

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Simply magical!

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My same wish and I imagined the inspiration source :PBeautiful piece. Well those ancients must have been big guys :P

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Ooh, awesome placement and setting! Makes me wanna play Skyrim again.

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