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hayyy its me again :3

By AllisonSmith
This is what the provider of Phantom comics and other silly things looks like :) And no, I never usually wear lip gloss like's it.
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D-Goldenheart's avatar
You're cute! Bloody adorable. And that's interesting to know about you.
dropdeadfriend's avatar
gorgeous comic character :D
kamiawolf's avatar
You look really hot... but do you mind me asking what your ethnic background is? I cant pin it down! ^^;
dancingbetta's avatar
You look edible. Yum.
nikkigal88's avatar
You're so pretty =)
bophie1's avatar
Wow! Your really really pretty! I always thought you would be... some creature who hides in their room, and draws, and never sees the light and yeah. I don't know why, just you draw so WELL I though you must have no other life. Lol.
DamnedDaybreaker's avatar
Yeah! Heretic Anthem! Haha sorry that's my favorite Slipknot song ^^'
gothiktenkasen's avatar
Oh wow. You're totally and completely gorgeous.
IndianaFan's avatar
Wow! This proves that you're a GREAT Artist, because your doodles of yourself look just like you!

I always draw myself much hotter than I really am. XD
I still can't figure out if drawing hot people is just a habit of mine, or if Im extremely self centered. hahahaha.

Real cute pic, by the way.
KeybladeMasterer's avatar
My god your gorgeous!
bloodcult's avatar
niiice photograph

LOL at ur comment :D
fatal-rob0t's avatar
very pretty! I've always wondered what you look like and now I know. ^^ I'm glad you put a picture of yourself up. XD I hate the camera pointed at me as a general rule.
SOsweet-thatIt-HURTS's avatar
Oh my... you look really ... ummm what's the word i'm looking for ... BEAUTIFUL!!! not in that sense!
karex303's avatar
You're pretty 8D
Musique-Art's avatar
So that's how she draws the funny faces!:lol: Great expression!
Lurel's avatar
haha xD you look like one of your drawings!!!! (I meant that in a good way, btw... cuz i LUFF ur art!)
and you're so pretty too! :D
Lurel's avatar
hey I just realized something... looks like you were trying to immitate your icon. lol xD
AllisonSmith's avatar
lol I noticed that too...I did that unintentionally...really! :XD:
concannon's avatar
un-paysage-choisi's avatar
Art imitates life, or is it the other way around? Because I love the similarities between your expression and the ones I've seen on your characters. Are they like you, I wonder, or are you emulating them?
AllisonSmith's avatar
hehehe if there's a certain facial expression I want to draw, it helps to use my face for reference (you should try it!) XP
666eternity's avatar
you might think I'm crazy but somehow you remind me of a tim-burton-figur (with your lovely big eyes ) ^^°
AllisonSmith's avatar
Hehehe that's the first time I've heard that...thank youuu :3
Upiorzyca's avatar
I love eyes like Yours! :clap:
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