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Group rules

Hello and welcome to our oc pony group, now I will explain some rules.

1. Everyone is free to join, be sure to submit in the right folder, if you don't know where to submit, go to the submit folder.

2. Canon ponies alone are not allowed, if you have a canon pony with your oc, that is accepted. Recently I've seen canon ponies alone, so if I see a canon character alone, those WILL be removed.

3. If you spam, you will be reported.

4. Do NOT submit in Anima Memoriae's folder, unless you're drawing her. I know some of you submitted your art in that folder there. So that folder is in subject to vote.

5. Enjoy :)



Gallery Folders

Earth ponies
(commission) Zealous Stripes by kuren247
Keep Your Mouth Shut Melon Head! by kuren247
(Ponified) Legendary comedic duo by kuren247
MLP OC - Tender Love by CatDasher
Magica Plot by CatDasher
Violet Plum - Do You Need Something? by CatDasher
new born Magica by CatDasher
MLP OC - Spring Dream by CatDasher
(Art trade) Rainbow Blitz by kuren247
(Art trade) Hjorse by kuren247
(Raffle Prize) Blazer's Snack by kuren247
[MLP] Pen Tune (RQ) by AmberPone
[12 Days of Clarktoons] Christmas Specials Special by ClarktoonCrossing
Violet Blaze The Succubus by EquestianRacer

Mature Content

SMILE by eviljester1
Reacy by TheFlippy59
Fan-Fiction and Comics

Mature Content

Multiple species
Gift - Twirl Star and breezie Magica by CatDasher
Magica and Marine travel to ponyville by CatDasher
Journey To Amnesia V2 by SweetBlaze
Mlp Pony Adopts(OPEN) by fucket-bucket
Happy Birthday lliam-2020 by CatDasher
Triple Treat by SweetBlaze
[MLP] Arthur Von Koopa (AT) by AmberPone
[Com] Coal Redesign by VChart920
Human and EG
Request: Human! Raider by NatAttack33
Commission: Shadow and Silvia by Dawnrex15
Equestria Girls - PenPoint by SweetBlaze
Gif: Twisted/ Broken Heart by NatAttack33
Crystal ponies
(Request)Soul Quartz by kuren247
Crystal Pony - Nystan by LLNystanplz
Other species
Terrarium Solar by StainedGlassLightHea
:MLP Adopt: Toxic (!!!SOLD!!!) by Viva-Indigo
Adopted Ponies! MegiMoose98 collab by MetalAmethyst
Contest entry
Strawberry Rose by ravisnose
Cutie Marks
Skullcandy's Cutie Mark by NupieTheHero
Valentines Smoochies by CatDasher
Commissions and other advertisments
YCH Friends Vacation .:OPEN:. by StainedGlassLightHea
Ask the ponies
It's been 30 days and I had no volunteers to run as new group founder. I didn't want to do this, but I'm going to have to make the final decision on deleting this group completely. I've had some good times and all the art I shared here. And I even met a lot of amazing artists. Now it's time for me to move on now that I no longer have the passion or the inspiration to draw ponies. I feel like it's not me anymore.

So this is an official goodbye to this group. However I will always remember all the good times all had and all the nice people I met. You're all amazing artists and thanks for joining or even watching this group. Goodbye AllOcPoniesUnite.
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