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great gift art from super people!

Wed Jan 16, 2019, 7:57 PM
aaaaaaaugh once again the internet has dumped a ton of really amazing pictures on me for my birthday ;w; apologies for being a bit late on this journal but i wanted to keep up the tradition of compiling them all together here.

oh and :iconmasterofra: continues to keep my DA subscription going too so that's pretty rad >.> and some other folks youknowwhoyouare helped out in other ways too! ;w;

anyway, pictures! alphabetically by username:

Birthday Aluminum by Billyblue999 by :iconbillyblue999:

Filling In by ClockSmasher and  Birthday Bun by ClockSmasher by :iconclocksmasher:

Birthday Party Starting off with a Growsplosion by DeferredGalaxy3 by :icondeferredgalaxy3:

Truffle by doctorwhooves253 by :icondoctorwhooves253:

Tuikku Boston crabbing Matilda by Feyzer by :iconfeyzer:

Fifi's Escape by greenharold by :icongreenharold:… by :iconkoirvon:

Snack time Birthday by LordZerotheMighty by :iconlordzerothemighty:… by :iconluckyb-9: (thanks also to :icontyrion13: for this one too!)

Rem Smash-a-rama by MasterOfRa by :iconmasterofra:… by :iconmeisterli:

What Could This Mysterious Item Be?! [Click4full] by Reimutoadin by :iconreimutoadin:

Neon Matilda by saximaphone by :iconsaximaphone:

==Commission== Beach Compa (feat. smol beach neps) by SoreAvacado by :iconsoreavacado: (artist: :icondakunart: )

Birthday Gift - Tube Tower Cake by Speedy526745 by :iconspeedy526745:

Matilda Drawing (2019) by TheKenzai1987 by :iconthekenzai1987:

Compa Too Big Comic by TinySonixHedgehog by :icontinysonixhedgehog:

Matilda's Cake (not that cake) by UNDERWORLD-Star by :iconunderworld-star:

Don't forget to read the instructions by Wafterino by :iconwafterino:

Rem in the City by ZyZa0123 by :iconzyza0123:

as usual, pleaaase let me know if i missed or forgot something >.>;  

and also thank you very much to the many, many of you who wished me well and/or wished me a happy birthday too ;w;

Draw Stream! [Offline]

Sat Jan 5, 2019, 8:16 PM
Click here!


done -w-

[Edit 6-15-2019]

somehow it's already drawing time again, what even. howww


lots of pokemon tomfoolery this time around >.>

[Edit 6-8-2019]

tiiime to draawwww


sheesh, i am getting too old for these >w>;

[Edit 6-1-2019]

is the year really almost halfway over? what? aaaaaaaa
also draw time


they thought i wouldn't do the POV
they were almost right x_x
i'm worn out haha

[Edit 5-25-2019]

aaaa somehow, it is already once again drawing time! c.c


and just as quickly as it arrived, it is over ;w;

[Edit 5-18-2019]

asdf what when did it become drawing stream time again I REFUSE to believe it can be so soon


blegghh i'm worn out haha

[Edit 5-11-2019]

it's draw time again already somehow HOW aaaaaaaaaaaaaa


thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 5-4-2019]

asdf i am LATE and it is past drawing time


was a fun stream -w-!  thanks for watching.

[Edit 4-27-2019]

well, somehow it is once again saturday night. aaaaaaaaaaaa


was fun bun times -w- Happy Easter, everyone!

[Edit 4-20-2019]

itttt's that time again. somehow @_@



[Edit 4-13-2019]

one day i'll figure out how to get back into midweek draws c.c


whew, made it! -w-

[Edit 4-06-2019]

it's time to try to draw again ;w;!


i'm getting too old for thisssss.  short stream this time ;_; sorry

[Edit 3-30-2019]

all of you need to draw! but so do i. i'll try, but don't let me be the only one >w>


managed to keep going a little later than usual at least >.>;

[Edit 3-23-2019]

there is only lateness now ;_;


now it's your turn to draw

[Edit 3-16-2019]

running laaaate 8I


the rest of you, continue drawing zwz

[Edit 3-9-2019]

one less hour this week, better try starting a little bit less later than usual >.>


i keep trying to shorten the amount of time the first picture takes, but it keeps increasing instead >.>;

[Edit 3-2-2019]

it's tiiiime to draw!


thanks for watchinnnggg

[Edit 2-23-2019]

i'm lllaaaaaatttteeee @_@


that one wasn't too bad i suppose >.> thanks for watching!

[Edit 2-16-2019]

it's draawwwing tiiime


zwz thanks for watchinggg

[Edit 2-9-2019]

aaa apparently it's already draw time again somehow aaaaaaaa


alllll of the twintails @_@

[Edit 2-2-2019]

the year is already 1/12th over? what? how? o_o
it's already saturday? aaaaaa


oof. not as many things as i'd like to have drawn c.c;  but they were fun, i guess

[Edit 1-26-2019]

aaaaghgh i'm so late today ;w; sorry


had to end a litttttle early due to lack of sleep and also my wrist needs some rest >.> but thanks for watching!

[Edit 1-19-2019]

iiiit's that time again! >.> and i am laaate again! @_@


bleh, just was not feeling it tonight c.c;;

[Edit 1-12-2019]

another stream already? aaaaaaa


whew! that worked out pretty well.  thank you all for watching!


It's a new year! and a new journal entry! and a new stream setup that will hopefully stop making me be even later than normal tonight >w>;

Awesome art from awesome people

Mon Jan 15, 2018, 5:36 PM
;w; i am always amazed at how nice so many of you are.  today is my birthday and a ton of people have wished me well.  i really appreciate that.  on top of it, i've received a number of really great gift arts.  several of these came a few days early, but i have tried my best to keep track of them all.  as always, if i missed something you sent me, pleaaaase don't hesitate to let me know so i can make sure the following list is as complete as possible.

oh, and i've also received some other non-art stuff from some of you (though i dunno who wants me to say what, so, i'll leave that vague for now unless you tell me otherwise):
:iconmasterofra: picked up a pretty healthy extension of my DA subscription. thanks!

as for the pictures: as always, in alphabetical order by user name:… a super cute Compa by AmikuEmi over on twitter. If you have a DA and you posted that to it, let me know so i can swap this line out for something with a thumbnail!

Gift - Aluminum by BananimationOfficial by :iconbananimationofficial:
Rebette Road Block by Billyblue999 by :iconbillyblue999:… from chutchens44 over on twitter. h-hearts from Compa? for me? impossible! they must be for Iffy or Neptune or Warechu or something...
The Guests Deliver the Birthday Cake by DeferredGalaxy3 by :icondeferredgalaxy3:
The Alloy Cake (Happy Birthday AlloyRabbit) by DjimmiGreat by :icondjimmigreat:
Matilda throwing a tiny over shoulder by Feyzer by :iconfeyzer:… an additional colossal compa collection from :iconkoirvon: - if this makes it to DA, let me know and i'll swap this out for a thumbnail

Hide and seek with Matilda by greenharold by :icongreenharold:
Snack times POV cam by LordZerotheMighty  Snack time donation by LordZerotheMighty by :iconlordzerothemighty:

Mature Content

AlloyRabbit Present by LuckyB-9
 by :iconluckyb-9: with additional short-hair-matilda (also adorable) version here:…
happy birthday AlloyRabbit by machinasa by :iconmachinasa:
AlloyRabbits Birthday Gift by ImagineRabbit by :iconimaginerabbit:
Happy Birthday AlloyRabbit by Blender-Seraph by :iconblender-seraph:
Manganeps by Reimutoadin by :iconreimutoadin:
Rem and Admirer by saximaphone by :iconsaximaphone:
Birthday Gift - Double Team by Speedy526745 by :iconspeedy526745:
Rem As Shiki by TheKenzai1987 by :iconthekenzai1987:
Alloy Birthday gift 2018 by tyrion13 by :icontyrion13:
A little baseball practice by Wafterino by :iconwafterino:
Mysterious Crusher X by xRagnaTheBloodedgex by :iconxragnathebloodedgex:

i think that's all of them c.c  some were linked in my stream chat or over twitter so i really hope i didn't miss any.  let me know asap if i did though @_@

anyway.  thank you all again so much!  and again, thanks to all of you who wished me a happy birthday in whatever fashion or platform. ;w;  you all really help this day feel special.

Draw Stream! [Offline]

Sat Jan 6, 2018, 7:45 PM
Click Here!


geez. this year completely flew by c.c; so much happened though...and stream-wise, i think i managed to get a little better at some things, though i never overcame the additional slowness it induced >.>;  but i'll figure that out someday.  maybe even move on to color things like a real artist!

eh but anyway owo; i really want to thank all of you for being...probably even more diligent about showing up at my streams than i am, honestly.  i don't know why you do it! but i hope that the environment there is at least part of the draw.  it seems like everyone has fun, anyway.  i dunno how much longer i'll be able to keep doing these streams but they're very important to me, because i get to hang out with so many cool people. >>; and goodness knows i'd never push myself to sit down and draw without any distractions were it not for there's that too.

anyway, thank you all for everything this year! i hope to keep it up, for a little longer at least >w>; just let me know if it ever gets boring, okay?

happy new year, everyone. i'll see you all in 2019!

[Edit 12-29-2018]

geez, is it this time of year already? and this time of the week? and this time of the night? @_@ wow. time, please, slow down just a bit...


that worked out all right. thanks for watching, and Merry Christmas, everyone!

[Edit 12-22-2018]

oh wow is it really already time again? aaaaaaa


not enough pictures reeeee

[Edit 12-15-2018]

we're running out of year to stream in. better get started!


whew! that worked out all right i think >.>

[Edit 12-8-2018]

itttt's that time again, time for all of you to draw and for me to watch!
er wait...


sleeptimes now zwz

[Edit 12-1-2018]

what? december? no way, i refuse to believe it's already december.  it's....also apparently already stream time. cwc;

[Edit 11-24-2018]

>.>; i am still out of town this weekend and unfortunately won't be able to make it back tonight, so it looks like i gotta cancel tonight's stream =x;; sorry folks.

on the bright side, all of you now have about ten hours to draw as much as you can, nonstop, and then some! you wouldn't want to disappoint Aluminum after all, now, would you? cWc she's gonna wonder what you've been doing all night long otherwise...


that somehow went by way too fast...c.c

[Edit 11-17-2018]

that week was quick....c.c;  drawing time!


whew, that was kinda exhausting haha c.c thanks for watching!

