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Timetale - 00 - Prologue

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- 00 - Prologue


HELLO EVERYONE!!! It's been hella a while since I submitted anything! Oh boy but finally I am making my way back to here! But from now on, I will be submitting UT fanarts so, forgive me for that! XD For months I've been a UT trash can as fuk!!! XDDD

Alright, as you see, I've started a new fan comic! And as I continue further I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!!!

Also A NOTE!!!!! It's known that it might be confused with Undertale game but TRUST ME you will witness many different things here and there! Also there's no Pacifist or Genocide route as well! Plus it DOESN'T follow all of game rules!

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GlitchyInksHobbyist General Artist

When I think of things that brought me into the Undertale fandom a couple years ago, what first comes to mind is this comic and Handplates! It's like nostalgia!

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I’ve seen a lot of Underte AUs, so it it good to read one so well written!
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midnightrose3000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I flippin love timetale!!! I read it four no wait five i flippin forgot!! Gah!! *runs around trying to remember*
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Dream-Angel-ArtistaStudent Traditional Artist
Im gona enjoy you’re comic amazing! Cool!
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Sourpatchkids125Student Artist
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MyLovelyJacksonForevHobbyist Digital Artist
This comic is GREAT!!!
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LizztaleHobbyist Writer
And here we go, another comic for you girls react for ^^

Bex: Ribs~
Chara: Oh, and there's the friskin' demon again. *inhale* Leeeets do it.
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ChristarmewnStudent Digital Artist
So I was looking at your monochromatic style and decided it was a really good idea on your part! Figuring it's probably a bit easier than full color, I thought I'd do it for my comic series too-- but closer to black and white. My style is still my own though-- I promise! There's just so much you've inspired me with, it's nuts! XD

Anyway, I hope you don't mind me using that-- I'm very careful to make this all my own, so this is just to reassure. ^^ (the first comic'll be out soon, so you can feel free to check it out! ^w^)
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AllesiaTheHedgeProfessional Digital Artist
No problem! I'm pretty sure other artists would do! At first I wanted to try white-black, but then I thought using some monochromatic colors wouldn't do any harm, so why not. :D 
I really wanted to try the color version, but it's kinda a big struggle XD It wouldn't fit the story however, especially when it's all about past.
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ChristarmewnStudent Digital Artist
I know what you mean by that. Coloring it all takes forever. ^^;
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AllesiaTheHedgeProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, it does take forever. You have to set the right colors, while with these monochromatic colors you don't have to worry about that. XD Ok, I'm looking forward your comic! C: Good luck!
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ChristarmewnStudent Digital Artist
I've actually got the first one ready, if you're interested! ^^ It's on my home page.
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Sans w/ no clothes eh? Kitty Lenny Face Emoji 17  
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Oh nice prologue for this Undertale comic that was a pretty intense nerve racking & epic opening sequence golly that was something :| (Blank Stare) are you ok Sans poor skeleton, Timetale looks so interesting the comic design for it is so awesome smooth & gorges it has loads of emotion for the scenes in each bit :) also I think someone dubbed this before but I don't remember who but this comic looks awesome & the look stands out so well for me I was right into to it congrats bravo I look forward to checking out the rest of it one day Clap :happybounce:
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BlurryDawgoHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the way that motion is drawn here!
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NokotaSilverHobbyist General Artist
Oh WOW I love how you drew him!

I like how he looks without clothes but I also think some people are a little weird pretending that's lewd or something (GUYS HE IS LITERALLY A SKELETON)
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MeAndMyGasterProfessional Digital Artist
I really like the dynamics on this page. Both character poses and how you put panels together go very well with the action you did here. Nice!
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NinjaSamuraiXHobbyist Digital Artist
*Roblox death noise*
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FrostfireAccelHobbyist General Artist
*Wheezing laughter*
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TheSushiKittenStudent Traditional Artist
Love the style!
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sans sleeps naked....? ok then
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ZanarNaryonHobbyist General Artist
He's a skeleton. It doesn't really matter
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