An "ask" blog/tumblr thingy for my characters. Good idea?
102 votes
Yes! =D
No! D=

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I say yes. ^^
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More macro MLP!! I love those!
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I have thought long and hard about this, and have come to the following conclusion:

I support this, but I will be disappointed if Gen isn't a part of it. 83
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That would be adorable and hilarious. :D
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I kinda don't know what it is or how it operates but it looks like people think this thing would be a good idea so I support it too, whatever it is XP
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I'm that 1 person who voted no lol
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confounnnnd youuuuuu D=< *shakefist* XD
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Gen, I just want to see Gen's and my life will be complete
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Clearly, 10 people missed the yes button
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Yes! You must! I would make a Tumblr just to ask Truffle stuff =O
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there should be a "Sure but first... What is that?" Lol
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it's kind of a popular bandwagon where a person will either pick an existing character or use their own, and put up a tumblr blog where people can ask that character/characters questions, and the person running the blog draws up pictures as a response =P it seems like kind of a fun thing to join in on, but i'm not sure what the rest of you would think. XD
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[link] lol im an RP addict so i decided to join.
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You ask a character a question on a tumblr page and Alloy would draw the character responding to the question.
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OUHH ok danke shön
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Truffle would be hilariously cute and fun for such an idea.
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