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Ant Farming Aphids

Taken with Canons MPe-65 Macro Lens, MT24ex Twin Flash and 350D handheld.
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I would do anything in the world for your camera.... I have a great kidney you can have.....I have two lol....only need one.

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Such an amazing shot.... :o *in complete awe*
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wonderful shot, nice detail!
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Hello dear member,
I'm proud to announce that we are 4 months old and we've reached 450 members :D
I'm very happy and I think the group's running smoothly.
I'm here asking to showcase this work of yours, but mainly I'm here to remind you what our group is about. This group can only work if all of us help our community, helping ourselves. Exposure is the word to retain ;) Don't forget we have a poll period going on, and I want to invite you to submit your best to the next poll. Yes, you may win a Premium Membership, but the main objective is to promote yourself. If you don't need the prize, you can always enter and if you win, you can give it to someone who doesn't have a subscription :) Please, participate.
I want to ask you something very important: please, don't un-watch the group! I promise your inbox won't be flooded. With the stack system you can delete all with one click, but please, take a look before you do it - I just ask 5min of your day - I really need your help, give us some support.
Remember, if you like to do features, please take in consideration our group - see our galleries. I'll add your icon to the "Will you feature us?" blog.
And please vote on the polls [link] [link] [link] and participate in them too, to win a DA Subscription ;)

Thank you so much for your attention :hug: Have a great week!

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i really like the incredible detail you capture - even specific parts of the eye - amazing!
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Your beautiful work was been featured [link] :nod: if you like to fave or comment to the others work is much appreciated
Thanks and have a nice day :hug:
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well everybody can buy this lens but only a real master of macro can achieve such a quality.
Fantastic work.

omg :omg: HANDHELD
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Awesome! I love ants

I just hope one day they will make such a great lense for my Olympus :)
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Gorgeous closeup, love it!
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this is super super cool
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Wow. Just wow. This is probable the most awesome macro I ever seen.
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WOW! i have to get me one of these lens
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ants! yes! please do more!
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Honey I Shrunk the Kids!
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This detail is amazing. I've honestly never seen an ant's eye before.
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