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:reading: General Rules
- Give me credit if you use my material in your new projects
- Do not re-upload my items or claim them as your own
- Do not use my stock to create other stock, it is acceptable only for premade backgrounds
- Fave my work if you use it for free +fav

Rules categorized by the download type:

PREMIUM Downloads 
Packaged materials (stock, texture, photo or artwork) material dimensions in full size
Purchased Premium Content :points: 
:bulletgreen: Allowed - Commercial use, edits, modifications, prints, dART and off-site use - Have full permissions :thumbsup:

Premium Content
 offered in Free Download 
Packages with smaller texture-stock dimensions from original materials
If you use my premium works for free follow these rules:
:bulletgreen: AllowedEdits, modifications
:bulletred: Not AllowedCommercial use, prints, off-site use
My Free Items:iconpresentplz: 
My free resources - material dimensions in full size
:bulletgreen: Allowed - Edits, modifications, prints, off-site use
:bulletred: Not Allowed - Commercial use
Textures-Patterns from Scraps category:iconpresentplz: 
Mixed texture-pattern designs that are unpacked from existing sets.
:bulletgreen: Rules are the same as in the free items
 Rules - My Custom Content for Games
:bulletgreen: - Allowed - Feel free to use my stuff in the game, play and have fun ;)
:nod: Give me credit if you use my cc in your new works
:bulletred: Not Allowed - Modify, re-upload my items or claim them as your own
Rules for Wallpapers
- Only for personal use
- Do not re-upload on other websites
- Do not edit or modify

© 2011 - 2021 allison731
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TIPP for all of you who can not see rules in here, select the whole page (e.g. CTRL+A) to read them or chose the light theme / the green theme - the rules-text is formatted in black like DA's dark theme... ;-)

Black is beautiful!

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Thanks for the help. ;)

My pleasure! And many, many thanks for the first award I get here on DA!

I stumbled over that and thought there must be more than headlines.

And because of my work in a forum I know that such little things are often frequently asked questions that won't be asked, because people think others might think there were stupid if they ask for help in such little glitches.

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This community is a better place with people who are willing to help like you. :sun:

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I included you on the declaimer for all of my digital artwork images:

"Each one of the AnnalsHouseBanner single images is made up of anywhere from 10-30+ individual hand created/modified layers (two have gone over 50 layers - One went over 100), then flattened and rendered as a single image.  

Each layer is made up of multiple images, either created by myself or modified from "stock" images.  I could not create my art without having access to and using a wide variety of "stock" resources such as textures, images, vectors, clip art, etc etc.  I am constantly looking for new resources and getting rid of inferior ones from my utility collections.  Like programmers say "GIGO"

To create the art you are looking at, I used the following:

 1. my favorite graphics program "paintdotnet" which cost me the staggering amount of ......nothing.  It is a free program.  

 2. For .eps files and vectors I use Inkscape - which rivals Illustrator and costs.............nothing.

 3. materials and images which I either hand-create or they come from one of my "toolboxes"  which are collections of the best stock resources that I can get my grimy little paws on

In my most treasured time tested "go to" toolboxes there are materials that I have obtained from some of the finest and most outstanding Stock Resource creators/suppliers in the world - I mean that literally.  Over time, I have finally tracked down the best creators and suppliers and found out where they were located, which is why I joined Deviantart in the first place.  

I have obtained some of my best resources from, and whole heartedly recommend, the following deviants among many many more (who I will add to this list over time)

Sirius-sdz                     galaxiesanddust
Tigers-Stock                   glassthroughskin
Lune-blanche                   allison731            

Be Well

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I am honored for having me included in your list, I appreciate it very much. :hug:
Have fun and nice time with creating and be inspired. Your art is very beautiful. :thumbsup:
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more than reasonable
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Thank you for understanding. ;) Rainbow Bullet (Outline) - F2U 
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