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Mystic Forest

Finally I finished this digital drawing... it took me way too long
This is an mixed theme challenge I did with a friend, and I was supposed to draw a future person wearing steampunk in a magical forest. So this is the result I guess, i'm pretty proud of it for what I was expecting, and I would say it is in my few best drawings! In general, trying to adapt to something new is really fun and challenging, and it can definitely make you improve I think.
Draw time : 7-8 hours
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Really love the little butterflies and the overall story you where trying to tell hear.
The shading is ok too, but the tree is looking a little funny.

The girl's face seems sniff, and the grass looks off,
But I can't say how.
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Hello ! I am here from :iconprojectcomment:
First off, we can tell you put a lot of effort in the composition, it is indeed an ambitious piece.
There is a start of depth, perspective, with a notion of how atmosphere works as well
The composition overall works as well, and it's great you seemed to escape your comfort zone in here!
I would only recommend you keep practicing, because there is a lot of potential in your piece
There is no doubt in my mind that you will improve even more, and make great pieces
Keep the good work up !!
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Hello! I’m from @projectcommentand I’m here to leave a critique!

This painting is fascinating to look at! It looks like this explorer, dressed in steampunk clothes, is venturing through a mystical forest. The trees and grass are painted very well! I like how the tree trunk in front is blurred because of its close distance. he leaves/grass appear naturally placed, and the birds/butterflies add wildlife to the forest. It looks like a mysterious forest waiting to be explored! :D

Now for critiques. The girl blends in a bit too much in the picture because of her colors or lack of value (brightness that changes with distance). One convenient way to check this is by putting your picture in greyscale by reducing saturation to 0%. When we do that we can see that the girl blends into the background a little too much. She is particularly hard to see when we zoom out. But this can be easily fixed by adjusting the brightness of the girl to something that will make her stand out more. Composition usually works better when things farthest away are darkest and gradually get brighter the closer it reaches us. This can also work vice versa (gets darker the closer it reaches us).

The landscape uses a composition setting known as the rule of thirds. This means the girl is in the right spot, but the space on the left appears a little empty. Maybe you could add a bird or another animal in its place? Or something else that the girl is looking at? Maybe an ancient statue or something else? I like how you added a ray of light that the girl is perhaps looking into. But perhaps you could strengthen the light source somewhat? And maybe add a few shadows too? At the same time you could darken the lower left and upper right corners to add direction.

And don’t worry if this all seems daunting. Composition can seem tricky, but it’s actually quite easy! I’ll share a few tutorials that might help:

FORESTS tutorial Part 5 of 8! KICKSTARTER is LIVE!

If you haven't already I suggest watching @EtheringtonBrothers for some nice tutorials on just about anything! :+devwatch:

This picture is off to a good start, and you appear to be a skilled painter too! But adding a few things like composition and value can make a world of difference to your pictures! And since they’re not too difficult to learn either, I’m sure you’ll quickly take your paintings to the next level. :w00t:

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Thank you so much for sharing my tutorials and for the shoutout! Really appreciated!

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Thank you soo muchh, I will learn a lot from these tutorials!!

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I'm glad they were helpful~ :aww: :heart:

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Hello there, I am here from ProjectComment 

First of all, I would love to tell you why this drawing captured my interest in the first place. The composition is very well done. I love it how you did use the grass to guide your eyes from the left to the right. 
Also, the way how you created your light source is just perfect. It just causes the character herself is in the centre of attention. 
I love your way of using colours. It's bright and clean, I can just see that you know how to use colours in an art piece. I do like the concept of this drawing a lot. It tells me a story about a steampunk girl wandering in a natural forest, discovering a place where beautiful colourful butterflies flying around. Like this, you implicate an idea that there is more to discover in this world where she is wandering in. 
That been said I also love to suggest a few things I see what could be better in this artwork. After all, that's why I am here too ;) 
I agree with Anissachromia, your anatomy could have some work. Though I also know that anatomy is one of the hardest things to draw. Because I feel like just stating what someone else told you doesn't help you out I love to give other advice about the background. 

As far I do love it and see a lot of potential with it I also see how you can grow with drawing backgrounds.
The first thing of all, it's a good thing that you rendered the grass in the front a bit more than the rest. and gave lesser contrast to the rest of the background and more contrast to the character again so she pops out. Though,
because of the rest of the drawing seem to be blurred out and been put in almost the same contrast the image doesn't show a lot of depth anymore. The butterflies seem to vanish in the background together with the trees. And that's a shame because together with the character this is a point of interest you love to show. Right now, the butterfly's seem not to interact with her at all but they seem to be more in a distance. Like she is just covering up for the sunlight. If you only would only give a few butterflies the same contrast as the girl, she would interact more with them. 
Also creating more contrast layers in the background could give you the idea that the forest is even larger. Full of new things to discover.… << for example, this image. This pretty much explains what I try to tell you. Like you can see, the trees in the front are detailed and the trees in the back got lighter in contrast and do get lesser details so you can see depth. (If you wish a overpaint for a further explanation just note me ;)) Keep in mind, In overall it's a beautiful picture, and sure something you may be proud of <3

I hope this all helps you a bid with creating even a more impressive drawing in the future c: So keep the good work going! I love to see more of your artworks in the future. 

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Wooow thanks a lot for the constructive comment I really appreciate it!

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Welcome, I am glad to  learn that you appreciate it c: 
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Ooooh. That is so pretty. :lol: :D :heart:
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I like your coloring style! It really makes the drawing pop out. I think you did a really good job with the background as well I suck at backgrounds so I tend to really appreciate drawings with good backgrounds (^ w ^) 
I think you can improve more on the anatomy of your character :3 there's an app on playstore called easyposer and magicposer which may help you in that aspect :3 i'd be happy to help you with anatomy as well because i'm very particular when it comes to anatomy since i'm in the medical field (> u <) overall, good job! 

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Beautiful!  Wonderful job on the forest!
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Full of contrasts here: nature (represented by the forest) and artificiality (represented by the steampunk apparel).

Now, just for fun (not seriously), it needs one thing: an attack helicopter!
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Hahahaha ye it would be pretty damn nice. Thanks!

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Thank you sooo muchh!!!

Omg i was wondering why the fuck this art got so many views

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