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[HetaQuest] Hraban P-M

By Alley-san
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About the Void: It's a dark, dangerous realm that no human should go into and expect to come back alive, this is where beings, known as 'demons' to humans, live, they're completely made up of Void Magic, as it doesn't have any negative side effects to them.

Hraban Phantomhive-Michaelis
-Bird Void Demon
-Age: ???
-Status: Very much alive
-Currently Amu's familiar, stuck as a swallow.

-Weapon: Sharp Beak

Skills -by himself-:

Annoying Call: Rallies the group with an obnoxious call (Lowers opponent Defense sharply)

Plick Pluck: Plucks at opponent to be annoying, makes continuous damage (Lowers opponents Attack for a turn)

With the Flock: Makes copies of himself to unleash a continuous attack, a good distraction!

Roost: Takes a needed rest on Amu's shoulder (Restores HP)

Skills -Only when Amu's in the Party-:

Snatch: Boldly goes in, snatches up a food item from your pack, then eats it right in front of you! (Causes damage and Heals HP/MP randomly)

Fire Peck: Beak is heated up, swoops in, then stabs it into you, can cause Burns! (Ignores opponent stat boosts, small amount of recoil damage)

Stir up the Nest: Unleashes harassing copies of himself onto opponents, a stronger continuous attack!

Harsh Wake-Up: An ear damaging cry, nothing can block it out! (Harshly lowers ATK and DEF)

For an RP between myself and Astral-Song 
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>w>~ Hraban's so cute~ XD even as swallow form~
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XD... He only likes being called 'cute' by Amu... if someone says it to him with sarcasm... that person's going to get pecked XD
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Though he doesn't mind being called cute by Joan or Francis XD (Hraban picks his battles wisely XD)
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Pfft, for once there X'D
Since, Amu basically works for the Royal Family of Age, he has to behave around them XD
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Hraban's done some dumb things... but he's not that bird-brained XD (pun definitely intended XD)
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