[Edit 11-10-2018]

sssssomehow it's already drawing time again aaaaaaaaaa


that went kinda okay i guess cwc;

[Edit 11-3-2018]

turns out last week's headache was actually the first stage of a head cold that has bothered me all week >w>;; i'm feeling /mostly/ okay now though, so i'm gonna give streaming another shot!


wheee that was painful cwc;  but it worked, thankfully.  thanks for watching!

[Edit 10-27-2018]

it's time to fight off this headache and try to draw anyway cwc;;!


whew! that worked okay i think.

[Edit 10-20-2018]

iiit's time to draw again already somehow aaaaaa


w-what? it's over already? aaa

[Edit 10-14-2018]

somehow or another, it's drawing time already again aaaaaaaaaa


twelve hours later
mission complete
wrist status: dead

[Edit 10-6-2018]

i'm LATE
but i will try to draw anyway


bleehhghg i ran out of energy too early ;w;

[Edit 9-29-2018]

somehow or another it's already drawing time again cwc;


that worked okay i reckon >.>

[Edit 9-22-2018]

drawww time is now time!


bun all the neps
also that was an okay stream i guess >.> thanks for watching!

[Edit 9-15-2018]

it is time to drawwwwwww


that worked out all right i think >.>  thanks for watching!

[Edit 9-8-2018]

whew, hard to believe it's already draw time again! but it is @_@


well, that was reasonably productive i guess >w>;
like i said, i've got other stuff next week so no stream, but i should be good for the one after that.
thanks for watching!

[Edit 8-25-2018]

i'm late reeeee
i should probably also mention that i've got some stuff coming up next weekend that will prevent me from being able to stream >x> sooo all of you who wanted me to take a break, i guess you'll be getting your way <w<


not enough things reeeeee >w>;

[Edit 8-18-2018]

can alloy come up with anything worth drawing? fiiind ouuuttt


well, almost cwc;

thanks for watching

[Edit 8-11-2018]

it's drawing time once more.  hopefully i'm a little more productive this week cwc;


dooonnne x-x  and worn out haha

[Edit 8-4-2018]

iitt's draw time againnnnn >.>


whew! not very many pictures but most of them ended up taking a while longer than usual c.c  hopefully that means more quality.  maybe.

[Edit 7-28-2018]

it's apparently draw time again somehow already and i am LATE


that worked out okay i guesssss
thanks for watching!

[Edit 7-21-2018]

aaaaaa apparently it's already drawing time again somehow @_@


okay, that one worked out pretty well -w-!  thanks for watching!

[Edit 7-14-2018]

oh wow, draw time again? already? aaaaaaa


lotta vore that stream >.> haha

[Edit 7-7-2018]

it's time to draaawww -w-!


that went okay i guess >.> i do wish i had it in me to draw more stuff though.  but thanks for watching!

[Edit 6-30-2018]

oh dang, somehow it's already drawing time again @_@  i don't even know if i've fully recovered from last time haha


ehh, that was okay. not super productive but fairly arm could probably use the rest >w>;

[Edit 6-23-2018]

asdf that week went by fast! this day went by fast! hopefully the stream doesn't go by too fast ;w;


that went okay i think >.>  thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 6-16-2018]

asdf it's time to drawwwwrrwghghghwr


oof, not much drawn that time, even though it was a full length stream c.c;  oh well...

[Edit 6-9-2018]

aaaaaghgh i'm laaaaate ;w;


hmm, not bad for 12 hours >.>  thanks for watching!

[Edit 6-2-2018]

aaaaah apparently it's drawing time again @_@


whew, that went on for a bit >.>  but it was fun.  thanks for watching!

[Edit 5-26-2018]

aaaa wow that week went by fast! c.c;  and so did this day.  i'm laaaate!


whew! finally a full length, productive stream c.c;  only took like FOUR WEEKS >W>;;;  but, i'll take it.

[Edit 5-19-2018]

aaaalmost started on time this time! >.>


bleehhggh i just was not nearly well rested enough for that, apparently c.c;  nothing i did to try to compensate helped.  sorry everyone for ending early ;_;

[Edit 5-12-2018]

that week went by fast!  a lot of them have, lately c.c  it's that time again, it seems...


yeesh, kinda ran out of steam there at the end c.c;  reee
anyway, thanks for watching!

[Edit 5-5-2018]

holy cow how is it already drawing time again aaaaaa


bleeeh, that one was a bit short cxc  i should have gotten more sleep before the stream

[Edit 4-28-2018]

aaaaa i didn't realize how late it's gotten, and so quickly too @_@  time to start!


that worked all right i reckon >.> thanks for watching!

[Edit 4-21-2018]

tiiiiime for more draws!


too many characters for one image x_x

[Edit 4-14-2018]

wow, that week went by quick c.c; hopefully the stream slows down enough to let me focus


that went okay, i reckon.  thanks for watching!

[Edit 4-7-2018]

somehow already april
also already drawing time
let's gooo


short answer yes
long answer deeaddddd x_x

[Edit 3-31-2018]

can i get a stream's worth of drawings done before i collapse? let's find out cwc;


what? it's already daylight? again? HOW

[Edit 3-24-2018]

what? it's already saturday night? again? HOW
also time to draw


that was okay, i think >.>  thanks for watching!

[Edit 3-17-2018]

aaaaa i was going to start like an hour ago but time ran away 


that worked all right i suppose >.>

[Edit 3-10-2018]

oof. starting late, and then the daylight savings things tonight...c.c


wow, end of the stream time already? @_@

[Edit 3-3-2018]

wow, March already? yeesh. drawing time already? aaaaa


not a whole lot made that time, but i was trying to take it easy

[Edit 2-24-2018]

iiiit is time to see if i can draw properly this week cwc


bleehh, too sleepy to keep going. -w- exactly as planned, for better or worse...anyway, thanks for watching!

[Edit 2-17-2018]

probably gonna be a shorter stream tonight, since i'm pretty sure my stream chat will track me down and throw me into the ocean if i go til sunrise cwc;;; haha


my stream chat cares about the health of my wrist/arm/elbow/etc and wanted me to stop early.  i kind of didn't, sort of >.>;  but eeeh, thank you all anyhow

[Edit 2-10-2018]

@_@ came just a little bit too close to oversleeping again.  but i'm here!  depending on how my arm feels, this stream may or may not be shorter.  if it's significantly shorter i may try to do another (short) stream tomorrow or something.  we'll see >.>;


whew! that went well, i suppose >.>  for a late start anyhow.  thanks for watching!

[Edit 2-3-2018]

asdf i am LATE but it's draw time @_@


whew, that ended up going better than i thought it would when i started c.c;; thank you all for watching!

[Edit 1-27-2018]

hokay, if i can make this stream better than last week's, then that counts as progress, right?  right?


i guess that worked out pretty well, given the rather persistent headache >w>;

[Edit 1-20-2018]

welp! guess it's that time again.  wish me luck @_@


blaaaah cwc;; well, there were a couple of okay pictures, but that one felt unproductive overall

[Edit 1-13-2018]

iiiit's draw time!


whew, that wasn't too bad at all i guess >.>  thanks for watching!

[Edit 1-6-2018]

oh wow, time for a new draw stream journal i guess c.c...well, let's get started!

aaaaaa you're all too nice!

Sun Jan 15, 2017, 1:21 PM
;w; i can't believe how generous you all are! i really appreciate all of the birthday gifts and well wishes! as usual i will try to at least keep track of the image-based ones here. in order by username:

Birthday Gift for AlloyRabbit by BananimationOfficial from :iconbananimationofficial:

Chrome Delivers Some Birthday Presents by DeferredGalaxy3 from :icondeferredgalaxy3:

<da:thumb id="661614714"/> from :icondoc-mmp:
Alloy birthday pic 2017 out at ocean by Feyzer from :iconfeyzer:

GIMME THAT WAND!!! by greenharold from :icongreenharold:

A night visit to the city by Hank88 from :iconhank88:

Box Of Compas by haoLink from :iconhaolink:

Chibtilda by Kr1tical from :iconkr1tical:

Matilda takes Bay-Bay city by LordZerotheMighty from :iconlordzerothemighty:

Thanks for the boost! Birthday Chrome for Alloy! by MeisterLi from :iconmeisterli:

Happy Birthday AlloyRabbit! by Blender-Seraph from :iconblender-seraph:

BIRTHDAY GIFT: alloyrabbit by OliveCow from :iconolivecow:

Truffle Treat by Reimutoadin from :iconreimutoadin:

Silly Thing by saximaphone from :iconsaximaphone:

==Commission== Dekomori Destruction by SoreAvacado from :iconsoreavacado:

On the Right Track by Speedy526745 and  Truffle by Speedy526745 from :iconspeedy526745:

<da:thumb id="657631283"/> from :iconthe-greatess-paulin:

Matilda Reference by TheKenzai1987 and  Colored Matilda (For AlloyRabbit) by TheKenzai1987 from :iconthekenzai1987:

Alloy Birthday gift by tyrion13 and Matilda cupcake gift by tyrion13 from :icontyrion13:

An Unexpected Stop by xRagnaTheBloodedgex from :iconxragnathebloodedgex:

Additionally, :iconmasterofra: got be a DA premium membership extension! he's been doing that for quite a while. Thanks! ;w;

there were also some points, money, whatnot, by several of you - i know some of you aren't keen on having that kind of thing publicized but if you do want it listed, let me know! and of course thank you to everyone who sent me comments or notes or PMs or whatever wishing me a happy birthday too! ;w;

if i've forgotten anything, please let me know asap so i can add it to this!

but anyway, again, thank you all a bunch ;w; you really made my day!

Draw Stream! [Offline]

Sat Jan 7, 2017, 7:52 PM
Picarto Stream


well!  that ended up being more productive than i thought it would, considering my lack of WIPs and inspiration going into it.  not stellar by any stretch but i've certainly had worse c.c

anyway, i also wanted to thank everyone who's watched my streams, whether it was one or every single one, this year.  i've had some pretty intense highs and lows this year. it's been quite a ride c.c  but you've all been a real great support to me, in many ways.  i dunno how much longer i'll be able to keep up the streams, but, it's nice to know that i won't be alone for however many more i can do. thank you all for that.

here's hoping that next year will be (even) better.  Happy New Year, everyone!

[Edit 12-30-2017]

iiiii'm not late! you're all early! >.>!


whew!  that was exhausting. but productive.  thanks for watching, and Merry Christmas everyone!

