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****HELLO ALL! Due to not following the rules (which please look below) things have changed in regards of how to upload. Art will still be accepted automatically, since MJoy and I are gone a lot, due to life and the fact we are busy quite constantly, but we would like this group to stay open, since we started it so long ago. Anyway, the featured folder will only be open to submits once a week for one submition per person, while the rest will allow two per day. Please know this decision was not made lightly. Everytime I have had to come on this group, i have had to either remove countless inappropriate (and i do mean inappropriate- almost X-rated) pics. I don't care if you post it on your account or whatever, but i don't want it on my group. (especially to the few members who for some reason thought this was Only fans going no...)
Anyway until the rules start to get followed- and being I nor Mjoy can't always be here to vote in art, this is how things will be for a while. So sorry for the inconvenience, however there have been quite a few, who have ruined it for the many.
Other than that though, please enjoy the group, and the art! And please read all the rules before uploading, thank you.****

hey guys so this is a new group!!! I hope you like and hope you join. this group is about being in love with past and current cartons, and the only thing I ask is to keep things pg 16 and lower, just to be safe. This group is to show love to our favorite cartoons, and yeah!! so I hope you like and here are some rules, so please follow thank you! :D

ANOTHER NOTE!!! The artwork used for our groups icon is not ours, it belongs to :iconspectral-ninja: This person is awesome and thank you so much for letting us use your art!! Please, everyone give credit to them because it is their art, and they let us use their great art for our group! Thank you :iconspectral-ninja: YOUR AWEOMSE!!! :thumb149303339: ANGRY FOX by AddMedia Hug by ZoraSteam THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! All credit to you!!


1. DONT BE MEAN! wut by AddMedia no hating or dissing or being mean please. if you don't like something then just move along, NO TROLLS ALLOWED! RRB Fight Icon by XxSparklePuffxX slap by AddMedia
2. Please put things in there correct folders- I like to keep things organized and I have an OCD when things are not. So please contribute into the correct files, especially if you have OC's or story like art, please put those in the correct folders! In fact some of the folders have descriptions of what is allowed in, and what isn't. So please just place in the correct folders! Angry sock gravity falls icon (broken) by Le-PineMarten Thank you
3. Please No incest pairings!! please, I get people are into that, but I don't want it in my club, so no broXbro, or BroxSis, or Momxbro, Dadxsis, none! Wth by AddMedia please, it just to keep things clean. There can be yaoi and yuri tho, I don't mind, as long as it is appropriate, that's all I ask, No like beyond X-rated stuff...... MJOY that includes you
4. We want the group to stay a CARTOON group only so please no HUMAN shows, ANIME shows, or cosplays submitions. We understand as fans we love our shows and want to show, it but artwork, or stories only please. and if there are any questions say with certain pieces of artwork, or genres or even shows you want to know that are acceptable, just ask. :) thank you (if your artwork is anime though that is fine.)
5. and Lastly have fun, its to reminisce and enjoy, so have fun, make romantic flics, or cute pics, we are here to have fun and a good time. Dummy woo by AddMedia

THANK YOU ALL WHO JOIN!!! :D i love it by AddMedia Enjoy the club! :squee:

P.S. Please note I am have a thing against stupid cartoons and Adult cartoons cause though arent meant for kids..., so NO REGULAR SHOW, Beaver and What's his name, Cow and Chicken, Total Drama craps, South Park, adult like "kid" shows, and so on..... Only stupid shows allowed are SpongeBob because he actually is rather funny in the sense its so stupid its funny, and Adventure Time, because even tho I dislike the show, many like it, and there was like a few episodes that gave me the same humor as SpongeBob. So only those two humorously idiotic shows allowed.... NO IFS, ANDS, BUTS, or ORS about it. BYE!! :)
Hey Guys it's Me Sasara, I know its been like a really long time since I have been on D.A and chatted with my friends here, anyway, I am trying to regulate everything again since the long absence Mjoy and I had, which is rather long story- but we r terribly srry DAers...we're back now and trying to fix things. or more so I am at least. Point is I need some help. Mjoy and I have been discussing since the beginning- meaning since we started this group- we have been trying to figure out if we should allow video game characters into our group. We have been going back and fourth, and we know certain video games have cartoon shows, but we just need some help on this.
