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Story Title: Ghost Horse by AlliKitz Story Title: Ghost Horse :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 2 1 Happy Holidays 2016 by AlliKitz Happy Holidays 2016 :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 1 0 Minecraft Skin by AlliKitz Minecraft Skin :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 0 0 Chirp's Night Sky by AlliKitz Chirp's Night Sky :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 2 0
Adam's Sister: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
A brown haired man in a red plaid t-shirt stood next to the airport exit seemingly waiting for someone.He had dark sunglasses on and had his phone out checking the plane times. His little sister was coming to Washington from Oregon to see him.
Once his first mother split up with his father she took his precious little sister down to Oregon, so he only gets to see her every few years. He remembered last time he saw her, she was wearing a small pink dress with a light pink headband on top of her head and she always carried around a light grey fluffy stuffed rabbit. After she got off her plane she jumped on him squealing when he picked her up and twirled her around. They had the most amazing times together, he would take her out to the zoo or play with her in the park, he always loved to see a smile on her young chubby face.
Snapping out of his thoughts as a teenager with brown hair approached him. She wore black skinny jeans,a tight shirt with wh
:iconallikitz:AlliKitz 2 0
Ghost Horse
Shiro Uma: White Horse (Shear-oh)
Yuki: name meaning snow (You-key)
Yugana Shiro: Graceful White (You-ga-na Shear-oh)
Once in a lifetime people say they have seen a 'Shiro Uma' or ghost horse, one with white trails,like white fiery embers off a newborn fire, dragging behind and an eerie aura around it. It shows itself around the small town of (town) near the big town of (big town). The mystical horse only shows itself near the time of Halloween. Many people believe the story. Many do not, do you?
"Ya, you talking 'bout the 'Shiro Uma? Ya I've seen it, ya must be blind if ya haven't. It was a horse that was pure white and had avery long mane and tail. It's real as Bigfoot! Wat do ya mean Bigfoot isn't real! I've seen both with my two own eyes!" said a local of (town). Legend has said the 'Shiro Uma' or 'Ghost Horse' shows up around the time of Halloween running along the main road. It won't stop until it reaches the large meadow called 'Yugana Shiro' then it simply disappears. Originall
:iconallikitz:AlliKitz 1 0
Good-Bye Dynamics
Alpha: Alphas are at the top of the dynamic pyramid as they are the strongest and bravest of the three dynamics. Most Alphas are large in size and protective of what they call theirs. Once they see another as 'theirs' their instinct takes control and will kill anyone for that person. Alpha can bond Omegas who are willing, making them more perceptible towards their emotions protecting them better.
Omega: Omegas are the lowest in the dynamic pyramid as they are seen as weak and shy, though that doesn't mean they are. They are usually small and meek towards Alphas and Beta-Alphas but friendly and close to other Omegas and Beta-Omegas. The can bond themselves with Alphas and will stick by that Alpha to the end.
Beta: Betas are the middle road of the dynamic pyramid. They can call themselves a Beta-Alpha, a Beta-Omega, or a Beta-Beta. Beta-Alphas are Betas who chose to take the Alphan (Al-f-en) road making themselves appear as Alpha. Beta-Omegas are Betas who chose the
:iconallikitz:AlliKitz 0 0
    Grey paws crunched the leaves as the blueish grey cat took each step. Sighing to himself, his tail whisked to the side as they came up to a small cave. He stood outside behind a bush as he went over the information again. 'Shi Atuko, Alpha, 6 years, white with a black spot over his left eye, over 10 Omegas.' The grey cat wiped his paw over his head. His ears perked themselves towards a crunching noise. With a quick glance he saw the target carrying a mouse between his yellow teeth. Making sure to keep quiet, he went into pounce formation.
    Lunge! He landed on top of the alpha, digging his claws into his victim he made a quick turn so the tom landed on his side as he made the last move, a bite to the throat. Within seconds the white alpha stopped struggling. He let go of his latest target, licking the blood off his muzzle, he turned to the cave letting himself in.
    Inside he made a quick glance around the small cave,
:iconallikitz:AlliKitz 0 0
Good-Bye Title by AlliKitz Good-Bye Title :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 1 0 Good-bye: Kaiya by AlliKitz Good-bye: Kaiya :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 1 0 Good-Bye: Ishi by AlliKitz Good-Bye: Ishi :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 0 0 Gold by AlliKitz Gold :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 0 0 Jurassic Hero by AlliKitz Jurassic Hero :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 1 0 Alex by AlliKitz Alex :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 2 1 Chapter 2 by AlliKitz Chapter 2 :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 0 0 Adam's Sister Title by AlliKitz Adam's Sister Title :iconallikitz:AlliKitz 0 0


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Name: Alli
Nicknames: Alli, Alex
Friend Nicknames: Sam, Sammie, Pine Tree
Current Projects: Adam's Sister, Zootopia fanfic, many many animal drawings, mermaid drawing, unicorn PMV, MLP PMV (So much to do :b)
Fav Book: Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Doctor Who books
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Fav Movie: Harry Potter
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Fav Song: This is Gospel piano ver. (Panic), Devil (Cash Cash), Cake by the Ocean (DNCE)
Fav Lyric: "The fear of falling apart. And truth be told, I never was yours." (This is Gospel by Panic)

Greener on the Other Side (by AlliKitz)

Light lively grass on one side
Dark ghoulish grass on the other
One jumped, the others left behind
They congratulated him one after another
But the feeling changed
To that of somewhat deranged
The grass grew dark and dead
Where ever he tread
The lovely flowers turned to weeds
The grass grew to feel like tough reeds
A large fence grew from the edge
The surrounding area fell to make a rocky ledge
'Help!' He cried
Sometimes grass isn't greener on the other side



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