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Medium Monday No. 18 - Markers

Mon Jul 16, 2018, 2:00 AM

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Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly medium feature at devfeatures and AllArtWorld.

:icondevfeatures: :iconallartworld:

For this week I am happy to showcase some gorgeous MARKER DRAWINGS.
I hope you leave with at least a few new favourites and if you like the feature, fav it or share it to help spread the word and don't hesitate the let the artists know how much you like their work.

Deer by Kelshray Spring by Dejavidetc
All You Leave Behind by Super-Chi
Diagon Alley by Katarzyna-Kmiecik
Work in progress from Haraki by takmaj
Adult Kion Marker Art by autogatos Left fish by nicolecurcisAutumn leaf - Pigment Marker by GeeMassamArtSnow by Redwall151 Wandering through a Unknown Path by natiSerenity by BeastRedAshBack from the dead by Casdesespere Little tree dragons by etriiPiece by LauriKortelainen Kiss of poison by Nevaart


For this week's special corner I'd like to introduce you to one of my favourite artists, who first piqued my interest in markers. I hope you will enjoy her imaginative and magical wok.

African Wild Dog by Aiko04 22/03/2018 by Aiko04Aardvark by Aiko0427/03/2018 by Aiko04 11.7 - THE SNOW by Aiko0413.0 - THE MURDER by Aiko04


All our previous features can be browsed in our Ultimate feature list


The Medium for next week will be ABSTRACT PHOTOGRAPHY. Send me your suggestions here or down in the comments especially some lesser known and more recent pieces. Thanks to this week’s suggesters: Mouselemur, UszatyArbuz.

Skin made by fantasy-alive
Background by dierat
Mini-thumbs snippet by SimplySilent
Give one (or many) constructive comment(s) today and you may be the winner of some awesome prizes, including thousands of :points: up for grabs!

Contest Begins: Saturday 14th July
Contest Ends: Tuesday 31st July, Midnight Pacific Time
:dalove: Help spread the word of our Big Comment Contest and the 3000 :points: up for grabs!

Comments must be constructive and relevant to the artist:
  • Constructive: Useful comments to help artists improve! Don't just focus on the positive or negative, strengths or weaknesses - include both, expand your reasons on the why and how, offer suggestions for improvement, guide the artist!
  • Relevant: Specific details, specific to the artist, their skill level and artwork overall!


:bulletgreen: Constructive and relevant comments must only be made on the pieces featured in this article to count.

:bulletgreen: We are looking for quality and quantity to determine the winners of this contest. It's in your best interest to post brilliant comments, as many comments as you can!

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:bulletgreen: Given loads of comments? Copy and paste the link to each deviation you've commented on in a reply to this journal! Batches of links are preferred.

Only Comment on Artwork Featured Here!

10 Points

Genesis According to the Lir, Part TwoCHAPTER THREE: The Fall
Now in this time the World had come to be fully explored, save for one small island, upon which stood a lone tree. And God had made it clear to His Children that the fruit of this Tree was forbidden to them, for its’ potential was beyond their understanding and would bring them harm. And there was a sadness behind His words which they could not understand.
Their curiosity and desire to learn kept them coming back to look upon the Tree and study its fruits, even so far as to climb upon the island and peer closely at the fruits thereon. But they kept God’s counsel and touched it not. And Lucian looked upon them with fire in his soul.
For many a year had Lucian held his own counsel. But in the fullness of time he sought the thoughts of his equals: Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. And he made his argument, but was rejected. For the other angels had come to love the Seven and would see them prosper.
But not all. And Lucian found in them his followers bu
Fever in the Fire Chapter 1: Welcome to Astola     Cynthia stepped gingerly inside the cave, wincing every time a footstep was loud enough to echo. No other noises reached her ears save her own, but she wasn't taking any chances. Reports had reached her town that a dragon was living in the nearby Riryoku mountains, and she'd volunteered to deal with it, peacefully or otherwise.
    Though Heaven knew they'd have preferred it, coexistence with a dragon was utterly impossible. People that lived too near to their resting places had reported as much. Livestock went missing. Convoys were attacked. Villages and towns burned down without warning. And there was nothing anyone could do about it. The dragons were simply too powerful. Yet to her dismay, the progress of humanity depended on keeping them docile. It was an eternal Damocles Sword hanging over their heads. After all, what did morality and empathy matter when you could fell a forest with a single roar?
    She shook her head and went fu
The Nation of Mystery Chapter 2The Galley known as the Swift Maiden swifty cut through the waves of the Great Sea. Its three massive sails billowing with the southern winds that took it back to New Trisos. It was was the flagship of the Madrilian Fleet stationed in Pinowa, so it only made sense for General Diego Legazpi to use it as his unofficial command center on the return trip from the island of Aterb.
He hunched down on his desk, frowning deeply as he started to write down his reports of the recent campaign. He didn't bother glancing up from the paper as the other pens and papers started to slide off his desk. Instead he only reached out only to grab the bottle of ink which nearly tipped over as the ship tilted from the waves and placed it on them as a paper weight
He wrinkled his face in annoyance as he wiped sweat from his bros and continued to work on his reports. Diego sighed and rubbed his eye together. Each word that came out from his pen fanned the frustration burning inside of him. Judging by the loud t
Nation of Mystery Chapter 1Juan Sevilla leaned forward on the deck rail of the ferry. He tried to peer around the horizon for any sign of land. Despite the morning mist that crept over the water like a bride's veil, he was able to make out the silhouettes of the white rock cliffs of the Bravatinian coast.
He turned his gaze down towards his suitcase to make sure that the briefcase that contained his entire life savings and other personal effects was still at his side.
A gust of cold wind caused him to pull his frock coat tighter. He wished that he had brought his woolen greatcoat with him, but that was probably still sitting on his bed back in New Trisos. Juan knew the northern kingdom would be colder than the tropical town he grew up in, but not this cold. But such was the cost when the harbor was an hour carriage ride and you overslept.
Juan let out a few brisk breaths, seeing a white cloud blow out of his lips caused him to tug at his coat. He failed to notice another passenger making his way towards him.
The Wolf, the Machine, and the Child part 1
A steel hook thrust into the icy cliffside wall held the bearer safe from falling. Perilous winds beat at his thick cloak as he contorted his body, enabling him to reach upward and stick the other metal tool in the ice, far above the past tool’s mark.
A strong howling blizzard raged through the mountain range, creating a difficult climb up the cliffside ice. The climb was too early. In any other circumstance he would have waited it out, but the broken hull of a crashed ship couldn’t provide enough protection, nor would be a good place to set up a warm flame. The cave entrance above had proved a promising sight before the storm hit.
The cloaked figure turned to attempt a view of the surface below, the ship he had come from, or even anything for that matter. An odd sense had struck him, as if there was something else climbing the mountain. But nothing was visible except the air, rent with millions of little white flecks of ice passing by at dangerous speeds, and his white pan
Star Wars: The Old Republic - Mysterious Ways CH1
Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but I'm saying it because I have to: I do not and probably never will own Star Wars. Credit to Lucas and his team- plus all the book writers. I only own my own characters (for now: Darth Logaar, Darth Quienne, Captain Cavi Mieha, Colonel Canderode Lorick, Kajtie Fysyr, Agent Haraldt, Thuly, Master Lao'na Lalyr) which are based on the already existing universe.
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Mysterious Ways
Chapter I: Rivals
A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away…
The Emperor is dead! After the successful assassination, done by a handful of Republic heroes, the Empire lies in ruins. Disorder reigns among the Sith. The news about the death of their unifying leader strengthened their already tense internal struggles, drifting their Order to the edge of chaos. The Dark Council is trying to maintain the semblance of a stable leadership, b

