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Plaid Fabric Tutorial

By AllFades
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So I've had a few people ask me how I made Finny's pants, more specifically the plaid fabric the pants were made from. Since my Anchor tutorial seemed to be helpful I decided to do one for making plaid fabric as well.

Hope this helps someone! I'd love to know if it does so I know that the time making this was well spent. =) And again if anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I'll respond as soon as I can!

Good luck!

Edit - I forgot the put in the tutorial that you when you paint (kind of obvious so I didn't put it) it's just a thin layer enough to cover the fabric but still be able to see the weave under the layer.
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I stumbled upon this tutorial a while ago and I'm so glad I saved it because I need it for an upcoming cosplay I'm making for a friend! I didn't need it then but I knew I'd need it in the future-otherwise I would've gone crazy trying to find the right fabric haha x3 
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I'm having to make my own plaid pants for two upcoming cosplays and it's causing me a lot of worry. I was wondering what kind of fabric gets you the cleanest, most fade resistant lines with the screen printing paint. Any advise would be appreciated. 
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This is a very informative tutorial! Thank you for sharing it!
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Hello! I may be a little late here but do you have any idea on how I'd make something like this but without using stripes? I need sort of a 'picnic blanket' style but with blue,yellow,white, and orange squares instead of just red and white. I can't find a fabric like this anywhere so I'm assuming I'll have to craft my own, any advice would be wonderful!
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Oh yes! You can do the same thing with squares I recently made my own checkerboard print you do it the same way with measuring and taping off the areas to paint.  What you should do is color the pattern you want on a piece of paper and then plan out how big you want the squares and then go one color at a time.  Otherwise it's about the same =)  If you need I have pictures of how I did the checkerboard and can put them up for you to see =)  Let me know! Hope this isn't too late for you sorry! 
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I love you for this tutorial, since I'll be working with plaid soon and I'll have to resort to this if I can't find the exact kind I want! :happybounce: 

I'm a little confused about the tape part though.
Did you use just plain old duck-tape, or something special for fabric?  Sweating a little... 
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Hello! I'm glad you can use the info! I used masking tape that you used on walls when painting! I made sure I got the kind that sticks really well though because you'll need to be careful that the paint won't seep under the tape to make your lines wonky.  Just get the kind that sticks well and then make sure you press it down well on the edges and you should be fine! You might want to test it first to make sure you can figure it out too! =) Hope that helps!
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thank you so much. this will come in handy for my nanami haruka skirt <3
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Thank you very much ;w;
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That is amazing!  I love it! <3  I think I'm going to try this with acrylic paint and fabric medium. :)
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I was planning on making Finny for Halloween and I was getting frustrated because of the stupid pants! But someone directed me to your tutorial and I'm all "WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?!" 

Ah, you life-saver. orz. 
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Ah! I'm glad it helped! =)
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Does the paint fade over time?
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Not really, it's pretty much like any screen painted t-shirt. =)
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Those pants look amazing! You did a fantastic job! I really want to try this method on my Stocking (Panty & Stocking) school uniform skirt. :3
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You should! It'd worked great for all kinds of patterns I've needed to make over time~
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I wanted to do a plait fabric myself, but sadly I don't think we have that kind of fabric paint in our country. v___v
I was thinking bias tape. Lots of it. But since I don't have a working machine, I don't know really.
This looks like a lot of work. I hope it didn't tire you bad. ^^ If I do decide on this, the pleated skirt I need would be easier to do. :D
Thanks for sharing!
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This method works with really any kind of fabric paint as long as you get the kind that's meant to act like a screen print instead of like puffy paint if that makes sense? Your country probably has something similar! =D  I hope you can find what you want if you do decide to try it~
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I think I understand. Thanks! I'll try my best, I think I have some ideas for this textile paint! :)
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Hi I want to make Borsalino Kizaru cosplay from one piece and I wanted to know if I should buy the fabric light yellow and paint the lines golden or buy the fabric golden and paint the lines light yellow?
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Hi! I can tell you right off the bat that it's usually easier to paint a darker color onto a lighter one then vise versa so I'd paint the golden lines on a light yellow fabric =)
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Thank you so much! ^-^

awesome tutorial! :D
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