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Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osborne
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All hail the prince of darkness and godfather of heavy metal, Ozzy Osbourne! \m/
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wow great job! ozzy is my hero..
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i love ozzy i think you did a awsome job on this
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Wow.. when you look at those old photos of him, like the one you have on the bottom left, you see how much he and his daughter Kelly reaaally look alike. This is beautifully done!
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If i had a Religion this is how it'd go:
God- Jonathan Davis
Jesus- Ozzy Osbourne
Mary Madgellin- Liz Vicious
Pope- Maynard Keenan
Saints- Marilyn Manson, Kurt Cobain, Hendrix, Rob Zombie
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All hail the Prince of Darkness!
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holy shit man, ive been looking at your stuff all night, i have almost passed out, you are the best, i love how you got the tattoo of that one chic on his arm, not may pictures i see of him do! and the face to the right, the upper right (not at the top) but his face, reminds me of the face on the back of the "Essential Ozzy Osborne" CD were his face looks the same as it does here
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Very good job !!
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Ozzy Hammered me with 3 buckets of water during one of his concerts is Brizzy I was Totally Saturated.
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In-freakin-credible!! You got him right on!
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That is amazing!
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Nice drawing!!!:iconpencilplz:

Gallery:D [link]
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Exellent shadeing as always! :D
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amazing! you captured him really well! I love pencil too, it's a great medium.. your shading is excellent
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