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(Foreverstormverse OC) Echo

By Alley-san
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Full Name: Echo Cancri Stellari

Unlike his older brother, Echo is a relatively quiet Lunar Pony, who had no other choice but to join the Lunar Guard when 'Empress' Nightmare Moon was at her final decades of reign on the Moon.
Since Luna's release from the Moon, he and Nocturn have stayed by her side as her loyal personal guard (the Lunar Guard having become part of the EUP)
His calm demeanor and general sweetness is what attracted Luna to him, and he doesn't mind it at all... as long as his brother keeps the secret to themselves.
Currently had been forced into retirement from the Guard thanks to an Ursa Major attack nearly killed him.

Echo (c) Alley-san 
Foreverstormverse (c):iconastral-song::iconalley-san:
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D'awww, he's so precious
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Even Nocturn thought he wasn't fit for the Guard... in his words 'Echo's too damn nice for his own good', but Echo joined... or else Nightmare Moon will punish the brothers and their family for disobeying >~>
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(Though from this I can easily picture Lucian getting along great with Echo XD)
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(X3 I can see Lucian seeing Echo like an older brother figure, but when Echo looses his voice he's the first to step up to help him adjust -w-)
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(and it allows Echo to catch up on what he's really destined to do: star watch~ *he wanted to become a star mapper before being drafted into the Lunar Guard*)
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