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Hello there, I'm Alleyballey!

He/him | Al | Gay, trans

I consider myself an artist, but by no means am I done developing my style! I've been drawing seriously for roughly 9 years (as of 2021.) I draw to relax and relieve stress along with listening to music. I love creating new characters and exploring new anatomy and color combinations.

Tumblr | Minecraft askblog (Tumblr) (Twitter) | NSFW twitter

Twitch | Youtube | Patreon

  • Please don't thank me for favorites, watches, or llamas. You deserve it!

  • Please do not canonly/non-canonly ship or fuse my characters with any other characters (including my own.)

  • Please don't draw my characters with heavy body horror or NSFW content.

  • Please don't start plot with my characters unless you talk to me first.

  • Don't ask for free art.

Tools of the Trade
Huion tablet, Manga Studio 5.0, Dell HP monitor, Dell Computer
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