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Cocoa - T.B.T. Loner Application by alliemews Cocoa - T.B.T. Loner Application by alliemews



B a s i c s


Name: Cocoa, named for her chocolatey pelt. Her mother gave her this name before she left.

  Past Names: Coca, nicknamed by her father.

  Aliases: Coca (above), Oak (The loner who raised her in kitlife called her this, since she blended in well with oak trees.)

Age: ~23 moons

  Birth Season: Green-leaf

Gender: She-cat

Rank: Loner

  Former Ranks: Kittypet


P h y s i c s


Detailed Description: Cocoa is a shorthair brown tortoiseshell she-cat. She has numerous dark brown splotches covering her body. She has green-brown eyes (hazel) and soft fur around her ears, paws, tail, and eyes.

Book Description: Brown she-cat with green eyes.

Basic Features: Dark brown splotches covering her pelt. Small scar on her back. (Not visible in pictures because of fluff.)

Unique Features: Tail naturally curls up at the end. This is a habit of Cocoa, but it doesn’t do anything.

Pelt: Brown with dark brown splotches. Fur fluffiest around ears and paws.

Tail: Brown with dark brown splotches at the tip. The tail curls up at the end, and is very fluffy.

Eyes: One eye has a dark brown splotch around it. The eyes are green-brown and the hair around them is very fluffy, making it sometimes difficult to see for Cocoa.

Build: Not muscular at all. Cocoa has a lithe body, hence lack of food.

Scars: One small scar at the tip of her spine. (Not visible on pictures.) Gained from a loner at kit age.

Movement patterns: Very cautious, with short strodes.

Voice pattern: High with lots of squeaks.

Scent: A warm scent smelling of oak trees. She loves the forest, since it reminds her of her kit years and her mother.

Height: Cocoa is slightly smaller than the average warrior, at about 12’’

F a m i l y


Littermates: Pine (Dark brown tom, unknown presence)

Extra Siblings (different litter): Unknown

Nieces/Nephews: Unknown


Mothers side:

Mother: Berry (unknown presence)

Aunts/Uncles: None

Grandmother: Lily (dead)

Grandfather: Chord (dead)

Cousins: None


Fathers side:

Father: Shard (dead)

Aunts/Uncles: Annie (dead)

Grandmother: Fishy (unknown presence)

Grandfather: Papa (dead)

Cousins: Archy (unknown presence)

P e r s o n a l i t y




Good trait:

Neutral trait:

Bad trait:


Traits: Hyperactive, Overprotective, Easily Distracted, Offended Easily, Affectionate.


Hyperactive / / Cocoa tends to be hyper and joyful all the time. She loves to cheer people up and have fun. Being hyperactive makes her curious and playful, which caused her to find the home that she loves so dearly.

“Look at the leaves! They are so pretty! Come play with me, Cream!” -Cocoa beckoning to her foster father to come jump in the leaves with her, as a kit.


Affectionate / / Cocoa is affectionate to all her friends, treating them like the family she never had. She enjoys caring for her friends. If Cocoa was placed in a Clan, she would probably be fit to be a medicine cat. She has strong knowledge of herbs.

“Mmm! Catnip is delicious, but I can’t eat too much. Here, this might cure your cough.” – Cocoa trying to cure Cream’s cough.


Overprotective / / Cocoa is very overprotective of friends she meets, because she lost her foster father during sickness and her mother from kittypet life. She wants to keep and protect every friend she cares for, because she loves them with her life.

“No! Don’t leave! Please, I’ll protect you. I won’t let anyone harm you, ever. I promise.” -Cocoa trying to bring Cream back as he dies.


Easily Distracted / / Cocoa gets distracted very easily. Whether it be by a large bird or a small dog, Cocoa can just stop and zone out, distracted by something. A quick yelp will pull her out of her senses and activate her overprotectiveness. This can harm her in ways, such as an enemy sneaking up on her when distracted.