[Edit 12-23-2017]

wow, hard to believe the year is nearly over already! c.c  and i'm laaaaate


wow, that went by way too fast c.c;

[Edit 12-16-2017]

somehow it's already drawing time again! aaaaa


eeeeh it could have been better -w-  could have been worse~.  thanks for watching, regardless

[Edit 12-9-2017]

asdf it's draw time already 8I


that was okay i guess. i wasn't terribly creative but i had some WIPs to pad things out >.> so i guess it worked.

[Edit 12-2-2017]

no way it's already december c.c;  no way it's already past drawing time! asdf


from 2:30AM to 2:30PM...well, i tried to make up for sleeping in so catastrophically late anyhow c.c;

[Edit 11/26/2017]

don't trust Plutia, she is a BAD GIRL
(but no seriously i'm so sorry and thank you all for waiting/trying ;wwww; )



that was actually kinda fun.  much better than last week for sure c.c;

[Edit 11-18-17]

draw time again 


ugh, particularly bad time for a real annoying headache that made it impossible to focus c.c;

[Edit 11-11-17]

it's time to draw!


eeeh, that was okay i guess >w>;

[Edit 11-4-17]

it's time to draw again!


all cosplay spookstream is over.  all lineart too c.c;  but it was fun.  my arm hurts.

[Edit 10-28-2017]

spooky stream time


blahh, these keep getting shorter cwc;;  but at least this one was reasonably productive

[Edit 10-21-2017]

i-i tried to be on time! honest! ;w;


all lineart all stream. kind of a fun twist c.c

[Edit 10-14-2017]

iiiit's draw time


that was interesting, i did not expect to make colored pictures c.c

[Edit 10-7-2017]

aaaa i somehow went from being on track to start way early to starting late as usual ;w;


eeeehh i've done better before cwc;

[Edit 9-30-17]

if i pretend the stream is supposed to start at 10, it's kind of like being 20 minutes early. at least until next week, where i don't get started until 10:40. cwc;;


whew, that was kinda fun.  not as productive as i'd like though c.c

[Edit 9-23-2017]

the severe lack of end-of-the-world today makes streaming much easier. unfortunately it does nothing to help me start on time cwc;  but here we go


it's time for YOU to draw! c.c i need a break...

[Edit 9-16-2017]

it's time to draw!


whew, that went all right, i guess >.>

[Edit 9-9-2017]

somehow it's already draw time again.  in fact, i'm late ;w; again...


that was pretty good -w- i'll take it

[Edit 9-2-2017]

it's september somehow! when did that happen? 

it's also 9PM somehow. asdf

time to draw!


draw time is still nowwww. for the rest of you.  as for me, it is time for sleeeep

[Edit 8-26-2017]

draw time is nooowwww


that was fun -w- thanks for watching!

[Edit 8-19-2017]

iiit's that time again!


whew, that was exhausting @@

[Edit 8-12-2017]

i thought i'd start early today

silly me 8I


one day, i will defeat sleep, so that i can keep going longer again. >w>;  oh well.  at least this stream was sort of normal length. thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 8-5-2017]

it's hard to believe it's already saturday again c.c;  less hard to believe that i'm late, again cwc;;


blaaah a combination of headache and tired and uninspired makes for a SHORT STREAM ;wwww;  sorry

[Edit 7-29-2017]

iiit's that time again owo;


that was not too bad i guess >w>;

[Edit 7-22-2017]

draw time now, hopefully more than 3 things this week cwc;;


i don't want to be done yet but i am ;w;

[Edit 7-15-2017]

iiiit's draw time again!


whew...been a while since i've done a full 12 hour stream c.c;  i'm worn out

[Edit 7-8-2017]

tiiime to draw again!


whew, that was fun -w-

[Edit 7-1-2017]

wow, july already! and i'm late to stream! aaaaaaa


whew, that stream went by too quickly too c.c

[Edit 6/24/2017]

time is passing too fast! it's past time to draw! c.c


well, i got a few things done that time.  some stuff from earlier in the week helps pad out the content though

[Edit 6/17/2017]

aaaaaaaaa somehow it's already that time again!


some fun stuff that stream. thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 6/10/2017]

somehow, it's already the 10th c.c it's also draw time.


okay, so it turns out being awake for nearly 24 hours makes it tough to draw after a while cwc;  but, i did do some stuff, so

anyway thanks for watching!

[Edit 6/3/2017]

whoa, june already?  dang c.c

stream time already? aaaaaa


whew!  that was a fun and productive stream -w-  thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 5/27/2017]

well, this month went by quickly c.c

time to draw!


that was kind of a fun stream. i do wish it had been more productive though =/

[Edit 5/20/2017]

aaaaaa it's way too late! i gotta draw fast to make up for lost time!


not as many pictures as i'd like, but, eeehhh i'll take it i guess >.>

[Edit 5/13/2017]

biiit of a late start! again c.c;  but here we go!


that went pretty well! c.c  thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 5/6/2017]

that week went by fast too! agh!

well, it's time to draw again, already!


that stream went by fast, too c.c

but some neat stuff got made, i guess

thanks for watching, everyone! 

[Edit 4/29/2017]

this month went by fast

now it is time to draw


whew! that was fun.  and quite silly c.c

[Edit 4/22/2017]

it's drawtiiiime


well, not as many pictures as i'd like, but it was a fun stream anyway.  Happy Easter, everyone!

[Edit 4/15/2017]

iiiiit's draw time


whew @_@  that was exhausting

[Edit 4/8/2017]

i'm laaaaaate


that was a veeeeery long game of goat simulator @_@

[Edit 4/1/2017]

the stream is actually on time tonight
APRIL FOOLS imlateasever;w;


whew, that went a fair bit better than the last few c.c  thanks for watching!

[Edit 3-25-2017]

wow, is this month almost over already?  too fast! ;w;  hopefully the stream won't be so quickly over...


not many pictures that time, but i think they came out reasonably well.  better than last week's stream at least c.c;

[Edit 3-18-2017]

tiiiime to try to draw!


well, it ended up being more than an hour shorter than usual cwc;;  unfortunately i just can't keep myself awake enough to draw properly.  thanks for watching anyway though!

[Edit 3-11-2017] we skip forward an hour tonight.  that means the stream is theoretically an hour shorter ;w;  but here we go


well, that wasn't too bad >.>  kinda burnt out a bit on one picture though haha

[Edit 3-4-2017]

one day, i'll start one of these on time cwc;;


well, i pulled a modern hollywood and remade some old stuff.  it helped >.>  thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

[Edit 2-25-2017]

tiiiime to try again! >.>


blaaaah that wasn't very productive

[Edit 2-18-2017]

well, i thought i'd start early today

i thought /wrong/ cwc;;


i'm not having as much luck as i would like with being creative lately T_T 

[Edit 2-11-2017]

aaa whoops, i slept in a bit c.c;;


managed to do a pretty neat colored picture, and some boring sketches -w-! 

[Edit 2-4-2017]

running late, as usual -w-!


well, that was a fun stream, but not as productive as i had hoped =x

[Edit 1-28-2017]

it feels like the year just started and we're already at the end of the first month, almost.  how c.c;  

anyway though! it's time to try to draw!


made some fun stuff that time!

[Edit 1-21-2017]

draw time again!


erf, that didn't last as long as i hoped it would cxc  but anyway thank you all for the amazing birthday gifts and well wishes! i will try to assemble them together in a journal when i'm more awake


whoops, running a bit late >.>!


whoo! that was fun.  a great start to this year's streams c.c  like 11 hours or so...thanks for watching, everyone!


Welp! it's a new year and a new stream journal.  Let's see if I remember how to draw c.c

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Thanks again everyone!

Sun Jan 17, 2016, 5:29 PM
Slightly outdated birthday wrap-up (it was the 15th) time! 

I wanted to say thanks to the stream of people who wished me well on my user page here and elsewhere. I've never met most of you before so that was really unexpected! Thank you all. 

In addition to some much-appreciated financial gifts, games on steam, and some DA points donations (let me know if you want your name/gift publicized), Several people gave me some really awesome pictures!

In alphabetical order by username (feel free to kick me if I forgot something!):

Happy Birthday AlloyRabbit! by BananimationOfficial from :iconbananimationofficial:
Balanced Cosplay by Billyblue999 from :iconbillyblue999:
Truffle Visits by DeferredGalaxy3 from :icondeferredgalaxy3:
<da:thumb id="584516645"/> from :icondoc-mmp:
Rem vs Tuikku ticklefight by Feyzer from :iconfeyzer:
<da:thumb id="586300449"/> from :iconhaiyou:
Birthday for AlloyRabbit 2016 by hasegawanao from :iconhasegawanao:

Mature Content

Alloy B'day 2016 - Sunsets Turmoil by makershy
 from :iconmakershy: 
Birthday - Rem Crunches by MasterOfRa from :iconmasterofra:
Cheer by SenseiDezzy from :iconmeisterli: (via :iconsenseidezzy: )
Matilda Takes The Birthday Cake by TheKenzai1987 from :iconthekenzai1987:
Redressed Rem by Reimutoadin from :iconreimutoadin:
Ducktilda by saximaphone from :iconsaximaphone:
Two-Layer Tasty Treat by Speedy526745 from :iconspeedy526745:

Thank you so much everyone! ;w; you really made my day feel special. gave me all kinds of warmfuzzies.

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Draw Stream! [Offline]

Sat Jan 2, 2016, 7:02 PM
Click Here!


wow, another stream, another week, another month, aaaand another year down.  all at once.  and a brand new one of each (well, maybe not a stream, until next week anyway) to go with it!  i really want to thank everyone who watches these and makes them such a fun experience, not only for me, but for each other.  i had some ups and downs this year but you guys were pretty much a constant, and while it's no small amount of work or time to make these streams happen, you guys keep making it worth it.  thank you all so much ;w;

Happy New Year, everyone!

[Edit 12-31-16]

wow, i can't believe the year is already over c.c  but, it's time to draw!

[Edit 12-24-16]

Just so it's official - I'm taking tonight off from drawing. A lot of you said it would be tough to fit into your schedules.  (Plus I had expected to be out of town today but plans changed.)  At most I might stream a game or something, I haven't decided yet. But no draw stream tonight >.> 

Everyone take care, enjoy the holiday, and get some sleep! Santa won't bring you anything if you're awake, after all o.-

Merry Christmas!


that was pretty fun. not as productive as i'd hoped, but still fun -w-

[Edit 12-17-16]

yeesh, i am later than usual >.>; sorry about that! 


whew, that was kind of exhausting

[Edit 12-10-16]

dangit, running late tonight >>;


well, that was pretty fun! thanks for watching, everyone

[Edit 12-3-16]

already december, already 10pm? where does the time go?


whew! that was a lot of pokegirls c.c

[Edit 11-26-16]

yowza, this month is almost over already? how did that happen? (also, draw time)


whew, that was...all right i guess >w>; thanks everyone!

