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hi! First of all: Thank you so much for your lovely support!:heart: About the DD and everything. Faves, comments... woa... I'm slow giving you reply, but I'll do it 'cause I'm very grateful to all of you...

And now... here it is. The second series of Keychains/charms. You can use it for both n_n. It also includes the second part for Tribute to Furuba, 3 more to go :dance:

In the previous "::CUTE KEYCHAINS::" you can see about shipping and everything. But if you are interesten in one, note me please. So I can reserved them.

Everything is for sell excepting the octupos, 'cause they were practice of Oborochan's octopus tutorial.

I'll be updating the next series pretty soon..I'm slow, 'cause ..well.. I'm slow :XD: Don't ask why.

Take care everyone! :smooch: Hope to have news about you pretty soon :wave:

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do you still have the pinapple one? if so how much wth shit florida?
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Hi! I'm so sorry for the late response. Unfurnately, I don't have the pinapple one at the present time. I'll be doing more of them in near future =)

Thank you!
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awww I love them!! Do you use pen to draw the mouth and eyes? or is it clay? they are super cute!!
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Thank you! :heart: I'm glad that you like it =D

I use a really thin and fine brush and acrylic paint =)
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'w' they're all sooo cute :heart:~ o.o how do you make them not have any of your finger prints on them?~ i'd like to know because i'm starting on making my own~ :meow:
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Thank you honey! I sand them once they are cooked. They're so fun to do =D

Sorry for the late response too :highfive:
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o3o o rly?!~ and tis fine :iconlovepurpleplz:~ x3 and i just love your hippos :'D
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wooO a Mii me encantaron todos!
Solo qe vivio en yucatán, estré muy lejos para comprar uno?
jeje saluudos!
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Pues depende de tu colonia, jeje, pero pues yo también estoy en Yucatán. Así que cualquier cosa, mándame una notita y estaremos en contacto.

Muchas gracias! :heart:
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Jaajajaja ok acabo de leer esto.. es que hace MUCHISIMO que no abro el Deviant.. Sigues teniendo los charms? Sigo en Yucatán xD..
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Hola! Igual yo, recién vi la respuesta. Hace mucho que no entraba a revisar mensajes. Ahora no tengo charms, estoy terminando nueva serie. Te haré saber nada más estén listos.:highfive:
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Ok muchas gracias :)
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Those are adorable!
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Thank you SO much :heart:
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wow your amazing is that take out chinese?

haha at first i forgot what furuba was then i waslike " OMG fruits basket"when i saw them all together. nicely done
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:giggle: Thank you!... although, I didn't catch the first question ^^; sorry, I'm not good with english....
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How do you get the stars to look right?
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:blushes: well... is not that it really looks right.. I think is just the paint :P.. nevertheless, thank you very much. :hug:
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they are so amazing!!
i love them!

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Thank you very much :D
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