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Barbecue with a friend

21 hours of hard work to do this, I've learn a lot by just making it, even if I don't win anything, it was worth it.

upgrade of some direct lights that were to weak
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As I said, this is one of the very first pieces that stood out, because it's BEAUTIFUL. Damn. So warm and so accurate. I mean, the firelight, the objects, the characters' pose, Gobber's burning moustache, the Terrible Terror stealing the sock... and the burning metal hooks in Grump's mouth. This really looks like it came out straight from the official artbook. :D
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I'm glad you say that but there is also a LOT of imprecisions.
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Awww, so cute!
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A damn fine piece ! :)
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Well damn thank you !
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I love this duo, and all the details you put into this :love:
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Thank you very much I love it to hahaha.
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Fantastic job!! :clap: :D

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Time lapse video out !
check it here :
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The setting the composition the view is gorgeous, I really liked it, Good luck 
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Thanks, good to read !
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This is sweet— that fire looks cozy. Lovely coloring.
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Thank you, that means a lot to me !
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Just saying but the piece is in 6000*4000, so feel free to zoom in to find some of the funny thing I placed in it, or inspect the details.
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Yee, I noticed his heir's on fire. OwO Now I see the berk thing and troll tag on the terrible terror! The amount of detail on this peace is incredible and the concept is great and it's really nice to look at! :D
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Ah Finally someonenotices hahaha !
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A Blacksmith and his dragon <——A man and his dog
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Who needs a forge when you can have a dragon.
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I like this take on how to train your dragon, good job on the lighting of everything, it gives a nice, warm, feel to the piece.
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