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Guilty Gear Anchor Tutorial

By AllFades
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Someone asked me recently for a tutorial for my Anchor from my Guilty Gear cosplay so here it is!

Good luck to anyone who wants to use it and just ask if you have any more questions!

EDIT: The anchor weighs 9.2 lbs or 4.2 kg! =)
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What pattern did you use for the actual dress for May?
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I'm gonna be honest here, I'm definitely going to be using this build to make my anchor for my Nautilus cosplay for K-con 2016 >.< then all that'll be left is the armour ._. that part is gonna be hel.
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what was the total time it took to make this?
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This is perfect!!! It's exactly the tutorial I was looking for. Though I'm planning on making my own anchor out of EVA closed cell foam sheets and liquid latex for the exterior coating. Do you know if those materials would be lighter or heavier than the ones you used? *Is a total cosplay virgin* ^//////^
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Amazing! *0* Thanks for you post
Sorry my english is so nasty x3
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Oh lord thank you so much for this!
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Thanks for the awesome instructions! I'm making a Nautilus cosplay from League of Legends and I was looking for an anchor tutorial :)
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No problem! =D I hope it helps!
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thank you so much! I am making this anchor too and I would not be able to get as far as I am now without your help... Mine is probably A bit bigger because mine already weighs WAY more then yours... And I am still bussy with the papier maché!

still thanks for your help!:aww:
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Oh wow! I'm so glad this has been helpful for you! =) Thanks so much for commenting and letting me know, it makes me happy to know it's helped someone!
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I finished it a while ago, it might not be as pretty as yours but I'm very happy~

I got pictures of it on DA if you want to look~ :3
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Amazing work! 2 questions. First, you said the out door paint, wood glue, and plaster was "suppose" to make your anchor more durable, I don't know how long it's been since you made it but do you think the mix worked well? I'm not trying to be skeptical, just curious ^^; I'm trying to find a good way to make my sword for Toon Link from Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure, which leads to my second question. Do you think this method would be appropriate for Toon Links Sword?

Again, amazing work!!! :D
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that's huge!
and so light!
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Omg your anchor looks amazing!! Nice tutorial!
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have you thought of spraying expanding foam and carving that into the shape?
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Yea at this point I've found several better ways to do this, but this was how I did it in 2008 so I've learned a lot since then. Really though I don't think expanding foam would be any easier because of how messy it is and with the sheets you can get an even layer you can start from. If I were to do it again I'd just use a different type of sheet foam that they use for building houses it's a lot denser and cuts better. Have you had any experience with expanding foam? I haven't really had a reason to try and use it yet =)
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do you mean the pink insulation foam sheets? i hear they are the best thing but i can't find any at my hardware store.
I use expanding foam for more rounder shapes really, im not sure how easy it would be to cut and smooth flat the stuff but for rounder things its awesome, just cut it witrh a knife to the vague shape then sand it with a piece of sand paper smooth, paper mache then paint.
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Yes exactly those! Since I don't do a lot of rounded shapes normally I carve flat planes. You can't find them at any hardware store? Sometimes they are blue depending on the store =o I should definitely try out the expanding foam though it sounds great! Is it really messy to use or pretty easy clean up? Probably essentially the same method though! Thanks for letting me know about it =)
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i could find sheets for normal foam, but not the strong insulation sheets, it sucks.
It gets really messy depending how you do it, you have to make a shape what you want out of cardboard first, spray a little bit onto the shape and let it expand over nit and what not, if there are bits that need filling you just spray a tiny bit in there, I might upload my photos of the stuff I've done with it as example for you then.
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very handy and helpfull tutorail thanks :D this will help when i try making sol badguy weapons :D unless you have specific tutorail for that too ? XD
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Not a problem! Hahaha! Unfortunately I don't have a tutorial for Sol but I've used this method with four or five big props now so Sol's shouldn't be too hard to do with it =D Good luck! And let me know how it turns out if you remember =)
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alright i'll let ya know ^^~ once i finish his , also i watched ya new friend :3 ~hugs~ ^^~ thanks
AllFades's avatar
Thanks! I'll watch you too so make sure you post a picture of your cosplay/prop! (ohhh~ I'm assuming you're going to cosplay Sol >.< are you? )
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of course :) be kinda weird without it being a cosplay to hold it xD hehe , i still need to make it though ^^~ i hope ya like it when i finish it :D
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