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City of Dreams

"This city's always got a promise for you. Might be a lie, an illusion, but it's there. Just around the corner, and it keeps you going."

Inspired by the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 trailer. Looks nice! I'm curious about the story. 

The two written languages in front are the runic Elder Futhark, the oldest form of runic alphabets, and Elvish from lotr. 
Been pushing some ideas around with what that means. The further inward I go depicting the city the further I can bring that idea forward.

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Wow! That Looks Real.

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It says the image is 6000x3000px, but it only displays here at 1024x512. Any chance you could let us download the full size image?

Feed the fire

Set me free

In this city of dreams

Push my mind into overload

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Most modern cyberpunk cioties are like a concrete jungle. This is a classic feel from the 90's and early 2000s. Evolution of fantaszation of the future.

I love this piece! I’m actually working on a fantasy/high-technology world on World Anvil and I’d love to use this piece in a future article background. Would you consider giving me permission to use it? (with credit or course)

Please feel free to check out my world on World Anvil at

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great movement in the citezens below, really like this painting

Is this the typing found on the one ring?
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I'm soooo excited for that game. And when I saw the title, I immediately thought of Cyberpunk 2077
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Holy, exquisitely wondrous! This Ethereal CyberPunk CityScape is stunning, and The Elder Futhark and Elvish Neon Signs look incredible. The designs, skyscrapers, towers, marketplace, bridge, buildings, signs, pillars, roof, windows, doors, archways, street, crosswalks, pipes, architecture, futuristic citizens, poses, expressions, interactions, subway entrance, benches, graffiti, hair, outfits, jackets, hats, jewelry, sky, clouds, haze, shadows, smog, technology, street lighting, statues, lamps, effects, movement, flow, perspective, realisticness, atmosphere, hues, textures, composition, concept, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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great movement in the citezens below, really like this painting
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Futhark and elvish? Not the script you usually see on cyberpunk pictures...
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wow, I like all the details
I love the gritty reality feel of your cityscapes. It takes me back to the world of "Bladerunner", "Fifth Element", and maybe a little "Total Recall". The somewhat lose feel also helps with the illusion of urban movement and a slightly fuzzy reality. These would be so powerful for matte backgrounds for movies.
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oh don't tell me that the neons on the right say jewelry/ring store XD
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The runes looks something out of Tolkiens world; Arda.
This could be like 100.000 of years out in the future or something!
Yeah I thought that too.
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beautiful scene! i love it!
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Oh that's amazing, like you're building a city ! Very very nice job, love it :D
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nice work why don't you check out my page although its not as good because i don't have enough money for decent equipment but I'm hopping people will donate so that i can do more creative things with my art.
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Some kind of super future Minas Tirith, where all LOTR races are living together. Great idea, thought about it myself some time, and you pictured it. :D

What do the elvish ads mean?
And the Futhark one?

I could search for my Futhark book, but I am a bit too lazy right now. Talking about elvish, there exist different dialects ... high elvish, just plain as in middle earth and of course the black speech, merely using just the same glyphs.

H.W. Pesch also even invented, in his book 'Elbisch', a German elvish letter alphabet, besides the English version and what not.
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Reminds me of the Halliday Journals building in Ready Player One.
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