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Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
Four calling birds
(originally "collie/colly birds", which are blackbirds)
Three French hens
Two turtledoves
And a partridge in a pear tree.

:icond-is-for-duck: ~ Tree Branch/Ornament [link]
Alan D. Wilson ~ Blackbird [link]
[link] Blackbird [link]
[link] ~ Blackbird [link]).jpg
[link] ~ Blackbird [link]
:iconneyjour-stock: ~ Front Chicken [link]
:iconeldris-stock: ~ Middle Chicken [link]
:iconlady-himiko: ~ Frame [link]
:iconsinnedaria: ~ Parchment Texture [link]
[link] ~ Eiffel Picture [link]
[link] ~ Straw [link]
[link] ~ Rear Chicken [link]
:iconfantasystock: ~ Turtledoves [link] [link]
:iconenchantedgal-stock: ~ Pears [link]
:iconalegion-stock: ~ Pear Tree [link]
:icondyingbeautystock: ~ Texture [link]
:icontexurestockbyhjs: ~ Texture [link]
:icontwinenigma: ~ Texture [link]
[link] ~ Partridge [link]
[link] ~ Bow [link]
[link] ~ Pot [link]
[link] ~ Bells [link]
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You've been featured --> [link] :holly:
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I'm loving this series :deviation:
allison712's avatar
:excited: I'm so glad! It's been such a challenge so far. At this point I'm a little stumped for days 10+, but I still have some time before I get there I suppose. Creating series make the obsessive-compulsive side of me very happy :aww:
archseer's avatar
:dance: i just love this series you're doing :boogie:, would make an excellent calender :)
allison712's avatar
Yay! I'm so glad. It's nice that someone else enjoys what I obsessively-compulsively create :D A calendar is quite an interesting idea - and enough verses to cover all 12 months, to boot! But I'm not sure anyone would actually want a Christmas themed calendar all year round?
archseer's avatar
heck, i totally enjoy this, am so rooting for the next ones, if this was a mini series, i'd go get the dvd set NOW, :D

good point, but still, it so fits the 12 months of a year, and while it is christmas themed, one can always bend their tastes and preferences :)
allison712's avatar
I will definitely keep that in mind...however it might be dificult to get all the print permissions I'd need, especially since some of the pictures came from sites other than dA. I've always wanted to do a calendar *wistful*
archseer's avatar
ooooh, aha, yes, therein lies the hurdle then :hmm: well, we shall see i guess eh :)
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Curious as to what you'll do for the rings.
ANd goodness! Your stock list is growing too!
allison712's avatar
I actually have an idea for that already...but it's tough finding good ring stock. I usually notify every stock provider each time I use their stock, but I figure since I'm going to be using some of this stock 12 times I'd just wait 'til the end and note them with a folder of the deviations.

Yikes! I just realized I didn't do the latest credits for this piece! Lol.
ERCPhotography's avatar
Good idea! Though I'm more amused at the list itself
allison712's avatar
It's gonna be scary by Day 12 :fear: Thank goodness for good ol' copy and paste!!
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didn't realize this song had so many birds in it.
allison712's avatar
According to the bit of research I did, the first 7 gifts are birds. The "five golden rings" are actually said to be pheasants. The history of the song is quite interesting (I'm a nerd that way, I like knowing the history and why's and wherefore's of things).
mackrafty's avatar
I was wondering about the history and details of it too, but I was going to wait until you were done to cross reference. lol. didn't want to spoil the ending, or so to speak.
allison712's avatar
I've of course had to fudge a little here and there so far. The records of the song all have variations and such, and it's darn hard to find exactly the stock I need. I think I really did get one "real" French hen - a breed called Marans - but then I had to just look for other similar chickens and hope for the best. I had no idea what a "calling bird" was supposed to be, so that's where the history really came in handy. I'm sick of trying to fit birds in, and since there's no way around the 6 geese a-laying and 7 swans a-swimming, I'm sticking with the "traditional" meaning of the gold rings - pieces of jewelry you stick on your fingers! Lol. I think one of my next biggest challenges is going to be the 6 geese. I already have ideas for 7 swans, 8 maids milking, and 9 ladies dancing. I seem to develop a headache when I start considering the 10 lords a-leaping, 11 pipers piping, and 12 drummers drumming, though. I love creating series...but man, do I have to kill myself every time I do?
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miniturization will help huh.... make em all toy soldier size. just kidding.
My idea would be to take the first 6 images and make that a painting hanging on the wall of the next 6 images. it will be incorporated into the pic, but not the focus of it. get it?
allison712's avatar
Hmm, now that's not a bad idea...I already have a similar idea in mind for some of the days, but that might work as an idea overall. Thanks so much! :glomp:
CSnyder's avatar
ah, i see , you made it bigger, great thinking
looks nice:heart:
allison712's avatar
Yes, each one has been getting a little bigger. I just don't want to end up with a football-field size picture at the end :O_o: Lol. I'm not as happy with this one...but it should get better once I add another day to it.
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