[Edit 11-19-2016]

yikes, i'm gonna be late! time to draw!


well, that was different, but, i guess still productive -w-

[Edit 11-12-2016]

all right, it's drawing time!


whew, kind of ran out of energy that time, but, i think it was reasonably productive >.> if a bit sketchy..

[Edit 11-5-2016]

and just like that, it's november. wow c.c; but hey, we get an extra hour tonight apparently!


whew, an all-cosplay spooky stream! that was fun. happy (almost) halloween, everyone!

[Edit 10-29-2016]

holy cow october's almost over already! and i'm running late to draw!


well, that was fun -w- but not as productive due to headache

[Edit 10-22-16]

okay, hopefully tonight will go better than last week c.c; it's time to draw.


blaah, ran out of juice early >x>

[Edit 10-15-16]

dropping out of space and landing upside down (but safely!) to begin drawtime


from running late to going late, that was a long stream!

[Edit 10-8-16]

whoops, running a bit late! it's time to draawww


hooo. that was a long stream. a bit over 12 hours. and without any energy drinks or whatever, no less. i hope i don't regret this later. c.c;;

[Edit 10-1-16]

whoa it's october already? wow. well, it's also saturday, again, already! time to draw.


well, that wasn't so bad >.>

[Edit 9-24-16]

draw time starts now! all of you better get drawing!


that was fun, though not as productive as i would like -w-!

[Edit 9-17-16]

it's draw time again!


whew, that was pretty fun! thanks for joining in, everyone!

[Edit 9-10-16]

bit of a late start due to streaming kerbal >.> but it's drawing time now!


well, that didn't quite go as productively as i hoped it would >.>;;

[Edit 9-3-16]

holy crap it's september already >_> it's also almost 10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


whew! sleep fended off, but now it's time to give in >.>

[Edit 8-27-16]

all of you must draw and help me fend off this sleepiness!


that went okay i guess, thanks for watching, everyone

[Edit 8-20-16]

sorry, running late cc; draw time i guess


whew! that was something. fun stuff.

[Edit 8-13-16]

i dunno if i'll do 12 hours this time, that kinda messed me up all week >w>;; but uh, i did start late, so...well anyway, drawing time!


late finish too. >.> a bit over 12 hours. yikes!

[Edit 8-6-16]

aaaaaaaa late start ;w;


well, that went pretty well! i hope you all had fun!

[Edit 7-30-16]

yeesh, and here i thought i might manage to start early today >.>; i am REALLY GOOD AT TIME


whew! that went pretty well. thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 7-23-16]

whoops, bit of a late start >.> but it's draw time!


whew, that was pretty fun. i do kind of wish i could've kept it up a little longer, though. >.> but maybe i'll actually get some proper sleep. anyway, thanks everyone!

[Edit 7-16-16]

another weekend, another stream. let's goooo


not too shabby. thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 7-9-16]

whoops, kind of a late start! c.c;; again. uh, sorry about that. but, let's try to get going now


well, that worked out better!

[Edit 7-2-16]

another saturday, another stream. hopefully a decent one this time!


blech, well, that could've gone better. >>; 

[Edit 6-25-16]

welp, stream time again. on Picarto tonight since everyone is there already >.> almost like they're trying to tell me something...


well, that wasn't too shabby! for once, I didn't have a headache or sleep in or whatever c.c 

[Edit 6-18-16]

all right, it's stream time! we're gonna be using Picarto again, because my chat will mutiny on me if i don't >.>


well, it wasn't exactly perfect >.> but i've had worse streams.

[Edit 6-11-16]

whhhoops >.>! bit of a late start, i'm gonna blame it entirely on livestream not working again and pretend it has nothing to do with me falling asleep. sorry everyone! on the bright side, that headache seems to be gone >.>...

anyway, stream's here tonight.


whew, that went on just a bit too long perhaps >.>;;;

[Edit 6-4-16]

stream time starts now!


well, that went a little better than i was worried it might, but it was also a bit slower, so ehhh >.>

[Edit 5-28-16]

well, so much for starting early cwc; but, starting anyway!


well, that was a bit more fun than some of the recent ones >.> i hope you all enjoyed it!

[Edit 5-21-16]

all right, time to get the show on the road!


whew! managed to get some sketching in this time. still not as productive as i'd like, but a little better, i think. i hope you all had fun!

[Edit 5-14-16]

all right, a bit late, but it's time to draw!


got a bit more done that time. >.> and had some fun. thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 5-7-16]

much later than i planned on, but it's drawing time now <.<


well, it seems livestream decided to die and not come back. quite some time has passed, so if you haven't already given up, feel free to do so. i think i will. c.c; anyway, thanks a bunch for watching! i really hope you all had fun. goodnight, everyone! z_z

[Edit 4-30-16]

draw time starts now!


man, i am just too tired to continue >.>; but, it wasn't too bad i guess. thanks for watching.

[Edit 4-23-16]

okay, so technically it's not an early start, but it's sort of on time, at least compared to last week c.c


all right, i hope that at least made up for some of the wait >.>; thanks for watching

[Edit 4-16-16]

oh my goodness i'm so sorry everyone, i had some things come up that needed to be dealt with, i think all is well now, but it took priority over the stream and i'd rather not go into it >>; uhhh, anyway, i'm feeling pretty drained but i'll try to draw stuff. <x<;;; asdf


well, that certainly went better than last week, not that last week set much of a bar >.>

[Edit 4-9-16]

well, so much for starting early >.>; but i am at least starting.


well, that was a short stream c.c i'm trying to fix my sleep schedule, because staying up past sunrise on the weekends is kind of making it hard to operate at normal hours throughout the week. anyway, thank you all for watching! i just wish i could've fit more pictures into the time. =x

[Edit 4-2-16]

I had planned on starting early, like 6pm or so. it's now past 9. I sure am good at schedules cwc; anyway, i'm getting started now.


that worked out better than i expected. not having a splitting headache helped a lot. >.> thank you for watching, everyone!

[Edit 3-26-16]

hooo boy, i am running late c.c; but, it's drawing time!


well, unfortunately my internet died c.c but it lasted most of the intended length at least. thank you to everyone who sat through all that. If I had known that was going to happen, I would have done something other than that comic page for all that time cwc; anyway, I'll have to figure out some way to make up for this.

at least DA's journal editor works on my phone >.>

[Edit 3-19-16]

i told myself i was gonna start at like 7 >.> now it's 9. OOPS. draw time go


all right, that went well! thanks for watching and everything, everyone ;w;

[Edit 3-12-16]

whoops, time almost got away from me there again >.> better get started!


that was fun, but i wish i had gotten more done o.x

[Edit 3-5-16]

getting started a bit late! oops >.>


well, still didn't manage to make much in terms of volume, but i did manage to have a full length stream again, so that's good. it was fun -w- thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 2-27-16]

okay, going to try this once again >w>; draw time!


well, not a lot of pictures, but a few comics so i guess it's okay >.>

[Edit 2-20-16]

wow, starting later than i thought but more or less on time compared to the last several weeks >.> time to draw!


wow, got some coloring in that time owo that was a fun stream, thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 2-13-16]

trying to get an early start tonight...kiiinda blew that! but, it's draw time.


well, that wasn't as long as i'd hoped, but it was better than last time >.> and more productive. sorta. lot of doodles after that comic >.>;; anyway thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 2-6-16]

welp! it's time to draw again. a little earlier than the last few...dozen times BUT i'm hoping that'll compensate for any earlier-than-usual end >.> so. wish me luck!


wow, i should have slept in more, or gotten some snoozing in before the stream >.>; i nearly passed out a few times while making that last picture, so i gotta cut this short. i can't focus enough to make anything worth staying up for, haha. anyway thank you all for coming!

[Edit 1-30-16]

wow, this month has gone by way too fast! anyway, it's drawing time. 


well, that managed to be a little productive, if a bit less refined. and shorter. i'm just worn out from earlier, haha >.> anyway thanks for participating, everyone!

[Edit 1-23-2016]

whew, sorry about the late start - i've been super busy all day and things are just now sort of winding down. i do intend to have a go at streaming though!


well, that was okay i guess. a bit more of the quality over quantity thing, but i feel it's too far in that direction - it just doesn't feel right streaming so long and having so few pictures to show for it <.<; i'll have to tweak my approach again or something. anyway it was fun hanging out with you all again!

[Edit 1-16-2016]

wow, you guys gave me quite an amazing assortment of birthday gifts and well-wishes and all kinds of stuff! thank you all so much! i'll try to do a more in-depth rundown of it tomorrow - for now it's time to draw!


well, there weren't as many pictures as usual but there were a few tough ones so i'll take it, i guess >.> fun talking with everyone though!

[Edit 1-9-2016]

it's time to draw, once again. i haven't done anything all week though, augh...hopefully i can make up for that c.c;


well! that was a great way to kick off the new year! thank you so much for watching, everyone! i'm glad it all worked out. 


Holy crap it's gonna take me a while to get used to writing/typing "2016". Hard to believe we're here already. But, it's a new year and a new journal for these things. Time to draw!

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Art Stream! [Offline]

Sat Jan 3, 2015, 5:40 PM
Click Here!

Well, another year full of streams down. Another year getting to meet and talk to you great people every week. I don't know if I'm glad or depressed that all of you seem to have nothing better to do on Saturdays than watch me draw, but I really love getting to do it. I hope I'm able to make 2016 a little better than 2015 was, but 2015 sets a pretty high bar.

Thanks again for everything, all of you. Happy New Year!



that went well! that also went for thirteen hours! @_@  thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 12-26-15]

welp, one way or another, i'm gonna try streaming! time to go.


twelve hours later...whew >.>  that was reasonably productive, i think

[Edit 12-19-15]

i somehow managed to start even later than usual despite trying to be earlier this time >.>;  oh well, draw time now


whew, thankfully the headache went away after just a couple of hours, so i was able to focus for most of the stream. i do wish i had a stronger set of ideas though c.c;  oh well, it was still fun.

