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Creepypasta Cafe 017

Today's menu : pears

When i found dis crazy pear stuff...i just have to.
Sorry Jeff.

and guyyyyz, happy April Fool 's!

ps. Pickle the kiler in Cafe here
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Oml love that skit it’s so funny

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I would’ve comforted Jeff from that nightmare.

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*eats the food and gives Jeff the tiny knives from the pickle* h- here you go....

Oh gods I can see them behind him run Jeff run
Lollipoprosyx's avatar
Rip that’s my reaction xT
:rainbowllamaride: Sparta Emoji-17 (Noooo pengguin aaahh)  <——— me
Alpha-Maia's avatar
I can still see them behind him on his bedframe
LizbethR's avatar
My reaction to the pear NOPE 
Luna4Light's avatar
i love it when Jeff suffers :)
thank you
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JEFF EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDPear Bitting pear animation the biting pear of fire-mutt  
TheSketchLogic's avatar
Not the PEARRRRSSSS! Biting Pear of Salamanca GIF The Biting Pear Of Salamanca -F2U- Pear Pear Smile LolwutLAZAAAAR! Usable Emoticon 
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ohmy pears again ;__;
TheSketchLogic's avatar
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Okay, it was a dream, I thought he was hallucinating.
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wow, this series is making laugh more than ever.
RosieRascal's avatar
Omfg: I just love this series~ One of my favorite AU's so far! Hope you continue to make more of these: keep up the great work~!
SoggyCroissant05's avatar
omg not dis pear aging XD
PrettySkitty16's avatar
I love your stuff and I just got addicted this now it's over ;a;
Chibi-Works's avatar
ZombieWeek's avatar
yeah sorry ,, i saw you already commented ;;
Skylar-Kohai's avatar
hahaha! The pickle part was too funny!
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