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New Sherlock Holmes

By allegator
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Sherlock BBC (drawing)
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SJF-PenguinHobbyist Writer
A nice jugate of the classic and the modern.
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TheDreamyFoxHobbyist Digital Artist
So you know where can I buy a Sherlock Holmes for me? Sherlock Wink Sherlock - Smile 
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Dear Allegator,

This is such an absolutely wonderful piece of art. It made me an instant fan of your work.

Would like to connect with you to use this artwork. Could you please mail me so I could send a proposal :

Warm wishes,

Sohin Lakhani
Embassy Books,
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Amazing work :D
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quiltinebProfessional Traditional Artist
I love your work!  This is my favourite so far.
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sonu9Hobbyist General Artist
That is AMAZING!
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what are the terms and conditions for this? and am i allowed to trace this image?
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I didn't protect this drawing as I had to do. A lot of people now are using it without my copyright and any credits. That was a lesson for me. Now I know how to do it right.
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Thank you!
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wow awesome, thank you
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Hi, I LOVE your work! I'm creating a calender for our compamy as a christmas-gift every year. this year I want to make a "sherlock holmes"-Calender - may I use your Sherlock-Drawing? Can I have it in a 300 dpi-solution? Can I buy a userlicence? please answer to kresse (at) - thank you!!!
Kind regards
Dodo Kresse
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Looks totaly like: "Me? A typical Sherlock Holmes? What do you think?! XD"
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Hello! I guess you're tired of reading that kind of news, but I was in London this week. Just in front of the Sherlock Holmes Museum, accross the street, there is a shop called "Suit 2 Suit". A gift shop, where they were selling t-shirts, and one of them had a motif looking strangely like your art. Same pose, same style, just edited a bit, but definitely recognizable.
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QueenLondynStudent General Artist…

Some stole this work and is selling it for a quick buck here.
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This is so cool! I love everything about this drawing. :)
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AntedonBifidaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love it! 💓
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Ts0FHobbyist General Artist
Really beautiful. Great job!
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Just seen it used here. I thought I would let you know if you haven't seen before…
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Hi, I would like to use this picture to create a bespoke pendant as a present, would that be possible?
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PurpleGoatHobbyist General Artist
sorry to tell you but someone used your art as an advertisment. hope it is under your premission though it didn't seem so to me. 
there's the link -…
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This is gorgeously done!
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inhonoredgloryStudent Digital Artist
So original and expertly done. Great job!
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