[Edit 12-12-15]

all right, time to pretend i don't have this headache, and draw >.>


that was fun.  thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 12-5-15]

all right, stream time! 


whoops, almost forgot to change the journal back to offline. >.>  anyway that was fun.  not very many pictures, but there was a little more quality to...eehh, at least one of them. <w<;;

[Edit 11-28-15]

a bit later than i wanted (what else is new?) but here we go!


well, that worked out a lot better >.>  i didn't make very much but what i did make had a bit more detail than usual.

[Edit 11-21-15]

okay, time to try drawing again - this time with more caffeine in hopes that i don't sleep so soon >.>


i guess i should have grabbed some sleep or something beforehand, haha. >w>;; i was a bit too worn out to get much done this time. sorry for that!  but it was still something like seven hours of drawing, so it wasn't a total wash.  i hope you all had fun. ^^;

[Edit 11-14-15]

one of these weeks i'll get started on time. >.>;  


hooo...that was crazy. c.c 14 hours later, it's over. thanks for watching, everyone! andthanksforeveryonewhodonatedorwantedto;w;youpeoplerock

[Edit 11-7-15]

one of these days i'll figure out how to be ready on time >.>  anyway, i'm gonna draw now


some of those draws were TOO SPOOKY

but that was a fun stream. about 12 hours.  thanks for watching, everyone! happy halloween! and happy november! >.>

[Edit 10-31-15]

it's time for SPOOKY DRAWS


an unbelievable 14 hours later, we're done >.>  wow. so much for making these shorter XD;

[Edit 10-24-15]

all right, starting a bit late, but i've had plenty of sleep >.>  now if i can just get creative...


well, thaaat was exhausting

[Edit 10-17-15]

man, time goes by way too fast c.c;  but it's time to start drawing! 


whew, spent a bit more time on individual pictures than usual.  fewer pieces but they look a little better i guess <.<  now i just need to do that faster.  anyway, thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 10-10-15]

i think next week i'll plan to start 3 hours earlier, so that when i'm 3 hours late again, it'll actually just be on time.  anyway, here we go >.>


fun stuff! thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 10-3-15]

wow, i'm starting even later than normal >.>; sorry about that!


well, that went okay >.>  i think the best stuff was the midweek stuff though.  ah well

[Edit 9-26-15]

closer to on time counts as earlier, right? well, here we go anyway >.>


man. i gotta start these earlier or something zwz;  but that was fun. thanks again for everything, everyone!

[Edit 9-19-15]

it's that time once again!


11 hours later, we're done. that was fun -w-

[Edit 9-12-15]

starting a bit later than i'd like, but, it's now time to draw!


well, the tiredness kind of got to me a lot sooner than normal, but i guess about 8 hours is okay for a normal human stream >.>; 

[Edit 9-5-15]

all right, a bit late, but time to draw, finally >.>;


ehhh not as fun as the last few, but not terrible >.>

[Edit 8-29-15]

once again it's drawing time!


thirteen hours of fun later, it's over z_z

thanks for everything, everyone ;w;

[Edit 8-22-15]

all right, it's time to draw!


if you count the double-review time, that was like 14 hours cwc;;;; ahahha I HAVE TO CUT THESE BACK A BIT. i've been awake entirely too long. sleep now. thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 8-15-15]

that week went by too fast! but now it's drawing time again.


wow, i didn't expect that to go for 13 hours! >.>  it was fun though. did some neat stuff. andwow,thanksforallthosedonations,youpeoplearecrazy;w;<3

[Edit 8-8-15]

so i hear today is "vore day" c.c i might have to do something with that. regardless, it's draw time


that was a bit of a late start, but it worked out in the end >.>  fun stream!

[Edit 8-1-15]

as fun as all the psychoanalyzing in the chat is, it's past due for draw time! 


whew, that was fun. colored a picture and everything.  took a lot out of me though z_z goodnight!

[Edit 7-25-15]

wow, i intended to start a couple of hours ago >.>  i gotta get better at preparation or something.  anyway, it's draw time!


whew! that was a fairly normal stream, but much better than last week <.<

[Edit 7-18-15]

all right, hopefully this goes better than last week!  not setting the bar too high there i guess, but that means it should be easy >.> i hope. 


or maybe not.  that, friends, is what we call a disaster >w>;; a late start and an early finish due to uncontrollable need to sleep and resulting inability to focus long enough to make anything worth keeping people awake for. i'll try to make up for it somehow.  real sorry about this <.<;;

[Edit 7-11-15]

drawing time again!


well, all righty then, that's the end of that z_z

[Edit 7-4-15]

Happy Independence Day! (and now, drawin')


wow that went on for over 12 hours >.>  though there were some pseudo-intermissions i guess.  fun stuff though!

[Edit 6-27-15]

all right, a bit later than usual, but it's time to start! >.>


not the best, but not bad owo

[Edit 6-20-15]

all right it's that time again, hopefully i can think up some stuff to do owo;


twelve hours of fun owo

[Edit 6-13-15]

i sure am good at schedules, you guys >.>


not quite as good as last week, but still pretty good!

[Edit 6-6-15]

oh wow it got late fast >.>;  well, i'm starting now


i would say that was a competitor >.> all 12 hours of it. not quite as much produced, but i did finish that Compa pic -w-

[Edit 5-30-15]

i can only hope to come close to the fun of last week >.> time to find out


late start notwithstanding, that went pretty well owo;

[Edit 5-23-15]

whoops, got a bit distracted by things tonight >.>  but it's time to start


hey, that went pretty well >.>!

[Edit 5-16-15]

whoops, some stuff came up, so i'm starting kinda late >.>  but it's that time again!


ehhh slightly better than last week i guess >.>  i hope to try to get to that WIP this week maybe

[Edit 5-9-15]

i reckon it's time to try doing that thing i tend to do


>w>; well, i wasn't terribly energetic or something. hopefully i'll come up with some stuff this week to compensate or something

[Edit 5-2-15]

wow, i've done like no drawing all week c.c;  hopefully i can make up for it tonight or something owo;


not the best, but far from the worst >.>

[Edit 4-25-15]

all right, time to see if i can draw some stuff owo


too sleepy to keep going >.>  but it's a decent quitting time anyway. and we got some nice stuff in! owo

[Edit 4-18-15]

wow, quite a late start >.>;; sorry about that!


that went by quick!  it was fun though owo

[Edit 4-11-15]

wow, is it that time again already? let's draw~


not spectacular, but far from a disaster owo;  happy Easter, everyone!

[Edit 4-4-15]

wow, starting quite a bit later than i thought i would c.c;;  oh well, here we go!


haha wow, pretty much every picture got colored in some fashion <.< that's a first owo;

[Edit 3-28-15]

okay time to draw! bit late but ehhh we'll overcome it probably >.>!


wow, about 13.5 hours or so o_o

insane! fun though. >w>

i'm perpetually amazed by how generous you guys are .w. itreallyhelps

[Edit 3-21-15]

tooootally didn't forget to post a journal about starting! >_>


well, that was a rockin' 12-ish hours -w- 


[Edit 3-14-15]

drawing time!


wow! that was much better than recent ones. c.c technical problems aside. -w-

[Edit 3-7-15]

wow, that week went by quick!  this stream will feel quicker too, since we'll lose an hour in the middle of it >.>


livestream decided tonight was a good night to have all kinds of issues, so it was more disconnects and glitches than actual streaming >.>

[Edit 2-28-15]

whoops, got a bit too involved in kerbal and started late >.>!


hokay, that went a -lot- better than the recent ones -w- wooo

[Edit 2-21-15]

bit of a late start, but here we go owo


mediocre, but better than last week at least >.>

[Edit 2-14-15]

it's showtime!


well, that was probably the worst one in a while. cwc;

[Edit 2-7-15]

some technical difficulties held up the beginning but here we go (i hope!)


well, that certainly worked! in a rather unexpected way >.>;

[Edit 1-31-15]

third time's the charm, right?

right? >w>;;


i was kinda hurting for ideas and inspiration the whole time, but it wasn't a complete disaster i think >.>;

[Edit 1-24-15]

all right, drawing time! you should all get started >w>


wow, that was...a  slow start >.>;  but it eventually came around. mostly.

[Edit 1-17-15]

it's drawing time! owo


woooh! that was fun. over 12 hours of fun cwc

[Edit 1-10-15]

all right, gonna try to pull together the energy to draw owo;


Woooo! 12.5 hours later, and I have a lot of stuff to upload--although about 2/3 of it is from earlier in the week.  That was a good way to kick things off, though!


Another year, another stream journal!

And tonight, another stream!

Wwwwwow I posted like no journals last year holy cow c.c 

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wow again some more!

Wed Jan 15, 2014, 11:07 PM
[I need to submit journals more often i guess!]

So, the 15th was my birthday, and many of you took the time to wish me a happy one!  Thanks a bunch for that. Chances are you can see most of them in the comments on my userpage right now.  

It was a pretty good day, made all the better by the great gifts given to me by friends and watchers! Let's take a look at some of the great stuff I got, in the order that I happened to see it:

:iconbakasanji: :iconsedeto:

crunchy cosplay fun

city-smashing cake carrying

real estate deals

an adorable Truffle

a lifelike portrait of exactly how I look

Rem corrupting the youth teaching a friend how to properly rampage
Giant Playground by EUDETENIS :iconsilverprovidence::iconeudetenis: 

a full-color, full-body portrait of Gen

a new toy i should probably rescue from Rem

A year-long extension to my DA premium membership from :iconmasterofra:

Loads-a-money from:
[that guy who shows up in my streams by the name MMPAnon--if you have a DA, let me know] 

And of course all of the happy wishes from the friendly folks here on DA. Thanks again everyone!

[If i forgot something, please let me know! I'll probably be updating this a few times to fill in any gaps!]

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Art Stream [Offline]

Sat Jan 4, 2014, 7:43 PM
Click Here!

[Edit 12-22-14]

I really hope everyone enjoyed saturday's stream! I've been roped into visiting with family around Christmas and, unfortunately, the trip spans the weekend. So I'm afraid I have to cancel this coming saturday. =/  Which in turn means that last saturday's stream will very likely be the last draw stream of the year. 

I've really had a lot of fun doing these. Despite saying at the start of the year that I would need to throttle these back and try to look at my scheduling for them (all of which is still in the cards, at least in theory), you all have just been too much fun to draw for--I often can't stop until I can't go on, heh.  It's led to a lot of really long streams, most of which have been pretty good.  I really appreciate the people who keep me going (not to mention the donations--ya'll are crazy-generous), and I hope I can find ways to keep the streams fresh and entertaining. 

