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Dr. Julian Bashir by AllOutOfBubblegum Dr. Julian Bashir :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 0 0 Jim by AllOutOfBubblegum Jim :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 0 0 Chekov by AllOutOfBubblegum Chekov :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 1 0 Plague of The Heart by AllOutOfBubblegum Plague of The Heart :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 0 0 SpockKirkGL by AllOutOfBubblegum SpockKirkGL :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 9 6 What Do I Do With You? by AllOutOfBubblegum What Do I Do With You? :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 38 20
Footsteps clicked upon stone, leaving brown and red smudges in a trail, followed by the flutter of a black cloak. Tiny hands grasped wooden slats, and gray eyes peered through the spaces. He recognized the sound of his father's brisk approach.
The child's eyes grew wide when a tall figure with a scary face swooped into the room. Draco began to fuss, but then his fears were doused when Lucius removed his half-skull mask.
Draco's teary gaze shifted over his father's form, a happy smile tugging at the corners of the boys delicate lips. There were shiny, wet patches, and splatters on Daddy's robes, though Draco did not know what they were. Lucius was leering, grinning, his eyes the same shade as his sons but tinted with a gleeful madness. Lucius leaned over the edge of the crib and peered at his son who was still wearing a beautiful christening gown. Cissy held on to some religious traditions, though Lucius found them personally ridiculous. She insisted, at least, on this for her son t
:iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 6 2
Swooping down corridors in a black cloud, he heard the children whisper behind his back. He heard them talk in corners. He knew the way in which the other staff said his name, and he felt the judgment of their searching eyes crawl over his skin, no amount of layers protected him from that creeping feeling. He heard the silence in the halls at night, when he walked them alone, cool stone gazing back at him hard and unfeeling and he knew it. His long fingered hands traced patterns in the stone, cold seeping through bones, radiating, mirroring the persistent chill in the center of his chest. The moonlight poured in through slotted windows, making ghosts dance up and down the halls, spirits that looked like children laughing, dancing, a boy and girl who were midnight and sunrise, the most intense shade of black with the hope of a few winking stars in the dim distance, and the glorious, blinding sunrise was she. Together they slid apart,  hands parting and fingertips grasping but waving onl
:iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 12 12
Double Oh Sev by AllOutOfBubblegum Double Oh Sev :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 13 6
Scorpius Malfoy and The Ferryman's Mark Ch2
When Scorpius came to he was curled up in his soft bed beneath a layer of covers. Al was sitting on the bed with Scorpius, his legs tucked beneath him, holding onto Scorpius hand. Draco was sitting in a chair next to Scorpius bed, and he reached forward to stroke a stray lock of blond off of Scorpius forehead. Astoria was sitting in a corner of the room with her nails between her teeth, while Harry hovered nearby, now and then touching his scar which Scorpius had learned was a nervous habit of his.
"Good to see you again," Draco said. "How are you feeling, son?"
Scorpius curled his fingers around Al's.
"I feel alright," Scorpius answered, and Draco adjusted the pillows so Scorpius could sit up against them.
Smirky came stumbling in over his feet with a cup and saucer, tea sloshing over the rim.
"Master Scorpius!" The elf exclaimed, his normally buggy eyes even buggier. "Smirky has made Master's favorite tea, and in the morning Smirky will be making Master's favorite bla
:iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 2 10
Drabbles 1
Car Horn: MollyxArthur
Molly heard the horn; Arthur was in that damned flying car again. She was sure he would get caught with it and be in trouble, but at this point in her life, she found that rather exciting. Molly cast a quick charm to her hair to make sure her curls stayed in place, that was, unless Arthur wanted to misplace them later with his roaming fingers. Molly grinned, and gave herself a quick look in the mirror. She looked as good as she could, and she could make up for the rest with attitude. Luckily for her Arthur enjoyed her extra curves and bold personality very much. Molly ran out to the car, and climbed inside.
"Molly! Wait until you see what I've done to the car. I've improved the flying charm! I can get it to go much higher now. I won't get her caught in a tree like last time. Are you ready?"
Molly grabbed the front of Arthur's robes and grinned at him.
"I'd rather make the car rock, than fly," And she loved the blush that spread out from the collar of his shir
:iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 2 10
Merry Christmas Severus
Title: Merry Christmas Severus
Characters: Ten year old Severus Snape, Eileen Snape, Tobias Snape, mentions of Lily Evans.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. J.K. Rowling owns these wonderful characters.
A/N: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
The stairs were cold and creaky as Severus stepped down them. It was to be expected every winter, and the iciness of the air was befitting the spirit of the house.
Downstairs was quiet. Severus had expected to see his father sprawled onto the couch, with a litter of beer cans strewn over the floor, but there was no trace. Severus held out no hope of his father being sober that morning. It was more likely he had never returned from the pub he'd stormed off to after there had been a row of fantastic proportions.
Yesterday had been Christmas Eve, and it had also been the day that Severus had been escorted home by an officer of the law who did not like 'greasy young hooligans' lurking around and snatching things that didn't belong to them. Ten year
:iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 13 6
Snily by AllOutOfBubblegum Snily :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 14 0
O That I Were A Glove
The grass beneath his long and pale toes did not feel cool, nor was it warm. It was neither soft, nor scratchy. He didn't feel it as he didn't feel many things just now: aside from the overwhelming sadness, despair, which sometimes flared into anger when certain fingers touched the wound just right. His heart continued to beat in his chest, but now it seemed to keep a meaningless rhythm. He still could not wrap his head around the fact that he must move forward in his life, without her in it. It seemed as though the sun had been blotted out: an eternal eclipse of darkness.
He spent even more time alone than he had before. The Room of Requirement  was his hiding place and there he studied until his eyes would no longer stay open, and practiced Occlumency until his head was splitting with pain. Until her goodbye Severus had thought he had done rather well at learning to control the emotions he considered weakness in himself. He knew now that he was a mere novice, and his sense of control
:iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 6 5
BFF by AllOutOfBubblegum BFF :iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 6 6
Scorpius Malfoy and The Ferryman's Mark
AN: I haven't quit with my Hermione/Snape story. Don't worry. :) I've just had this plot bunny, and it won't let me be. It's going to be a long story, but I'm very excited. I hope you'll follow me in this adventure. Characters are property of J.K.Rowling. I do not own.
Scorpius Malfoy and the Ferryman's Mark
"Hush now baby, baby, don't you cry.
Mama's gonna make all your nightmares come true."
--Pink Floyd
Chapter 1: A Long Expected Party
Dec. 31, 2006
In 1685 it had snowed in London every day for five weeks. The Thames itself had frozen over, and the mess did not fully clear up until mid-April. Not to be outdone was the winter of 2006. In Whiltshire the snow was blanketed and banked in a way that England rarely knew. Villages, towns, and cities were shut down and floundering from the winter storm of Biblical proportions. December 31 marked the last day in a seven week period of constant snowfall, and it was also upon this evening that Astoria Malfoy rose cumbersomely f
:iconalloutofbubblegum:AllOutOfBubblegum 10 7