Also we have been getting some off ball cartoons from youtube channels, which is great, but unsure if to allow, so we need some help an opinions and would greatly appreciate some input from our members. If you could help us, I think our friends our a bit tired of us trying to solve this ourselves. Anyways, we appreciate the help!! Thank you! and glad to be back!! Thanks guys!!! See you later!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :la: :la: :la: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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My Ben 10 Controversy Meme by CKittyCosmos
Rules of the School Part 2At recess, Manny and Aaliyah sat atop the jungle gym, Cairo and Victor standing at the base like guards. The kids on the slayground knew better than to even look in the bullies’ direction, lest they incur their wrath. For all intents and purposes, the jungle gym was Manny’s throne, and anyone who dared to even stare at it, let alone touch it, would be punished severely. “You see, I basically rule this school,” Manny bragged, “everyone here does what I say.” “I see,” Aaliyah replied, thoroughly uninterested. When Manny invited her to the jungle gym, she thought there would be more play involved and less egotistical blustering, not to mention she had no idea where Zephyr was. Hearing Manny boast about his “reign” brought back unpleasant memories of her uncle, and how he bled her land dry of resources and hope. Despite of his claims and fake smile, Aaliyah could see right through him. He was just another bully, just like her uncle. Manny, however, couldn’t see her disinterest and disgust. He was too caught up in his own hype to notice her feelings. Thinking it was to perfect moment, he slowly slid his hand over to hold hers, but the moment his mitts made contact with her dainty digits, she pulled away. ‘How am I gonna get out of this,’ she could’ve sworn she heard Zephyr ask. The princess looked around, trying to locate her cru— her friend. She couldn’t see him anywhere, but she knew she heard him. “Excuse me, I have to… be somewhere…” Aaliyah poofed away, leaving Manny and his cronies. The minoclops snickered confidently. “She wants me.” The mummy and the promethean rolled their eyes. *** Elsewhere on the slayground, Mirth, Chris, and Paresh were searching for their friend. “Where is Zephyr,” Mirth asked. “I haven’t seen him since lunch.” “Me neither,” Chris added. “The first thing he usually does when recess comes around is meet up with us.” “Maybe he’s with Aaliyah,” Paresh hypothesized. Just then, Aaliyah appears before him in a puff of purple smoke. “Or maybe not,” Chris replied. “Have any of you seen Zephyr,” she asked. Mirth shook her head. “We were hoping you knew his whereabouts.” “I do not, but it is the strangest thing: I can hear his voice.” ‘Whew, I got loose, now I just need to get outta here,” she heard Zephyr again. “There, I heard him again,” Aaliyah exclaimed. “As if he were right behind me, yet I know he is not there! Did you not hear him?” The others looked at her with concern. “No… we didn’t hear anything,” Paresh said. “You don’t think Manny’s stupidity is contagious, do ya,” Chris whispered softly to the naga. Aaliyah became worried, did all those years in the bottle finally take their toll? Was she actually losing her mind? Then, as she caught a glimpse of the manacle around her wrist, a thought occurred to her. ‘Zephyr, is that you,’ she thought, ‘can you hear me?’ *** Zephyr managed to slip out of his binds and gag, now he just had to get out of the closet, a task made much harder by the fact that Manny had torn the handle off the inside of the door. With a small spell circle, he summoned some abomination goo, which he had take the place of the handle. The boy tried to turn the faux handle, but the goo was too slippery and amorphous for the inner workings of the door. Frustrated, he kicked the door. That was the only thing he could think to do. How was he gonna get out of this? ‘Zephyr, is that you,’ he heard Aaliyah’s voice call. ‘Can you hear me?’ The boy stopped, looking around the closet. He was all alone, and yet he heard her as if she right behind him. The boy slumped defeatedly, there was only one explanation. “Oh, great. The fumes from all the chemicals in here must be making me go loopy.” ‘No, Zephyr,’ the voice implored, ‘it is really I, Aaliyah. We can hear each other’s thoughts.’ “Aaliyah,” he said in shock, “but how?” ‘I think it may be a side effect from our bond.’ “So you’re saying that we can communicate telepathically?” ‘That is exactly what I believe, yes.’ Zephyr stood there for a moment, processing this new information. “That is so cool!” ‘Indeed,’ Aaliyah agreed enthusiastically, ‘but that’s beside the point: where are you?’ “I’m trapped in a janitor’s closet,” he explained, “Manny and his goons put me in here!” ‘That brute,’ Aaliyah thought furiously, ‘don’t worry, we shall be there soon enough.’ *** Back at the slayground, Aaliyah turned to Zephyr’s friends. “I know where he is. Come on!” The group of children ran back into the building, but unbeknownst to them, they were surveilled by Cairo again. The young mummy then ran back to his “friend,” keen to share what he heard. *** Aaliyah led the group through the halls, trying to find their friend. Paresh, still having difficulty understanding what exactly just happened, spoke up. It was all a tough pill to swallow. “So you’re telling me you and Zephyr can communicate telepathically,” he inferred, “and now we are racing through the school to find the closet where Manny has stowed him?” “That is exactly what I have said,” the princess confirmed. “Okay, but I just have one question: there are a bunch of janitor’s closets in this school, which one is he in?” Aaliyah and the kids stopped immediately. The naga was right: she was new to this school, this place was practically a labyrinth to her. How could she possibly know where he was? That was when Mirth stepped forward. “Were you in Mrs. O’Malley’s class before recess?” Aaliyah was uncertain where the owlet was going with this, but she complied. “Yes, why?” Mirth contemplated for a moment. “There are only three janitor’s closets around that room, wit the closest one being just a few feet to the west. He’s most likely in there.” Aaliyah stood there, surprised by how well the harpy girl knew the layout of the facility. “How did you—“ “I read a map of the school one day when I was bored,” she answered plainly. “Huh, resourceful. Now let’s go!” The kids took off again, now knowing where to go. As they entered the B Hall, Paresh pulled ahead and stopped the group. “What is it,” Aaliyah asked. Paresh shushed her and pointed ahead. The kids then laid their eyes on a witchling with white hair, blue eyes, and notable duck lips. It was their classmate, Drewey, and judging by the sash hanging around his chest, he had been selected for hall monitor duty. It was rather ironic for their melodious and impulsive to be assigned such a stuffy role. “Who is that,” Aaliyah asked. “Drewey Druck,” Chris explained, “he’s kind of an attention seeker and apparently he comes from a family of adventurers.” “It also looks like he’s been assigned to hall monitor,” Paresh added. “Oh, good, we can tell him what happened and he can help us,” the princess said. “Not really,” Chris argued, “students aren’t allowed in the school during recess unless accompanied by an adult. If he sees us, we could get in big trouble.” “Why?” “A year ago, Manny and his flunkies snuck into the cafeteria during recess and caused an explosion,” Mirth revealed, “it took them weeks to scrape all the mac and cheese off the walls.” “So then what do we do,” Aaliyah asked. “I’ve got this,” Chris proclaimed confidently. Their shape then changed to that of a teacher, but their height remained the same. Aaliyah was taken aback, she wouldn’t have guessed the insectoid student could do such a thing, and to be done without using a spell no less. It was remarkable. “Follow my lead,” they ordered. The disguised changeling and compatriots walked down the hall. The approaching kids alerted Drewey from his unauthorized dance break. “Hold it,” he stopped the group, “what’s going on here?” “Pardon me, young man,” Chris said in a posh voice, “I need some assistance from my students here.” “Oh, with what?” Chris paused for a second, they hadn’t thought that far ahead. “Uhh… pixie infestation?” Drewey looked at the disguised changeling suspiciously, his eyes narrowed. Chris started to sweat a bit, they were getting a little nervous. They had to hold their disguise though, Zephyr was depending on them. “Makes sense to me,” Drewey said with a shrug. The boy then walked away. Chris and the others breathed a sigh of relief, with the young changeling dropping their disguise. Now out of Drewey’s earshot, they picked up the pace. Mirth pulled ahead and led the group, her knowledge of the school’s layout was crucial. They soon found themselves at their destination: the closet where their friend was held. Aaliyah knocked on the door. “Zephyr, are you in there?” “Yeah, it’s me,” he responded, “can you guys get me out of here?” Aaliyah reached for the handle, only to find it had been torn off. The kids all looked among themselves. “Does anyone have any ideas?” The group started to ponder, then Paresh got an idea. “Wait, can’t you teleport?” Aalayah’s eyes widened, she had forgotten about it. With a snap of her fingers, Zephyr appeared before them in a puff of