A lot of the fun in my streams--especially for me--comes from the antics of all of you in the chat. You all contribute in your own ways, and I hope that makes it fun for the rest of you, too.  So yeah, thanks for being a part of all this! 

Merry Christmas!


thirteen hours later, it's over z_z  quite fun though!  and thanks again to all who donated ;_;  and to those of you who i won't see til next time, Merry Christmas!

[Edit 12-20-14]

time to draw!


well, i didn't expect to draw something so time consuming! c.c;  but i think it'll be worth it.  thanks a bunch all of you super nice folks ;_;

[Edit 12-13-14]

time for make draw D=


well, that one went a little oddly -w- not bad, just not how i planned. ah well

[Edit 12-6-14]

tiiiime to draaaaw.  for all of you. owo


that wasn't as productive as i would have liked -.- i'm not even sure what happened; i guess i was distracted or something >.>  oh well~

[Edit 11-29-14]

wow, it's drawing time already!


long stream is long -w-  and finally over.  and i posted the art from it already >w>;  hopefully that makes up for it!

[Edit 11-23-14]

so! story time. last week's stream sent my sleep schedule into a horrible spiral that had me passing out at like 8-10PM and waking up at some horrible hour in the morning.  despite my efforts to fix it, it kept happening. today i decided to try getting some sleep at 5 or so, in order to avoid being a zombie when it was time to start the stream.  

it didn't quite work out that way.  instead of waking up at around 7 like i planned (and could've sworn i set an alarm for..), i woke up at around 11.  which is..later, to say the least, than when i usually start


on the bright side, i now have what amounts to a full night's sleep powering me -w- 



well, i certainly did not expect to go that long! owo;  i'm gonna go pass out now.  

[Edit 11-15-18]

starting a bit late! c.c;  and i'm not entirely sure how late i'll manage to stay up cwc; but hopefully i can do something worth doing.


in the end, it was the unexpected headache that prevented productivity cwc;

[Edit 11-8-14]

been pretty busy with moving/lifting stuff today so i'm kinda worn out from that. hopefully my arm holds out long enough to make a worthwhile stream owo;


well, that stream lasted over 12 hours cwc; somewhere in there, the clocks rolled back an hour, so that helped.  it was fun though!  thanks for coming, everyone. ;_;


Well, family thing didn't go as long as I was told it would, because reasons cwc so, I'm here earler than I anticipated, and it's not too late to start drawing...and I sort of want to try to stream.  So I'm gonna try that and see how that goes. cwc;  Really really super sorry for anyone experiencing Saturday night plan whiplash ;w; I know I am. 

[Edit 10-31-14]

Unfortunately I gotta meet up with the family to do family things tomorrow, and there's a pretty high chance it'll prevent me from being able to do the stream thing =/  Instead, all of you must draw for eight or nine or twelve hours nonstop. all of you.


i hope you all drew stuff owo

[Edit 10-25-14]

all right, time to make draws owo all of you should draw too~


and so it was. but the stream went on for like 12 hours, which is far longer than i intended to >w>;;

[Edit 10-18-14]

probably gonna be disconnecty a lot tonight but i'm gonna try to draw anyway >x>


drawing stuff is fun.  i hope all of you drew stuff >.>

[Edit 10-11-14]

draw time is now time. all of you need to draw now o o


that was fun, and reasonably productive ^^

[Edit 10-5-14]

it's drawing time owo


all right, that was fun z-z

[Edit 9-27-14]

all right, time to draw! owo


well that was a bit shorter, but i'm worn out z-z thanks for watching

[Edit 9-20-14]

time for drawin owo


blegh, too tired to continue zwz goodnight

[Edit 9-13-14]

a bit more awake this time than last time, hopefully that will mean a better start -w-


well that was pretty fun owo

[Edit 9-6-14]

starting a bit earlier, probably ending a bit earlier too c.c


my fans/friends/audience are super dedicated, staying up through all that owo ahah thanks

[Edit 8-30-14]

i slept in >w>;  but it's time for to draw things


well, some of you drew, anyway cwc

[Edit 8-23-14]

time for make draw 

and by that i mean make all of you draw. so get to it owo


fun stuff owo

[Edit 8-16-14]

simultaneous PC repair and drawstream go


well that was fun owo;

[Edit 8-9-14]

sorry about not posting a journal last week--the technical issues lasted until about 3AM and nothing was drawn for the first hour or so so i was never sure if i'd have to cancel c.c;

anyway, it's drawing time owo


bunny stream was fun stream >w>

[Edit 7-26-14]

drawin time again owo


the stream hit just over 40 people at one point...that's definitely a record for me!

[Edit 7-19-14]

time to there are a lot of you here already c.c;


well that was pretty cool owo

[Edit 7-12-14]

dunno about the twelve hours thing this time but i reckon i still have some more drawing left in me -w-


twelve hours..c.c apparently when i said i'd start doing shorter streams, i meant longer. 

[Edit 7-5-14]

time for make draw owo


that went well. -w-

[Edit 6-28-14]

it's drawin time owo


fun stuff!

[Edit 6-21-14]

time for more drawin' -w-b


much fun owo 

[Edit 6-14-14]

iiiit's that time again owo


that was different >w>  but fun to do once in a while.

[Edit 6-7-14]

time to do that drawin thing that i do sometimes owo


thanks for watching!

[Edit 5-31-14]

all right, time to go!


so much left to draw, and no energy ;w;  tomorrow maybe

[Edit 5-24-14]

trying to get a little earlier of a start tonight owo


fun stuff, fun stuff -w-b

[Edit 5-17-14]

totally not late start >w>;;


fun stuff. not as productive as i'd like, but i'm too tired to continue =x  thanks for watching!

[Edit 5-10-14]

it's stream time again!


thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 5-3-14]

geez, already May c.c;; welp, stream time!


wow, that was fun! owo

[Edit 4-26-14]

bit of a late start, whoops!


well, that was fun!  Happy Easter everyone!

[Edit 4-19-14]

wow these weeks are going by way too fast! drawing time!


aaaand over twelve hours later, it's done owo 

[Edit 4-12-14]

it's drawing time again!


ten and a half hours later, it's done zwz

[Edit 4-5-14]

falling asleep near stream time is bad for your stream's health! it's time to draw.


wow, that was something like ten hours w@  i'm completely worn out.  but it was fun!

[Edit 3-29-14]

Wow, it feels like it's been forever!  but it's time to draw!

[Edit 3-22-14]
unfortunately, the stream's been preempted by plans tonight and tomorrow that don't mix well with starting at any reasonable time or sleeping in until turbo-late tomorrow, so I gotta call things off this weekend =/  I may have a small pocket of time to draw late-ish tonight, but I can't guarantee it and won't bother streaming it as it'd be too short anyway. owo;  sorry! 

All of you should just draw for 8 hours instead <w<


welp! that was pretty fun.  

[Edit 3-15-14]

it's drawing time again!


aaaand done, eleven or so hours later cwc

[Edit 3-8-14]

hey hey, it's stream time again!


well that was rather abruptly ended by livestream maintenance cwc;  oh well, got through most of it at least!

[Edit 3-1-14]

another month, another stream...


that was pretty fun owo

[Edit 2-22-14]

geez, already two months of the year gone...well, stream time!


whew! that was pretty grueling, yet fun owo

[Edit 2-15-14]

i totally forgot to draw a valenTruffle but at least i didn't totally forget the stream ;w; 


that was a lot more poniriffic than i thought it'd be >.>  oops~...oh well owo

[Edit 2-8-14]

it's time to break in the new toys cwc~  let's draw.


that was pretty fun, and pretty productive. owo

[Edit 2-1-14]

all right, it's drawing time again!


well, that worked out all right after all. owo

[Edit 1-25-14]

wow, already nearing the end of's going by entirely too quickly c.c!  anyway, stream time. 


speaking of time, it bit back and now i'm turbo sleepy, early. z-z  go watch billy's stream for a bit

[Edit 1-18-14]

the day i'm on time for this, that's the day you need to start worrying. =P


"oh i don't know if i'll be able to keep streaming so long each time heh"
*streams for twelve hours*


[Edit 1-11-14]

totally not forgetting to update this! c.c  i'm drawing now~.


well, that could've gone better >.>  but, it could've gone worse, too, i guess. owo;  i'll take it.

thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 1-4-14]
A new year, a new journal for this!

I kind of wish I didn't start late and have a headache and forget to post a journal until like an hour after starting! cwc;;;

But here we go anyway!

oh wow XD

Tue Jan 15, 2013, 6:29 PM
geez you guys XD i come home and check messages and i'm suddenly buried in an avalanche of good cheer and "happy birthday"s >w>;;; i don't know what to say, other than thank you all very much! ^^

this is pretty cool actually c.c it's like the internet has given me a bunch of neat gifts, not only in the form of those comments, but an EQD feature and some awesome art, too! owo;

and some music from :iconarcnine: =D

and steam content from :icontergonaut: and :iconsoreavacado: >w>

and an extended DA premium thingy thanks to :iconmasterofra: =3

and some DA points from :iconbennythehedgehog9000: too ^^

even a cake badge from :iconkotrebo: =3

and half a dozen llama badges XD

you guys are pretty awesome. keep being pretty awesome!

and thanks again ^^ you've all made my birthday even happier. =P

check 'em out! owo
Birthday for AlloyRabbit by hasegawanao
Rem for AlloyRabbit by TheKenzai1987
Age Gaps by Sanone
A gift to AlloyRabbit by makershy

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Art Stream! [Offline]

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 6:26 PM
Click here!


Wow! That was a blast!  I had a lot of fun and i hope you all did, too.  I wanna thank everyone that came and watched and chimed in in the chat and donated and helped make my streams lots of fun this year! 

I've been doing these streams every weekend (other than about two) for something like two and a half years now. I don't know how much longer i'll be able to keep up a schedule like that, what with the toll it's taking on my wrist (not to mention occasionally wondering what it would be like to have Saturday nights to myself =P), but I hope that I can keep spending quality time with the lot of you. 

I've still got stuff to post, and the usual new year's picture to draw if I get time, but I want to say thanks again, and Happy New Year!

[Edit 12-28-13]

it's time for the last stream of the, is it this time already? c.c;;;


whew, that was fun.

Merry Christmas everyone who i won't see til next week! owo

[Edit 12-21-13]

it's that time of night on that time of week in that time of year...


welp, that was an 11 hour stream. >w>;; hahaha

[Edit 12-14-13]

it's that time again, time to draw, my friends -w-~


wow, early morning already c.c; where did the time go?

