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[HetaQuest] Anastasia W. Braginsky

By Alley-san
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Long, looong ago, when I was still very much a newbie to DA, I was introduced to Hetalia... and met the wonderful Astral-Song and TealHikari (I can't quite remember just under what circumstances how we met, I'm just glad we did)
And they (mainly Astral-Song ) introduced me to the three main heart wrenching series within the Hetalia fandom: HetaOni, HetaHazard... and HetaQuest >w>
I've never been the same since...
And while I've moved onto other fandoms... it's nice to come back to the old stuff... especially with a new understanding of it all XD
Alright, enough of that, time to put Anna's info up!

First off, a bit of backstory (sense HetaQuest, in itself, is not completely finished >3> and it leaves the story up for all sort of twists and turns XD)
The Harmony Gem is an unusual Gem that's a secret treasure of the Vyek Empire, rumors abound about what its true power is, but what is known, at least in legends, is that it's wielder may hold the key for centuries of peace... or centuries of war. It's true power is completely hidden... until it comes in contact with one of the Five Gems, and while revealing it's power, it can mimic the powers of it's 'siblings'.

Anastasia W. Braginsky
-Princess of the Vyek Empire, heir to the throne.
-Age: 18
-Status: Alive
-Owner and Bearer of the Harmony Gem (a Heart-Shaped Gem with one half that's black, the other is white, it's made up into a stylish lapel pin that holds up her scarf), it's marks on both of her hands: Right hand has '闇' on the back, Left palm has '光'

Armor and Weapons:

Weapon(s) : Vyekian Bow (A well used bow with the Vyek Empire's dual-headed eagle insignia)

Shield: -None-

Armor: Vyekian winter armor (Tailored from wool, cotton, and leather, this armor is quite tough... and very cozy (Not that great in the Heat, however))

Accessory: Long Scarf (A handmade lambs-wool scarf that's quite long, ends are kept out of the way by a stylish pin)


Comfortable Rest: Snuggles into her scarf for a brief rest (Heals 100 HP)

Peroshi: Treats friends to delicious peroshies (Heals 150 HP to party members)

Triple Volley: Unleashes three arrows at multiple targets

Ice Arrow: Launches one powerful ice arrow at opponents, can cause Frozen status

-Signature Move- Call from the Heart (Gem) : Depending on how many Gems Anna's contacted, this move randomly chooses which Gem Finisher to use. Use wisely! (Costs all her MP)

-Gem Finishers:
1. Healer of the Heart (Heals 300 HP to herself or one of the party)
2. Foresight (dodges three enemy attacks)
3. Heartless Angel (Mercilessly unleash an unrestrained attack, Enemy stat changes are ignored, if this move misses, damage is granted onto her)
4. 'What's the Point of having Magic? If you can't use it~!' (Drains Opponent's MP to replenishes her's and the party's)
5. 'How Tacky!' (Summons an illusion chimera to attack, attack is doubled if Joan is in the party)
6. Mirror, Mirror (Alex is summoned to unleash a wicked double-combo)

Anastasia W. Braginsky/Moscow OC (c) me
HetaQuest (c) Fujino (富士乃)
Hetalia (c) 
Hidekaz Himaruya
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She looks so cute here~ >w<
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X3 she's a sweetheart, she really is
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X3 She is~ So precious~~
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X3... and yet at the same time... scary when truly upset owo''
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And updated the description -w-...~
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