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Hey ya'll =P

I noticed the poll results asking if an ask blog was a good idea were pretty one-sided in favor of it. It  really seemed like it might be a fun little thing to do, and it would give me a chance to give some more personality to my characters. So~

I did it. >w> I made one.

For tonight's stream, I used the stream chat participants as beta test subjects gave the stream chat first dibs on questions =P I also wanted to test the whole thing out and see what the workflow was like. It was pretty productive, too, and addictive, and fun and such.

I actually want to keep going right now, but I also want to not sleep through the entirety of tomorrow >> so...there will definitely be more of that happening in the future.

As a side bonus, it also means that almost all of the stream art is already uploaded, so that's taken care of (I'll get the rest of it posted to DA tomorrow).

So yeah ^^ check it out, let me know what you think either here or there, and don't be afraid to pick a character and ask a question. I can't answer them all, but if I see an inspiring one, I'll definitely try to get to it =P

Edit: I forgot to mention, it's set to allow questions anonymously, so you don't need to register =P

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Forgive me for asking, but what happened to the tumblr? Sorry if I missed something.

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i sorta ran out of steam on that years ago and quit taking the time to update it >.> and also kinda forgot it exists haha <.<;

Huh, I didn't know most of these were yours specifically. I thought Truffle was a Touhou for example. ^^;

Anyway, I read the whole tumblir as it is so far, and enjoyed it.

Where can I find backstories for your characters (particularly Rem)?
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hah XD Truffle is mine, yeah.

i'm glad you liked them enough to read them all ^^

i don't have backstories and whatnot written or posted anywhere, really; they just sort of formed as a result of RPs i did with a group of friends years ago. probably the closest thing to actual records of them -are- things like those tumblr posts o.o
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Alot of people are going to tumblr now days, and I really wish I knew when your streams are on, I hardly see you announcing them.
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i usually stream on saturday evenings o.o i update the stream journal to reflect when i start and finish =P
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Noooo! I wanna be a test subject too! Another reason to be sad I miss the streams. *punches hole in wall* Ow ><

Anyway, I saw the pictures and, first of all, very nicely done. Such a nice mixture of characters and, even though I wasn't there and the person is labled anonymous, I bet I know exactly who asked Rem the toy store question and I wanna be there too! *lurks around toy store all day*

Nice to see Gen and especially Iridium. Well done. So, will you only draw to answer questions on Saturday during the stream or during the week too? If so, how will we know when new ones are added?

Sorry for the long comment but, I WASN'T THERE so of course I'm excited to see this develop.
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pff XP;

and thanks. and i think i'll try to have the streams be more normal XD; so i plan to get to questions whenever i can =P
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You're welcome.

Ah, normal streams and possible tumblr updates thoughout the week. And now that I'm on Tumblr (not blogging or anything like that) I'm following it so I'll know when more come up!
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So that was what you were doing during the stream (sorry, I don't have an account, that's why I have not spoken up).

The whole "ask your characters" thing sounds interesting, but I think I may have to pass up on this one. For one, I'm not good with digital drawings, and I have a huge cast of characters that STILL need to be sorted out. ^^;

I will ask something "when the time is right".
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awww =P y'oughtta make an account for the streams then. if nothing else, you can ask anonymously on the tumblr, so there's no need to delay ^^
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NUUUUUU i want to asked but im a tumblr noob it took me like a half hour just to get the sign up to work D:
Im on my phone though so i blame that >_>
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just ask anonymously =3
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Hah, that's really good. Sorry I haven't been attending your streams lately. Been busy with real life stuffs.
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;-; destroy life
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*rubs sleep from eyes* maybe I'll get my request another time ;;
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Seriously man, it's nice that you are doing all this but... come on, you need to sleep too c-c

Btw, congrats on being a success the "ask a minion" blog and doing a neat stream, but sleep at more healthy hours, you silly.
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wan wan wan wan wan ;__;
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Has truffle ever been considered for group therapy to help her cope with her dissociative disorder?
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