[Edit 12-7-13]

wow, december already c.c;;  where has the year gone?


that one went a good bit later than usual, but i got a colored picture out of it, so it works =P

[Edit 11-30-13]

a bit of a late start! oops =I


that worked out pretty well. 

[Edit 11-23-13]

i hope this week can be at least as fun as last week was.  i also need to post that stuff. augh o_o


all right then!  that was fun.  and productive, too.  thanks for watching--and a special thanks to those who donated ;_; <3

[Edit 11-16-13]

gonna get started!  augh i'm late o_o


wow, i didn't think i could go for that long...c.c but that was fun. owo

[Edit 11-9-13]

time for drawing again~...


My arm is killing me and i'm out of juice, otherwise i'd keep going T_T  it was fun though...

[Edit 11-2-13]

dunno how long i'll be able to go on tonight, but i'm gonna get started~


cutting things just a little bit short tonight...i want to continue, but i really just don't have any drawing mojo tonight =( 

[Edit 10-26-13]

This is somehow always an hour later than i think it'll be c.c...


that was kinda fun >.>

[Edit 10-19-13]

time is going by too quickly, lately.  hopefully i get some good drawing in tonight. -w-


well, that was fun.  I think i might mix things up a bit, though...streaming for such long periods at a time is really starting to take its toll on me =x details to come, once i figure them out. >>

[Edit 10-12-13]

drawin' tiiiime!


more productive than last week, for sure >.>

[Edit 10-5-13]

okay, time to draw~!


aaaand done cwc

[Edit 9-28-13]

okay, time to get going on this owo


well, after a delayed start, i decided to try coloring things--including a big complicated picture that's still a WIP and ate up most of the time <x<  

[Edit 9-21-13]

after 1.5 hours of windows service pack updates i could do nothing to interrupt, the stream is starting >.>


okay! that was fun owo

[Edit 9-14-13]

well, let's see if i can make up for my internet being a jerk earlier by drawing or something owo;


wooh! that went on for a while. XD

[Edit 9-7-13]

okay, it's time to draw~


okay!  that went better than i thought it would.

[Edit 8-31-13]

i have no idea whether or not i'm up to this this week, but i'm gonna try w@


whew! that was exhausting owo; fun though~

[Edit 8-24-13]

welp, it's that time again~


that...was a lot of socks. cwc;;

[Edit 8-17-13]

getting started now!


i hope you all drew more than i did...owo; but i did okay.

[Edit 8-10-13]

i feel like drawin'. do you feel like watching? you should feel like [also] drawing, instead.


well, that was fun~.

[Edit 8-3-13]

oops, forgot to post a journal >.>


wow, that was neat -w- but not as many pictures as i'd like...

[Edit 7-27-13]

it's that time again! actually it's about ten minutes past that time again, which is odd, considering i've been here for the last hour D= anyway, i'm getting started.


that was really underproductive T_T; and i don't even have a headache to blame it on this time. 

[Edit 7-20-13]

it's that time again, folks~


okay, that was quite fun!

[Edit 7-13-13]

all right, it's drawing time!


that worked out pretty well, actually. >.>

[Edit 7-6-13]

i'm actually not in much of a drawing mood, which is weird, since i've been wanting to draw all day c.c...and i've been looking forward to this, so, i'm going for it anyway >.>


ah, that was much better owo

[Edit 6-29-13]

all right, last week set a rather low bar. i'm hoping to at least do better than that. =P


that was...actually kind of terrible cwc;  ah well, can't win 'em all.

[Edit 6-22-13]

okay, i'm a bit late, but i'm getting started now.


headache meds and drawing don't mix, children z-z

[Edit 6-15-13]

i planned to start about an hour and a half ago. c.c

this is why i don't plan to start at 8.



[Edit 6-8-13]

getting started!


aaaand done. these things go by entirely too fast. @_@

[Edit 6-1-13]

okay, time to draw things!


well, that could've gone better cwc;; but it wasn't tooooo bad, i guess.

[Edit 5-25-13]

had some hardware issues that delayed the start of the stream, but i think i can make this work -w-


so THAT'S what it's like when i do an almost-all doodle stream. cwc interesting~.

[Edit 5-18-13]

it's hot and humid and time to draw T_T


that went pretty okay i reckon >.>

[Edit 5-11-13]

cwc;; forgot to post a journal. whoops~.  i'm online. XD


looong stream. XD; and productive, too!

[Edit 5-4-13]

aaaall right! time to draw -w-!


well, that was better. still not very productive, but, better. c.c

[Edit 4-27-13]

okay! hopefully this week will be better than last week. that's not a terribly high bar, but still. >w>;


well, that was probably the weakest stream i've had all year. >.>; can't win them all i guess.

[Edit 4-20-13]

it's tiiiime to draw!


that was fun~! -w- and almost no problems. nice.

[Edit 4-13-13]

getting a bit of a head start today! o.o


welp! that was fun -w-

looots of Strength. XD

[Edit 4-6-13]

toootally didn't forget to put this up! c.c;; i've been going for about an hour now |D


that was quite a lot of drawing! fun, too~. thanks for joining. owo

[Edit 3-31-13]

wow, drawing time~


five hours on one picture.

five. hours. @_@ i don't think i wanna do that again, even though it was fun to make...too exhausting >_>

[Edit 3-23-13]

all right, time to do more drawing!


that was fun~. but i think i do better with more music. XD

[Edit 3-16-13]

augh i'm late D= i must draw quickly to catch up!


well! that was really quite fun owo i may have to try that again sometime.

[Edit 3-9-13]

it's drawing time! we lose an hour tonight due to daylight savings time, but tonight i'll be skyping with :iconhank88: for a little bit while streaming. you can hear that audio in Hank's stream:


well, that was fun. lots of sketching! my favorite. owo

[Edit 3-2-13]

it's already March. o_o

also, time to draw >.>


well that stream was all over the map. cwc; but, it was fun~

[Edit 2-23-13]

wow, so far into this month already! o_o


aaaand ending much later than usual. cwc;; so much for running out at 3. this time anyway. thanks for watching, everyone~

[Edit 2-16-13]

oh hey look i'm actually starting kind of early today owo


well, we finally got to see what happens when i spend almost the whole stream on one picture. >.>

also i totally fail at estimating my finishing time -.-!

[Edit 2-9-13]

okay! it's drawing time. owo

my sleep schedule has been rendering me pretty much dead by around 3AM or so, so i don't know if i'll be able to keep going quiiite as long as i usually do. =P i had hoped to start sooner but things kept coming up -w-


well, that was fun -w-  not as productive as i'd hoped though >.>...

[Edit 2-2-13]

welp! it's already february o_o seems like new years was just yesterday. wow~.  anyway, i'm trying to get started a little earlier, so here goes. -w-


zwz well that was okay. the connection issues caused further delays though >.>;

[Edit 1-26-13]

all right, a bit late, but it's time to draw! -w-


well, that wasn't the most productive stream ever...cwc;  but it wasn't too awful~.

[Edit 1-19-13]

>.> actually started a little bit ago. i forgot to update this. |D


whew! that was fun. it went well, too. lots of sketches =D

[Edit 1-12-13]

okay! so far my connection has been stable. so i'm gonna give this a shot o.o


whew! that was actually really fun ^^ happy new year everyone =D

[Edit 1-5-12]

first stream of the year owo...this deserves a new journal!

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Tumblr time

Sun Mar 4, 2012, 3:29 AM
Hey ya'll =P

I noticed the poll results asking if an ask blog was a good idea were pretty one-sided in favor of it. It  really seemed like it might be a fun little thing to do, and it would give me a chance to give some more personality to my characters. So~

I did it. >w> I made one.

For tonight's stream, I used the stream chat participants as beta test subjects gave the stream chat first dibs on questions =P I also wanted to test the whole thing out and see what the workflow was like. It was pretty productive, too, and addictive, and fun and such.

I actually want to keep going right now, but I also want to not sleep through the entirety of tomorrow >> so...there will definitely be more of that happening in the future.

As a side bonus, it also means that almost all of the stream art is already uploaded, so that's taken care of (I'll get the rest of it posted to DA tomorrow).

So yeah ^^ check it out, let me know what you think either here or there, and don't be afraid to pick a character and ask a question. I can't answer them all, but if I see an inspiring one, I'll definitely try to get to it =P

Edit: I forgot to mention, it's set to allow questions anonymously, so you don't need to register =P

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Commissions update [Full!]

Mon Jan 23, 2012, 11:21 AM
Edit: that didn't take long at all. XD you people rock!

Color commissions now available!

I've also updated the rules a bit to simplify some things. There's a change log and everything else in the link below!

Only three slots this time, to try and keep things speedy. Overflow slots will still work like they always have, so I might end up with five anyway. XD; Send me a note if you already have an idea in mind =P

Commission Prices and Info

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Thanks for the birthday wishes ^^

Sun Jan 15, 2012, 11:49 AM
wow XD so many comments on my DA page wishing me a happy birthday today =3  i've never seen that kind of support before XD;  i'm not really sure how to respond to it properly, so i'm making this to thank all of you ^^ i appreciate it~

*hands out party favor bags* >.> X3

[edit] hahaha thanks for the llama/cake badges too XD

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LiveStream art stream! [Closed]

Sat Jan 7, 2012, 5:15 PM
Click here!


went til about 7. >_> not bad. probably a record for me. a nice final stream for the year. =P

Happy New Year's, everyone, and thanks so much for sticking with me through all my streams this year (and the year before)!

[Edit 12-29-12]

well, the world didn't end, but the year will soon. let's draw!


not as productive as i'd hoped for cwc; but acceptable i guess~.

[Edit 12-22-12]

the world didn't end, so let's draw!


there was a distinct lack of ponies that time >.>...i think the stream chat conspired to overwhelm me with requests so there would be no ponies =P

[Edit 12-15-12]

come, let's draw ponies and such owo


well, so much for finishing early XD;;;

that was fun though >.>

[Edit 12-8-12]

starting early tonight! might finish early, i dunno o.o


sooo much touhou XD

[Edit 12-1-12]

>w>; bit of a late start. oops. people seem to have voted to use livestream this week, so unless it starts being derpy again, we'll be using that i think.


whew! that was fun. XD;

[Edit 11-24-12]

okay, using again because livestream died about 3 times in the first two minutes. >>;


that was exhausting. XD; but it went well i think >.>

[Edit 11-17-12]

Wow, is it streaming time already? yes, yes it is o.o


ending a bit late too c.c but that was fun. sort of a theme night i guess. XD

[Edit 11-10-12]

okay, starting a bit late, but, we're starting. cwc;


whew, that was fun. and exhausting. @_@ you people and your link spam cwc;;; crazy. XP

[Edit 11-3-12]

wow, it's november already! o_o and we have daylight savings time, too! will i be able to use that extra hour effectively? [probably not] D= find out tonight!


that was fun. -w- and now i has a sleep.

