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PokeSketchdoodle- A Regal Emperor


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PokeSketchdoodle- A Regal Emperor


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Fakemon Project- Magpip

Fakemon Project

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1. Introduction

Art Challenge

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ForeverStormverse: Her Majesty, Queen Celestia

Foreverstorm Universe MLP REVISED

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(Foreverstormverse NG) Xolotl

Foreverstorm Universe MLP Next Gen

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Yarn Keeper

Photography Traditional Art

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(Foreverstorm) Such a Fool!

MLP FanArt

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(For Fun MLP NG) Calvados

MLP: For Fun NG

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Twisted Fates, Prologue

Prologue -----Light cannot exist on its own, without some darkness lurking in wait to try to snatch it up at even the most slightest show of weakness on the Light's part. Even bearers of Light can turn out to be the worst sort of villains in the human plain, as the Darkness in their hearts is masked by a seemingly 'good' amount of Light. Light is often the power of many benevolent gods, both primordial beings and human-made deities. It is what protects them from the toxic effects of Darkness. More often than not, most gods are often equal portions of Light and Darkness, but they never allow the Darkness to corrupt them, as it's their portio


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Inktober 2018

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Inktober 2019

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Application :3


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