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BrandlyOcpartyOc said: "Because it destroys family values and we'll raise a generation of fag kids."

My response to fucktards like GODofGarf and BrandlyOcpartyOc.

There is nothing wrong with not being straight. All you are creating is pain and agony by denying someone's sexuality. 3.5 Billion humans on this planet is not straight.

No such thing as fag kids. LGBTQ is not new to humans, its always been there. Lots of gay sex in the animal world, eg: Lions.

A few years ago, I asked Lindsay Murphy the question about people who identify other than straight, she answered like this: "Let's start with biology. Humans come in two sexes, male and female, which are determined at the genetic level by the presence or absence of a Y chromosome. You probably know this part. Human embryos are physiologically neuter at conception, but undergo sex differentiation in the first trimester - either a Y chromosome is present and it directs the formation of male genitalia, or it isn't and female genitalia are formed by default. Formation of the genitalia and maternal-fetal hormonal interaction results in the release of androgens or estrogens into the fetal environment, and those hormones act on the brain and the body throughout gestation. Theoretically, by the end of nine and a half months, the result is a human neonate with a determinate set of genitalia and a neurological conformation that matches the physiological sex, and when that child reaches puberty and undergoes secondary sexual differentiation, theoretically it will be oriented toward members of the opposite sex.

Derangements of the process happen a lot more often than people think. It's because of the cultural issues surrounding sexuality that many of them either aren't discussed or are thought not to exist. Humans tend not to acknowledge what's not constantly in their faces.

Current neuropsych theory holds that the formation of a sexual identity has four components: biological sex, neurological sex, psychological sex and environmental influence. You can have discrepancies between any of those factors. For example, you can have an individual who has female genitalia and a feminized brain, but her biological sex is male. That's called androgen insensitivity syndrome - a failure in androgen receptor formation halted the formation of male features, so the body 'defaulted' to female. Nowadays a lot of the intersex, or hermaphroditic, conditions are screened out before birth, but some we just can't do anything about short of embryonic genetic surgery in vitro, and AIS is one of them. Or in another example, you can have an individual with male genitalia, but his brain was feminized due to any one of a number of factors. He thinks of himself as a male, but finds other males attractive. That's a normal gay man. In an extreme case, where the brain is completely feminized, you get a male-to-female transsexual - someone who cannot tolerate living as a male and seeks medical and surgical assistance in living as a female. Flip the situation around, and you get either a lesbian or a female-to-male trans. Ambiguous conditions of neurological and psychological sex result in an individual who can function as a homo- or a heterosexual, and such a one is bisexual. In species where androgyny or hermaphroditism is the biological norm, the term is ambisexual.

When you throw environmental influences, such as sex taboos and cultural norms, into the mix, it's a whole new situation. If our gay man lives in a culture where homosexuality is accepted, he will associate openly with other gay men, and he will usually have no or few problems accepting himself and his identity. If that's not the case, if either religious beliefs or secular culture teaches that homosexuality is wrong, diseased or immoral, you can see all kinds of psychological issues in many different kinds of people. For example, you can get young adults who would otherwise identify as heterosexual claiming a homosexual identity for themselves in order to seek attention or anger parents and authority figures. Once the shock value wears off, they go back to heterosexual behavior. Or, you can get a queer person who represses his or her identity and lives 'in the closet.' Such a one might live celibate and avoid the problem entirely, or deny the charge by being highly promiscuous or by marrying a heterosexual partner, but they can't deny their identity to themselves, and usually psychological problems result, anything from depressive disorders to uncontrollable rage and hatred, and in extreme cases they can pose a risk to self or others.

That's the primer on human sexuality, more or less. You asked what a lesbian is, what that means. Truthfully, the answer is highly individual. For some women, it is a sexual identity and nothing more - they see themselves as just like other women in every respect, except that they find other women attractive. For others, sexuality informs their whole self-concept. Some act masculine or 'butch,' others act feminine, most fall somewhere in between. Some are very sexually aggressive, others are not. Some live entirely among others of their kind, others find a partner and have no other contact with the queer subculture - and no, that's not so much an insult anymore. Nowadays, 'queer' refers to the community comprising gay, lesbian, bi, trans, intersexual, ambisexual, hetero people with ties to any of the above, and really anyone else who doesn't see themselves as strictly straight. Some turn their identities to political ends, whether it's advocating for queer issues, women's, children's or sentient rights issues. In other words, the entire range of human diversity exists in the queer population."

LET ME ASK THE READER THIS:  What happens if you have to navigate a dark room or dark forest without a flashlight ?
You will be scared. Very scared of the shadows. A fear of the dark especially strong when you are young, but never fades as you get older.

Humans will always be extremely frightened of the dark. A baby has 3 fears: falling, complete darkness and strangers.

