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      Feature 08-Masters of Art Theme: Beauty in Art (part VIII)
                  Pirate Love Art Treasure from my +fav favorites Heart 
 Inspirational, beautiful and memorable art of the most talented artists

Drawings-Paintings  :painter: 
Shere Khan by thomsontm
Elysian Feline by ThreshTheSky
Africa-2 by Deviantferrick

'Wolf by Snow-Body
Snow White by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Gandalf the Grey by Belegilgalad
Africa (1) by Deviantferrick

Forest road. by AwaaraC
Art from my friends Heart
Art Trade - Sev by VoydKessler
What Mess ? by suezn
Art from my gallery Cuddling up with someone close...
Red Geranium on Canvas by allison731
Fractal Painting II by allison731
Summer Sunset by allison731
Photography Camera 
leopard454 by redbeard31
Kitten no. 1 by Mischi3vo
Old City Port by Error99
Adriatic sunset by ivancoric
Zane in Profile by Shadow-and-Flame-86
Gorgeous jaguar... by Seb-Photos
Jaguar found something appetizing! by Seb-Photos
Eyes of death by Seb-Photos
Mom and cub... by Seb-Photos
Tiger by fbuk
in-BEtween by Oer-Wout
Fire Beyond The Tree by JessicaDobbs
Farm House by HexeMistelzweig
93 million miles from the Sun, part ii by iNeedChemicalX
I've got something for you by Khalliysgraphy
Ailerons by BogdanBoev
Patience - Moraine Lake by LukeAustin
Shenzi by Lion-Redmich
Zadar at dawn by ivancoric
Forum I by ivancoric
Lighthouse in the town by ivancoric
Resources-Stock Images :ilovedevart: Read the artist's rules before using. Thumbs Up
Sea Star - 2 by photohouse
Cheetah - stock by kridah-stock
Gray Wolf 04 by animalphotos
The Guard by Wincey

lion 10 by Drezdany-stocks
Snow Leopard Stock 20 by HOTNStock
Ivy Pattern 3.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
Bush Pattern 2.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
Nebula and Stars Brushes by Luminya
Clouds Brushes by rubina119
Light Streak brushes by Andrei-Oprinca
LeafSquid Kid x 4 by CatonaBlade

Color me crazy actions by EliseEnchanted
:reading: Tutorials
How to make things glow?? by hawksmont 
Step-by-Step Digital Painting Tutorial by Qinni
Supper Time ~WIP~ by josephinekazuki
Fur Tutorial (Digital Painting in PS) by ThreshTheSky
Tutorial: Composition, part I by arisuonpaa
deviantART Related deviantART 
Natural Swing by chyndea
Aurora Journal by sinthux
Garden Gallery CSS by blissart
Pale Green-CSS Gallery Folders by pingallery
Vintage Gallery by ArtressDesigns
Garden by blissart
CSS Corkboard by madcoffee
More masterpieces from other art categories :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 
Unseen Stars at Night by xkillz
Moving by miaminight
Kentucky Rider by miaminight
my love 2 by aenaluck
Pool House by balonyshow
high end villa by kasrawy
Hill House by Basaran00
Lemondrop Animated Custom Box by MissDudette

Lamborghini Murcielago by brianspilner
Discover by IvanAndreevich
This is Halloween by kuschelirmel
Mermaid by zoozee
I love deviantART!  Regards and hugs, allison731
Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

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This is a nice surprise. I didn't think my old journal layout would still be featured somewhere. Thank you for this.
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You are most welcome, your journal skin is wonderful, I like it very much. :thumbsup: :hug:
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very late (sorry!) but thank you so much for the feature!
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You are very welcome. :dalove:
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You are welcome. :) ;)
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Thank you my dear friend! Stunning feature! <3
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Thanks for the feature !
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You are welcome. :dalove:
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 i already forgot that i've created sims 3 art о_О wow, thanks Meow :3 
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You created wonderful sims 3 art. :heart: You are very welcome. :dalove:
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Thank you very much for featuring my photo! c:
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Thank you so much for the feature Allison ^_^
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Many thanks for the feature :-)
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You are very welcome. :thumbsup:
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Wonderful Feature!
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Thank you my friend. :huggle:
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