lavender smoke. The witchling stretched, relieved to be out of that cramped closet. “Thanks,” Zephyr said. A thought then occurred to him. “Wait, couldn’t you have just poofed me out of there from the beginning?” Aaliyah and the others’ eyes widened, they then facepalmed in unison. They were so caught up in the excitement that they hadn’t even considered that. “Well, whatever, I’m just glad to be out of there,” Zephyr shrugged it off. “I swear, next time I see Manny, I’m gonna—“ “Gonna what,” a familiar voice said from behind. The group turned around to see Manny and his flunkies. “YIPE,” Zephyr squeaked in shock, jumping a bit at the bully’s presence. Manny disregarded the half-witch, shoving him aside. “Aaliyah, I know how this looks, but I assure you there’s a perfectly good explanation for this.” “You mean that you’re a mean-spirited brute and you locked my best friend in a closet,” she replied with her arms crossed. Manny was silent for a moment. “Well, when you put it like that.” Aaliyah turned her nose up and turned her back to him. Manny reached out to her, but Zephyr caught his hand before he could grab her. “She doesn’t wanna be around you!” Manny huffed, picking up the boy by his collar. “Stay out of this, Zephturd!” He then tossed the boy into the wall. “ZEPHYR,” Aaliyah gasped as the others ran over to him. She tried to join them, but Manny grabbed her by the wrist. “C’mon, baby, ditch the zero and be with a hero.” Zephyr groaned as the others helped him up. When he got a look at Manny manhandling his crush, he was done. The boy furiously stomped over. “I said let her go!” Manny snorted at the boy before backhanding him. Aaliyah and the others winced as Zephyr fell to the ground with a thud. The boy hoisted himself back up and walked back over, he had a few scrapes and bruises, but his determination never faltered. Manny growled, “You just don’t know when to quit, do ya?” “Not when it comes to standing up to morons like you,” he spat back. Manny huffed, furious at the little punk’s audacity. He finally let go of Aaliyah, but stomped over and picked up Zephyr by his collar. “Fine, I’ll let go, but I’m gonna POUND YOU INTO PASTE!!!” Manny wound back his fist for the punch. Zephyr shut his eyes, preparing for the worst. Aaliyah, Chris, and Mirth gasped, while Victor and Cairo watched in sick anticipation. Manny went in for the punch, but something wrapped around Zephyr’s waist, pulling him out of the bully’s grip. Manny looked at his hand confused before looking over to Zephyr’s posse. It was Paresh, he had wrapped his tail around the squirt and yanked him out of his grip. The minoclops growled at the naga as he slithered in front of his friend, followed by Mirth and Chris. “If you want him, you will have to go through us,” he announced, punctuated by affirmative nods from the changeling and the owl harpy. Manny snapped his fingers, summoning Cairo and Victor to his sides. The two groups eyed each other furiously. Manny then let out a furious growl, and the kids charged at each other. Before any blows could be exchanged though, Manny and his minions vanished in a puff of lavender smoke. The kids looked past the smoke as it cleared, seeing that Aaliyah had just snapped her fingers. The princess walked over to her friends, snapping her fingers again, this time healing all of Zephyr’s bruises. The boy rose to his feet. “Are you alright,” she asked. “Yeah, thanks,” he replied. “Good.” The genie princess then smacked the back of his head. “What were you thinking?! That brute could have killed you!” “He wouldn’t leave you alone, I had to do something!” “I appreciate your concern, but you don’t need to place yourself in harms way for me. This is not like when we first met: I am not some damsel in need of rescuing.” Zephyr sighed. “I… I’m sorry. It’s just… I was afraid Manny would hurt you.” Aaliyah chuckled. “You have nothing to worry about, I can handle that brute, especially given how I just saved you.” “Yeah, we saw that,” Chris commented, still astonished by how easily she dispatched Manny and his minions. “I guess I’ll try to remember that from now on,” Zephyr said. “Thanks for helping me, not just with Manny, but with the closet too.” Aaliyah chuckled. “To be fair, I had help.” She then looked back to her new group of friends. “Mirth, your knowledge and knack for learning are truly incredible.” Mirth didn’t reply, bashfully covering her blushing face with her wings. She could tell from her tone she was sincere. The owlet harpy let out little squeak, trying to show gratitude. “Chris, your cunning and quick thinking rival the likes of Aladdin himself.” Chris rubbed the back of their neck, flattered and slightly embarrassed. “Aww, stop, you’re makin’ me blush.” “And