Now lets do a little roleplaying. Imagine this: You have 1000 slaves on your farm. Eventually, they will revolt and kill you to gain their freedom. But if you create stories about how their people is the heroes and "God" creates laws to discourage and prevent theft and murder. Your safety and life is now protected from the angry slaves. Go whip them again, cause its funny. There is nothing the slaves can do about it. Also, when a slave dies, they are told that they will go to paradise if they live their life without stealing, harming or killing anyone.

Fast forward to the Age of Sail and to modern times. We left the buffalo in their rotting thousands across America in an attempt to destroy the natives of that land by removing their food supply. Raped girls and stuffed the bodies of thousands of babies in the walls of Residential schools. Murdered millions by spreading smallpox on purpose, sold thousands upon thousands of nine and ten year old native girls. We enslaved the Africans, thinking so little of their lives that we would push them overboard to sink in their chains rather than be caught by the authorities with the cargo. We slaughtered the Australian Aborigines and later denied them their culture, their humanity and their children. We addicted China to opium, binding their people in a crippling dependence for which they then had to trade away their secrets and treasure. Our record of first contacts with less advanced indigenous natives has a one hundred percent failure rate and a massive body count.

So all of the natives outside Europe do not believe in "God" - Kill them, stick a sword in their chest, shoot them, set them on fire or hang them or kick their skull in. The survivors of the village/city will adopt your religion in order to stay alive.

So ... the whole reason that Christianity is so ingrained in the world, is due to Christians' massive murder sprees. Not to mention, teaching religion to kids at a young age is a matter of brainwashing.

There is also a question of truth. Around 0 AD, basically no one had reading and writing skills. Matthew, Luke, John and Mark certainly could not read or write. The first parts of the bible was written in 95 AD. Just how much truth will any stories or events that occurred 60 or so years ago ?

More false stories are added to the bible because transcribing and translating anything introduces errors and the writers can add or remove anything he wants to as well. It is like playing a game of telephone with 2000 people. Humans are dishonest by nature. The nobility from ancient times to the people who run the world today, wish to stay in power. The bible is a perfect tool to keep the middle and lower classes in check.

The bible is outright lies and deceit meant to keep certain groups of people in power. Its previous use was to keep the slave owners alive.

More problems with the Bible. It was written by drunks, men with mental problems, men using hallucinogenic drugs, as evidence dug up by archaeologists in recent decades. Priests benefited from some people with mental problems and drug/alcohol addictions, proclaimed they were connected to God. Then there is the priests and nuns who rape children.

Of the ten women I know, basically not one of them have any self-esteem, it was crushed a long time ago and will likely never recover. Some of them consider themselves friend-less.

The endless cycle of rape and psychical abuse of young girls is SICKENING.

I have a few pet peeves as well: the attitudes I observed about sex and nudity, movies and television is heavily (and very negatively) affected by these outdated attitudes. I also see this in people's behaviour. A few months ago, I was standing in line when the cashier asked the two girls, vaguely 13 years old why they are holding hands. One girl told the cashier that they are in love, but no one at school believes them, and neither do their parents. Hearing this enraged me. Love is very strong, mocking these two girls is extremely shameful behaviour on the teachers, class mates and parents. There is no reason for the members of LGBTQ to suffer like this. Happiness is in very short supply in the world as we continue to run the rat race.

Religion, patents, family members and the media is to blame for these attitudes that belong in the distant past. There is nothing wrong with sex and the nude human body. It is not DIRTY, PERVERTED, NAUGHTY, or “OBSCENE”

Nudity and sex is not “FORBIDDEN” and not DISGUSTING. Being naked where another person can see you, is not a matter of ultimate shame. Regardless of your body size. We need to end this POISONOUS MINDSET and the censorship that creates this type of permanent mindset in the lives of the youth, children and adults. Especially TV programming and the limits of what is allowed on television. Sex is not sinful as religions, society and the media makes it out to be. Sex does not make you a slut or a whore. When done right, sex is a toe curling, explosion of joy and emotions for both partners.

I remember several movies where the women who had an affair in a movie, ends up dead. She received ultimate punishment for having sex out of wedlock. Plus the guy goes back to his wife and family.

Not enough people is working to stop brainwashing the children. With crippled and incomplete knowledge of what sex is, continues the cycle of misery. I was not different. Last year of Elementary school, Sex Ed was a ten hour long boring speech. Condoms was never mentioned, the fact that not all humans fit in the binary of female and male was never mentioned. We were told that Gays and Lesbians serve Satan and it is our duty to kill them all. These are the same religious idiots (Protestant and Zion Christian Church) who has been hitting us over the head about "devil music" (AC DC, means "After Concert Devil Comes"), Metallica, etc.

Four years after "Sex Ed" I watched Discovery Channel, and ended up learning what sex actually is. 

The schools failed to teach me and my generation about sex, and will continue to do so. Unless we fix this.

GODofGarf and BrandlyOcpartyOc, is one of those idiots that was brainwashed by Christianity.

Also see Jennie Breeden's comic about this subject:…

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