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Timetale - Chapter 02 - Part II - Page 92

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Chapter 02 - The Promise:

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Hey, it's Lesser again! :'3 Also, we'll see Papyrus and the human soon after this.

Heads-up:  I'll be going on vacation that starts next Monday, so another update won't be out for a few weeks then. 
Thank you for your continued support! I really appreciate it~ <3


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Ooof those injuries look bad... you know, I can understand genocide on all the monsters in the underground (after you die enough times you get peeved a bit :D

EXCEPT the cute doggies. Seriously.

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AllesiaTheHedgeProfessional Digital Artist

Yeah, sounds like a sweet revenge huh? x'D

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i want that gif

Y3llowHatMous3's avatar
Y3llowHatMous3Hobbyist Digital Artist

*screams* not the good boi!

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sansskeletongirlStudent Digital Artist

poor puppy dogs aww

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Can I just take a moment to appreciate your unique style of lighting and coloring?

Like each page of your comic is beautiful to just look at.

Keep up the awesome work! :D

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AllesiaTheHedgeProfessional Digital Artist

Thanks! :3

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Awesome comic

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Rhiann-KnightHobbyist General Artist

poor dog ;-;

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Ur comic is amazing! Keep up the good work <3

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What do you think the dogs are saying?

I'm kinda curious to know

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PurpleCat203Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nooo. Hope papyrus will be OK, I wonder if there's gonna be another reset so the other dogs can live!
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iceiceSnowyHobbyist General Artist
Noooo poor pupper is injured/bleeding ;-;
AnimeKingZen18's avatar
So some unknown entity took over Frisk? Now it's gonna be a fight between pap vs the unknown!
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I bet this is another genocide run 😔

SansFangirl4life's avatar

puppy dogs QAQ

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FireflyDragon2005Hobbyist General Artist


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A knife happened
Rdasher1124's avatar

Frisk/Chara happened

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