Paresh, your kindness and compassion for those you care about clearly knows no bounds.” “Thank you, your majesty,” he said formally. “Please, there’s no need to be so formal, we are friends after all,” she said. The other kids looked at her with welcoming smiles. “We’re gonna go to the candy store after school let’s out,” Zephyr proposed. “If your parents are okay with it, you wanna join us?” Aaliyah smiled, “I would be delighted.” “Oh, dude, didn’t you hear,” Chris chimed in, “Sweet Temptations’ been shut down.” “Aw what,” Zephyr cried, “why?!” “Belonite leak,” the changeling elaborated, “it’s closed for cleaning, gonna take the rest of the month.” Zephyr groaned in annoyance, but Aaliyah was confused. “What is ‘Belonite?’” “It’s a randomly occurring biohazard on the Isles,” Mirth educated, “it is a glowing red viscous goo that proves slowly drains the magic from those who touch it, turning them into stone.” Aaliyah’s eyes shot wide open. “Why has no one told me about this?!” “Well p, you don’t go around telling people about the bad aspects of your home, do you,” Paresh asked. Aaliyah shrugged. It did make sense: if you wanted visitors, it would be best to highlight the good aspects of your home rather than focusing on the negatives. It was basic tourism. “Well since the candy store’s out of the question, how about we go to my place,” Zephyr suggested. The others all seemed to agree. Mirth and Chris were a little more hesitant though. “I suppose, but please make sure that bird tube respects my personal boundaries this time,” the owlet requested. “Yeah, and if he tries to eat me again, I’m spitting acid in his face,” Chris stated sternly. “I’ll make sure Hooty is on his best behavior,” Zephyr promised. Of course he knew that was easier said than done. The bell rang, recess was over. “We better get back to class,” Paresh suggested. The group of kids then walked off, but something was troubling Zephyr. “Hey, Aaliyah, where did you send Manny?” Aaliyah chuckled. “Oh, I just put the king back on his throne.” *** On the slayground, Manny and his cronies appeared on top of the jungle gym in a puff of lavender smoke. They looked around, slightly disoriented before finally getting their bearings. Manny let out an angry snort. “Sorry, boss,” Cairo said, “looks like the princess is spoken for.” “Pfft, please, she was just putting up an act for those chumps,” the minoclops denied, “we all know who she really wants.” Cairo and Victor looked at their “friend,” utterly gobsmacked. They couldn’t tell if he was in denial, or just blissfully ignorant of the situation. Knowing Manny though, it was probably both. The trio of bullies squeezed out of the bars, it was easier for Cairo than either of his companions. Manny was too big and bulky, and Victor’s windup key made maneuvering almost impossible. Manny offered no help with the promethean, leaving it solely to Cairo. The mummy huffed and puffed, tired from his task. “So… yours still… gonna… try to woo the princess?” “Oh, big time,” Manny boasted. “What about Zephyr?” To illustrate his point, the minoclops picked up a rock before crushing it in his bare hands. “Any more questions?” Cairo and Victor gulped, both scared. The pair shook their heads. “Good, now come on.” The trio then walked back into the school, a confident look on Manny’s face. ‘Princess, you will be mine,’ he thought to himself.
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LaceyPowerPuffGirl Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
yay thanks for the invite
james-halstead321 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can you add me
SasaraRH Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, srry for late reply, hope you got the invite :)
snitchpogi12 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Please accept my rendered PPG's!
SasaraRH Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Plz resummit them and we will get to them right away, srry for the long wait. ^^''
snitchpogi12 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
But the folder in your gallery is only one!
SasaraRH Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
U can actually place ur renders in the shows were the characters come from and if the show has no folder yet that there is a folder for that too. :) i hope that helps.
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brauer83 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017
Why are they not accepting my submissions?
SasaraRH Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
We just did, were srry for the long wait, we had technical difficulties, meaning my mom broke my computer and mjoy had hers hacked srry for the inconvience. ^^''
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