[Edit 10-27-12]

i has a caffeine. let's draw owo


that was fun! =D

[Edit 10-20-12]

drawing time! >.> totally didn't forget to update the journal. you're just hallucinating.


so much for finishing early. XD;;

[Edit 10-13-12]

>w>;;; i started early and forgot to post a journal. oops! chalk it up to being distracted. i may need to try and end a little earlier too, we'll see.


well, that was fun. kind of a mix of colored pictures and sketches. -w- not as productive as i would have liked, but not terrible~.

[Edit 10-6-2]

eyyy i have no idea what i'm gonna draw tonight but let's see what happens! o o


Whew! That was fun! ^^

[Edit 9-29-12]

All right! A bit late as usual <.< but i'm getting started~


well, that didn't go quiiite as productively as i'd hoped, but i learned some neat things about my audience's interests owo

[Edit 9-22-12]

i think i'd like to try a sketchy stream this time >.> *ends up doing hardly any sketches*


well, that was fun >.> not very many pictures, at least not until i stopped trying to lineart/color things. owo;; i need to do a sketch stream sometime.

[Edit 9-15-12]

i thought i might try starting early today. it didn't happen. >.> but at least i'm not late! kinda!


the good news is, a lot of stuff was made. the bad news is, most of it is WIPs. c.c;; so i'll have to make sure to color all that stuff as soon as i can.  hopefully. c-c

[Edit 9-8-12]

Okay, I'm starting now! =P

Old News:
Due to some work schedule skullduggery, the stream is probably going to be a little late [again >_>]. Just letting you all know ahead of time, since...well, I actually see it coming, this time. c.c;; Iiiin the meantime, check out my tumblr and pretend that the stream was on-time and that it started off with me drawing some of that stuff. =D


Start late, end late, it all works out. cwc~...

[Edit 9-1-12]

I'm not late, your clock is just too fast. >_>!


well, that was a nice fun way to get back into the swing of things. =P not terribly productive, but it was kinda short. i did a lot of sketchwork. my wrist hurts. c.c also there was a lot of Homura for some reason. it was fun though -w-b

[Edit 8-25-12]

I'm back! owo; you know how i can tell? because i'm late! =D

anyway, streaming now. >.>

[Edit 8-18-12]

Hey guys, sorry to let you know, i'm in the middle of recovering from a head cold owo; fortunately i'm on the upshot, but i'm not yet to the point where i can focus on things like art for long durations. so if i were to stream, it'd be shorter and crappier than usual. >.> so i gotta call it off for tonight, sorries. =x maybe i can do something to make up for it before next saturday. we'll see. =P


Went a little later than i meant to, too, so i guess it works out <.<

[Edit 8-11-12]

>w>;; a bit later of a start than usual but here we go~


yaaay it worked out pretty well ^^

not terribly productive but eh cwc;; shorter stream than usual too.

[Edit 8-4-12]

time to draw again! -w- early warning, my internet is being kind of derpy lately while upstream providers repair infrastructure damage caused by storms in the region. so if i vanish, it may or may not be for the rest of the night. >> it's been dying completely on me these last few days, occasionally for the rest of the night.

so uh...hopefully it won't do that. >.>


wheee! owo; a fair number of lineart-y sketches that time. but they take so long x.x

[Edit 7-28-12]

all righty! time to draw owo


that was fun. XD; i felt much more creative that time -w-b

[Edit 7-21-12]

iii'm a bit late! >.> but let's try drawing~


i think almost every picture in there was a request, or at least based on one. >_>; XD you guys run me ragged @_@

[Edit 7-14-12]

i feel like sketching! -w- i've held off doing so yesterday to try and do a better job of it today!


all color that time. took forever @_@ and is very draining. remind me to stick to sketches cwc;;

[Edit 7-7-12]

As of now, the poll is 22-9 in favor of Livestream over Join.Me. so I guess that means we're back on livestream tonight. =P


woooh. XD that worked out pretty well, all things considered. i wonder if we should use that again instead of livestream c.c...

also, socks. o_o

[Edit 6-30-12]…
It seems Livestream is having issues tonight D= So we're gonna make use of another service temporarily:
There'll be buttons along the top once this loads. One will let you see the list of users (and set your username from "Viewer #" to whatever you want--no registration needed) and one will open the stream chat.


that was fun. -w- not as productive, but fun~.

[Edit 6-23-12]

it's that time again! =3


eeyup, that worked out better zwz

[Edit 6-16-12]

hey hey! let's hope this week works out better than last time XD


Sketchoriffic! c.c

[Edit 6-9-12]

toootally didn't forget to post this notice. >.>! i'm drawing~


a bit headachey that time, so i wasn't as focused. >.> still got a fair bit done though. it was fun. -w-

[Edit 6-2-12]

it's time to draw, again -w-~


Lots of Truffle this time o.o

[Edit 5-26-12]

a bit late today >.> but it's time to draw!


pretty productive XD remind me to actually get around to posting it today. >.> you know. after sleeping. z-z

[Edit 5-19-12]

rawrwarwarrawr -w- time to draw~


that was fun. XD

[Edit 5-12-12]

wow why is it still so bright outside XD time got away from me, wargh. sorry for late start~


that was fun. also spiral hair now powers galaxies or something. XD

[Edit 5-5-2012]

five five D= what?! it's stream time!


whooh! that was fun w@

[Edit 4-28-12]

late start is late T_T i had to do some last-minute tech support for a family member with impeccable timing -w- but here we go~


'twas fun -w-~~

[Edit 4-21-12]

it's time to draw some more owo


what began with tumblrs ended in trying to assign ponies to Haruhi characters.

i love the stream chat -w-b

remind me to think more on that, as it seems like a source of potential hilarity. >.>

[Edit 4-14-12]

all right owo it's time to stream~


wheee z.z well that was fun XD but not as productive as i would have liked =| hm~

[Edit 4-7-12]

time to get started. =P i'm trying to start a little earlier >.>


maybe i should start these sooner or something >.>  so that i run out of steam before 5:30AM and thus get to sleep at a reasonable hour. XP  it was fun though ^^

[Edit 3-31-12]

I feel like drawing. do you feel like watching? =P


that was fun ^^ and reasonably productive i guess >.>..XD

[Edit 3-24-12]

it's that tiiime again!


wooooh owo; that was fun XD

[Edit 3-17-12]

i think it's time for more drawin' owo


welp, that was cool =P lots of colored stuff, and non-OC pictures. ^^  and no tumblrs this time XP

[Edit 3-10-12]

another week, another stream. =P i promise not to do -all- tumblr stuff this time >->


That was fun owo

[Edit 3-3-12]

Drawing time -w-b Hopefully faster and more productive than last week >~>


wheee, that was fun XD

thanks for watching, everybody =P

[Edit 2-25-12]

drawing time -w-b


fun...kind of unproductive, but fun XD;

it's now past 5 AM ._.

[Edit 2-18-12]

here we are again, doing another stream o.o~


hey everyone it's time to sleep z_z!

[Edit 2-11-12]

hey hey everyone owo it's time to draw!


time to go to bed -w-

[Edit 2-4-12]

wow, how is it February already? o_o;

oh well. streaming! owo


5AM ._. i'm done. XD;; it was fun though, if a bit...lacking, in productivity T_T

[Edit 1-28-12]

it's that time again~ o o


that was a blast >w> XD lots of fun ^^ and hats -w-

[Edit 1-21-12]

woosh -w- trying to start on time this time. and hopefully not take forever at the start. >.>


that one started off really slow but i think it gained momentum =P lots of fun ^^

[Edit 1-14-12]

ahahhaha |D i totally forgot to post the journal for this...


woooh XD  that wasn't as great as i'd hoped, but it went until 5AM or so. >_> so it was still fun. now i just have to remember to upload everything later -w-b


a new stream for a new year =P it's been a while, hopefully i've got a lot of art in me tonight. XD
i plan to edit this journal in reverse order this time, so new updates will appear at the top ^^

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Happy new year!

Sun Jan 1, 2012, 4:48 PM
I can't just -not- wish everyone a happy new year =P

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Merry Christmas! =3

Sun Dec 25, 2011, 1:10 PM
to all of you ^^

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Fri Nov 25, 2011, 10:59 AM
this is something I've been meaning to do for a long, long time c.c but a mix of procrastination, business, forgetfulness, and so on has delayed this quite a bit c.c;;

but I think I'm finally ready -w-

I am now taking commissions! this is an experiment, to see how it goes. as such, I want to keep things simple--grayscale pictures, character art, that kind of thing o.o

if you thought I was long-winded before, just wait until you read the long version =p

Commission Information and Examples [click me!]

if that didn't put you to sleep, and you're still interested, contact me via DA notes or instant messenger ^^

several of you have been poking me about this for a long time XD I'm interested in seeing how this goes =p

for now, let's try five slots o.o I may change that, depending on how it goes.

Edit: several people have asked to use my characters. unfortunately, this is against the current rules set =/ however, looking back at this journal, making the link above to the commission info page bold to make it visible, accidentally made it look like a header instead of a link XD so I reckon they (and some of you) may have missed it o.o so I tweaked it a bit. sorry about that ^^; web design 101: make links obvious c.c...something default devart css isn't always good at.

but yes. commission info is [also] here: *secondary backup link go!* =p

Edit 2: streamlined the process a bit, after seeing it in action. there wasn't a need for two stage payments c.c

Edit 3: hey, you know what happens when you decide not to hand out a slot until every bit of the idea is confirmed and okayed? you get a swath of people who are all in limbo for a while. >w> ah the things you learn when you experiment.  to compensate, i'm going to add some more slots so everyone who's contacted me so far has a chance XD; and start working on these tonight.

also, the order of slots isn't necessarily going to be the order of completion. >.>

Edit 4: Since there are only normally supposed to be five slots, I'll be trimming these down as I complete them. =P

Edit 5: In order to make sure things stay fair, I'm going to hold off on accepting new commissions until this batch is done o.o  Besides, if I ever want to have time for another comic, I'm going to need to throttle this back XP

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  2. [Closed]
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  5. [Closed]

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