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Gen's space shuttle

my titles are soooo creative >>

this was a slightly older picture i drew and colored, then set aside for a while, then remembered and finished last night.

Gen has a space shuttle. for some reason. and she's toying with it o.o

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The shuttle kinda looks like one of the ones from NASA's Space Shuttle Program.

Which one? You decide. (Choices are down below.)





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yay for tall bunnygirls. maybe she'll launch it into space by throwing it
"That's one small shuttle for Gen, one GIANT bunny problem for the astronauts."

"Houston, we've got a macro.......... again"

Heh, that mechanical arm kinda looks like its pinching Gen's finger, almost like the way a cartoon crab pinches someone's finger or toe.
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pffft =P

actually, i was trying to have Gen grabbing the arm, not the other way around XD
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Well, it's nice :p
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we'll that one way to get them into orbit!
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"Houston, we have a giant bunny problem." [rofl]

Well done! I see she's toying around with the arm thing. I wonder what will happen to the guys inside...
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thanks ^^ and yes, it is a mystery
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Ignition in 5...4...3...2...1 Lauch!!! (Gen trows the shuttle into space)
Oh yeah almost forgot (microsnugs gens foot):blushes:
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nice ;) she'll lead humanity to a new age of space exploration ;)
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Very sweet :D
lol though she could have all the rest of the shuttles as they're to be retired very soon...somehow Gen with a Russian rocket (whats gonna be used from now on) wont look as good XD
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aaaaw so cute the huge bunny have a new big toy x3 i think the nsa dont will be happy D:

relly good work whit the coloring
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heheh, thanks ^^
Good good!!!Keep up man!!!Gen ROCKS!!!!!
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heustan we have a problem:P nice pic:P
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