Severus Snape by ArfangS Severus Snape :iconarfangs:ArfangS 201 84 HP Tarot - 20 Judgment by Ellygator HP Tarot - 20 Judgment :iconellygator:Ellygator 359 195 The Messenger by Ellygator The Messenger :iconellygator:Ellygator 614 233 The First Year by Ellygator The First Year :iconellygator:Ellygator 753 331 Lucius and Narcissa by Ellygator Lucius and Narcissa :iconellygator:Ellygator 257 116 Malfoy Manor I by Ellygator Malfoy Manor I :iconellygator:Ellygator 372 223 The Price of Failure by Ellygator The Price of Failure :iconellygator:Ellygator 206 157 Spock II by Ellygator Spock II :iconellygator:Ellygator 110 63 Spock IV by Ellygator Spock IV :iconellygator:Ellygator 145 55 Three Drawings of Mr. Spock by Ellygator Three Drawings of Mr. Spock :iconellygator:Ellygator 380 210 Spock Portrait 2 by karracaz Spock Portrait 2 :iconkarracaz:karracaz 47 8 Doubtful by karracaz Doubtful :iconkarracaz:karracaz 60 19 At the Court of King Arthur by karracaz At the Court of King Arthur :iconkarracaz:karracaz 71 14 Friendly Chat by karracaz Friendly Chat :iconkarracaz:karracaz 87 13 Captain Serious by karracaz Captain Serious :iconkarracaz:karracaz 79 20 Awesomeness by karracaz Awesomeness :iconkarracaz:karracaz 190 37



First of all... my art has gotten a lot better since I was last on this account. I did create a new account because I'm trying to do better/more serious art.
However. I'm not getting much input on that account, and on this account, I have many followers.
So I'm putting it out there for you who are watching this account, check out my new DA page it is finalfrontierdesigns.

I am open for commissions. PM me to ask about prices and such.

I haven't decided if I am going to make that my permanent DA account and just delete this one, or not, because there is still art and fiction on this account that I like a lot.

I got back on this account to kind of see and compare how things go with each account.

Now that that's out of the way, I also have these questions:

What makes a character stand out from the others? What draws you to them? What turns you on/off?
Tell me some unique things you would enjoy seeing in a character.
Tell me character traits you are bored with.
Just talk to me about characters.

I am considering making a serious attempt at a comic/graphic novel thing and before I really get deep into it I'd like to get a feel for how to make my characters interesting, and worthwhile. I don't want a flop. So I am asking all of you for input~

Thanks :3


United States


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