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Allissei is drawing sexy girls
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"The Rouge Girls"

All Rouge girls! (collab)

Artist // Student // Digital Art
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My Bio

I draw a lot, so stay tuned because I make a lot of drawings

I draw women but in an anime style... Although my style can adapt to other artists!

I love to draw girls with big boobies, bellies and booties!

A lot of my drawings are made with the help of Otakoma16

I make the LINEART and he COLORS them

I make Commissions but, I always make a post or a Journal to show when I'll be available to for you to send me your ideas for the commissions

YOU CAN DONATE or Became a Patreon to support me!

I also have an account on Eka's Portal


Here you can see what I can draw and what I don't.

I don't do REQUESTS... but somethimes I ask to the people what they want me to draw...

I ALWAYS make at least one drawing each week :o

But currently I'm submiting daily or every 2 days

And I'm a Mexican and proud of it... even when other countries are far better ^^;

Please comment in my drawings... I try do reply to all of them


Dibujo mucho a las mujeres, y me gusta hacerlas curvilineas

Mi estilo es un poco anime pero se puede adaptar a cualquiera de otro artista

Estoy abierto a Comisiones y las reglas estan arriba... y en ingles ^^;

No hago peticiones (REQUESTS)... pero a veces le pido a la gente que es lo que quieren que dibuje...

Siempre hago al menos un dibujo por semana

Pero recientemente estoy publicando casi diariamente

Soy orgullosamente mexicano

Y por favor comenten ...

Favourite Movies
Avengers Endgame and Avengers Infinity War
Favourite TV Shows
Sword Art Online / Clannad / Angel Beats / Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo / Any anime that makes me cry TT_TT
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anime Openings and Endings
Favourite Books
I don't read XD
Favourite Games
Sonic the hedgehog / Halo / Assassin's Creed
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC and Nintendo
Tools of the Trade
I don't know what is this.... -_-
Other Interests
Women :P And very sexy ones XD
Hi everyone! Have you ever wonder how did my "7 sexy sins" look when they were kids? or teens? or a bit older and full adults? I hope you do, because you're getting it anyway! XD TOMORROW I'LL START SUBMITING THIS DRAWINGS! And through august you'

Gamer question... Which is the most important element ...

  |  45 votes
  • The Gameplay
  • The Graphics / Art style
  • The Story

Do you like / played Pokemon games? (Me... Yes! I p...

  |  33 votes
  • Definitelly! (I love the games or know almost everything!)
  • Yes (I bought / played some games)
  • Kinda (I barely played / know about Pokemon)
  • No (I'm not a fan or don't like them)

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Hey there buddy, due to everything that's happening around the world, I wish you to stay safe and be careful out there Manaka Mukaido (Happy) [V1]

AllisseiStudent Digital Artist

Gracias! :)

Tu tambien que estes bien, justo HOY me sentia triste, pero tu comentario me hizo sonreir y sentir mejor

AllisseiStudent Digital Artist


AllisseiStudent Digital Artist

I'm busy

hey do will RP in discord?