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Phoenix Wright wallpaper

A collage/wallpaper I made of Phoenix Wright characters, all the "defense" characters squaring off against all the "prosecutor" characters, set against a fiery backdrop of passion and emotion or something. Took about two hours to compile, resize, and tweak in Photoshop. Full size is 1680 x 1050, feel free to resize for your desktop as needed.

Phoenix Wright is property of Capcom.
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detective gumtree is somewhere between
payne doesnt deserve to be there. he is only in the first cases of all the games.I'm going to slap some sense into you! 
Allerka's avatar
 So? He shows up more than Manfred.
dudu2001's avatar
and more then edgeworth.
GoldenKnight57's avatar
Love this! It's really good :)
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Objection! Detective Dick Gumshoe is the most loyal worker of Edgeworth. He's on the wrong side!
Allerka's avatar
Yeah, but he's a good guy at heart, and definitely helps out Phoenix more often.
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I think you missed a few from Rise from the Ashes...Lana, Ema, etc. Nevertheless, I really like this! =D
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Yeah, I haven't played that one yet, only the original trilogy so far.

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arent ema and lana in original?
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No, Ema and Lana are only in the DS version as a special new case.
catchingfire2520's avatar're welcome! The wallpaper's really dramatic. =D
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