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hey guys so this is a new group!!! I hope you like and hope you join. this group is about being in love with past and current cartons, and the only thing I ask is to keep things pg 16 and lower, just to be safe. This group is to show love to our favorite cartoons, and yeah!! so I hope you like and here are some rules, so please follow thank you! :D

ANOTHER NOTE!!! The artwork used for our groups icon is not ours, it belongs to :iconspectral-ninja: This person is awesome and thank you so much for letting us use your art!! Please, everyone give credit to them because it is their art, and they let us use their great art for our group! Thank you :iconspectral-ninja: YOUR AWEOMSE!!! :thumb149303339: ANGRY FOX by AddMedia Hug by ZoraSteam THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! All credit to you!!


1. DONT BE MEAN! wut by AddMedia no hating or dissing or being mean please. if you don't like something then just move along, NO TROLLS ALLOWED! RRB Fight Icon by XxSparklePuffxX slap by AddMedia
2. Please put things in there correct folders- I like to keep things organized and I have an OCD when things are not. So please contribute into the correct files, especially if you have OC's or story like art, please put those in the correct folders! In fact some of the folders have descriptions of what is allowed in, and what isn't. So please just place in the correct folders! Angry sock gravity falls icon (broken) by Le-PineMarten Thank you
3. Please No incest pairings!! please, I get people are into that, but I don't want it in my club, so no broXbro, or BroxSis, or Momxbro, Dadxsis, none! Wth by AddMedia please, it just to keep things clean. There can be yaoi and yuri tho, I don't mind, as long as it is appropriate, that's all I ask, No like beyond X-rated stuff...... MJOY that includes you
4. We want the group to stay a CARTOON group only so please no HUMAN shows, ANIME shows, or cosplays submitions. We understand as fans we love our shows and want to show, it but artwork, or stories only please. and if there are any questions say with certain pieces of artwork, or genres or even shows you want to know that are acceptable, just ask. :) thank you (if your artwork is anime though that is fine.)
5. and Lastly have fun, its to reminisce and enjoy, so have fun, make romantic flics, or cute pics, we are here to have fun and a good time. Dummy woo by AddMedia

THANK YOU ALL WHO JOIN!!! :D i love it by AddMedia Enjoy the club! :squee:

P.S. Please note I am have a thing against stupid cartoons and Adult cartoons cause though arent meant for kids..., so NO REGULAR SHOW, Beaver and What's his name, Cow and Chicken, Total Drama craps, South Park, adult like "kid" shows, and so on..... Only stupid shows allowed are SpongeBob because he actually is rather funny in the sense its so stupid its funny, and Adventure Time, because even tho I dislike the show, many like it, and there was like a few episodes that gave me the same humor as SpongeBob. So only those two humorously idiotic shows allowed.... NO IFS, ANDS, BUTS, or ORS about it. BYE!! :)
Hey Guys it's Me Sasara, I know its been like a really long time since I have been on D.A and chatted with my friends here, anyway, I am trying to regulate everything again since the long absence Mjoy and I had, which is rather long story- but we r terribly srry DAers...we're back now and trying to fix things. or more so I am at least. Point is I need some help. Mjoy and I have been discussing since the beginning- meaning since we started this group- we have been trying to figure out if we should allow video game characters into our group. We have been going back and fourth, and we know certain video games have cartoon shows, but we just need some help on this.
Also we have been getting some off ball cartoons from youtube channels, which is great, but unsure if to allow, so we need some help an opinions and would greatly appreciate some input from our members. If you could help us, I think our friends our a bit tired of us trying to solve this ourselves. Anyways, we appreciate the help!! Thank you! and glad to be back!! Thanks guys!!! See you later!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :la: :la: :la: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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