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Winter Warrior

Redone my old work

Here you can see comparison…
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She would make a great dwarf lady!
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I may have to find a spot for this in my wallpapers folder. Epically done, all around.
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The song of WoW's first cinematic is stuck in my head with this.
VoodooHammer's avatar
Epic artistry skills!!! All of your works are inspiring and beautiful!!!
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Good illustration, love the atmosphere, this piece trigger the imagination. :)
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Found this beautiful picture while listening to 'Blackheart' by Two Steps from Hell. It was so perfect :') 
HeathenFrisian's avatar
Looks great! Reminds me of Dragon Age.
Can soooo see Larry Elmore influences. Well done!
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I love the character design in this - her stockiness and the textures on her armour and clothing, as well as how chunky and 3D the layers of her hood, mantle and pauldrons look. A very convincing warrior! You've also framed the composition very nicely, so that the background does not overpower the focus on the character, but does work as a view of a distant destination. The snow/wind effects work well to bring the piece together. Gorgeous work - what can I say, you've certainly improved! =)
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Absolutely fav'ed. A wonderful picture. Everything just feels right: concept, setting, lights 'n' colors... Extra props for the realistic armor design.
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Awesome!  The art is not just detailed.  It creates a mood.  The picture tells a story :)
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Oh my, a beautiful fantasy warrior woman who isn't clad in a metal bikini? Even if that's what you usually do, I gotta say, I'm impressed. Very badass design!
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Fantastic artwork Allnamesinuse!  :)
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Wow great improvement! Awesome work.
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