“….Huh? What? Enemy? Ugh! Oh, sorry.. I was just..” -Cocoa getting distracted during a hunting session.


Offended Easily / / Cocoa can get offended very easy. A simple retort to one of her friends or herself can make her angry with you. Or maybe planning something behind her back. She is very loyal to her friends, and trusts too easily. But then again, a wrong move and she may make a decision that counters back to her, backlashing against her.

“Fine. I don’t need you, and I never did. Leave me. I don’t care.”

“I’m so sorry.. I never meant to hurt you, I just.. I…” -Cocoa backlashes against herself when she leaves her best friend, Lace.


R e l a t i o n s h i p s



 Lace: Cocoa’s only friend. A cream colored she-cat with blue eyes. Lace died from a rogue attack at 19 moons.



Cream: Cream was Cocoa’s foster father, raising her for only 8 moons. He taught her to hunt and some fighting moves, but only the basics. He died from greencough.



Cocoa was in a relationship with a black and gray cat called Spots. He still lives, but they had separated about 6 moons after Cream died, causing Cocoa’s overprotectiveness. They weren’t mates until adulthood, and neither was very interested in having kits.

Romantic History:

Cocoa had a small crush on a tom-kit during kithood. His name was Speckle, but he got taken in by twolegs before their relationship could become anything. She sees him occasionally.


Cocoa lost all of her friends and family, causing her overprotectiveness and affection. She tries hard to protect her loved ones, desperate for them to stay and not leave her.



Kithood (0-6 moons):

As a very young kit, Cocoa was ushered out of twolegplace as soon as possible. Her brother, Pine, tried to escape aswell, but was taken back to twolegplace. Berry wanted the two kits to be raised by Cream, the loner, but only Cocoa managed to escape. Cocoa stayed with Cream all through kithood, being raised in the forest. Around 3 moons, Cocoa wandered outside of the usual boundaries and was attacked by a rogue, which gave her the scar on the tip of her spine.


Apprenticehood (6-12 moons):

NOTE: Yes, I know, Cocoa is a loner therefore she was never an apprentice. But ‘apprenticehood’ refers to the timespan, from around 6-12 moons.)

Cocoa was a bouncy and hyper cat during these times. She was eager to learn and somewhat selfless, sometimes acting selfish. At 8 moons Cream died of greencough. Cocoa used her herb knowledge to try and cure him with catnip, but the sickness was too strong and Cream too weak. Cream died in Cocoa’s paws as she wept.

Adulthood (12 moons-now):

Cocoa’s first moons as an adult cat were spent with Lace and Spots, before Spots left her and Lace had gotten killed by anonymous rogues. Cocoa has spent the last 4 moons trying to meet new cats. She has cared for herself in the place she always has, in the den where she was first raised. Its location is not a far way off from the RiverClan border. It is a small burrow, that opens up to a tiny den with enough cracks at the top for moonlight and sunlight to shine through, but a small amount so if several cats stood at the top, the den wouldn’t cave in. It is hidden by a gorse bush.

E x t r a s


• Cocoa has an extent of herb knowledge


• Cocoa was originally going to be a SkyClan cat called Oakwind.


• Cocoa has had a few run ins with random Clan Cats.




I will roleplay with this character. Heres the Roleplay Example:
Cocoa yawned from a long sleep. She rose out of her nest and glanced at the herb pile. "I still need to treat that paw.." She mumbled. Quietly, she walked to the herb pile and plucked out a bit of marigold. She chewed it into a pulp, applied it, and then stuck some cobweb with it so she could go hunting. She raced out of the small den, brushing past the large gorse bush. She dropped down low and looked at her tree filled surroundings. Suddenly, she caught a whiff of mouse. Silently, she padded forward, creeping along the undergrowth. As she got closer, she suddenly smelled it clearer. This was no mouse! This was a cat! -continue rp-...

Cocoa (c) AllieTheOriginal


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