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Wings Above The Dream World



Sit down and let grandma tell you a fairy tale : Once upon a time, in a faraway land...                            

I finally finished my Gengetsu/Mugetsu drawing!
Recently I took interest in drawing Touhou PC-98 character fan art, because so many of the characters have really awesome and underrated designs. I am really satisfied with the storybook/fairy tale ambiance I created around these two characters, I think the fantastic setting really fits them like a glove! Unlike most of my other drawings, I didn't go overboard with detail in the background since I think a more simple feel matches the lighthearted and warm ambiance, and I want to make a distinction of the dream world from reality. The music game lanota was a huge inspiration for the setting of the drawing.
The perspective of the characters was as well really hard to get, but I think for the first time doing it in a serious drawing, it wasn't too bad. The background and the characters don't really have the same angle of perspective tho, I think that might be an troubling issue, procrastination was also a big issue, and exams............. ;-; I'm ded
P.S my handwriting is pretty trash, just see it as the indication of a story-ish narration in fairy tales. 

Draw time : 6-7 hours

Ready for some subconscious creepypasta next time!? (another challenge I'm giving myself)
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