Mature Content

ego logistics by delphifilm
Ahlacia and Rowan, first meeting (I.S.O.A) He could smell it, the fresh meat roasting way back in the kitchens. The scent was like some giant animal pushing its way through a crowded street, carelessly shunting all the rivals who vied for space on the cramped battlefield. Its effort's not withstanding, Rowan could smell the other things it so forcefully suppressed, a variety of secondary foods as well as numerous drinks. Lastly and most prominently, he could smell a strange, spiced scent that arose from various dispensers scattered around the room. What he did not smell were the scents he'd expected to find upon entering this rather disreputable building, namely sour sweat, stagnant air and spilled beer that belonged to the exceptionally cheap variety.
  Rowan sighed and sat back in his chair, once again searching the dinning room for the unsavory men he felt certain lurked in some back corner just waiting to spring out and start fighting, possibly hard enough to kill someone. As before, however, the most dangerous t
By Brendan Rizzo
Yomi entered the classroom and stood in front of the students. He had just transferred schools, and thus had to stand there for a few minutes while the teacher introduced him to the class. He resisted the urge to just stare off into space. The room was boring, the teacher’s voice just droned on and on, and none of the students he could see in front of him had any features to distinguish them from one another, not counting gender. It was as if they were all bit characters in an anime, who served no purpose except to fill out the room in the background. So he let his mind wander, while still taking care to make it look like he was paying attention. That crack on the back wall looked interesting; it would be a good way to keep his focus on one place while at the same time ignoring what was being said. How much more time could the teacher possibly spend on introducing him?
“…and anyway, it looks like you can have a seat over there, right in fro
[ENG] UT minicomic - Lunch time by Thelightsmen WIP background previews PART 2 by Thelightsmen There's Always Time to Antagonize Papyrus by StephOBrien The Best-Laid Plans (Undertale genocide spoilers) by StephOBrien Commission: Naruto finds the Mask part 5 by EduartBoudewijn Commission: Naruto finds the Mask part 3 by EduartBoudewijn  Commission: Hermione gets mad part 3 by EduartBoudewijn Commission: Hermione gets mad part 2 by EduartBoudewijn Collaboration: Asami Horse TF part 4 by EduartBoudewijn Art Trade: Fan Meet by DoubleDandE Morning Armadillo (Commission) by DoubleDandE Sketch Commission: Cherry and Cheona Selfie Time by DoubleDandE Print-On-Demand: Abstract Threads, Rainbow Series by StephOBrien Volunteers needed by Peace-In-Violence Birthday 4 Dazzle by MagerBlutooth  Art Trade: Amooora meets the Mangog by EduartBoudewijn Miguel- character development by FelicityAnnora The spider in the sky by Glowingcandies Animation Stills! by ghostlyCavalier Howie by AlecxHound   Call me ''Your Majesty'' by Black-Chimaera Sketch Commission: Kayla and F'waiya in Leather by DoubleDandE Denied by DoubleDandE Regret - navigation by ArtOfJuly Julie by littledeadybear [AT] Look, I caught it ! by Funny-arts Terminator Bear 2: Judgement Day by DoubleDandE Evil Queen by DoubleDandE [AT] Ride all day long by Funny-arts Sunset Shimmer PageDoll by Funny-arts Taking time to relax by Mountny Experiment in Ink Wash: Algernon and Ishuram by Hestia-Edwards

Mature Content

Rage2.0 by AdventVoice
You Shouldn't Have! No, Really, You Shouldn't Have by StephOBrien Comic Test by Indra1408 Grimwag by MaggiefromSpace Jellyfish by R3M3DY1215 Death and Pain by MiniDemons 

5 Points

  BACK TO SCHOOL 02 03 by kikoeart X Shadow Armor by Thelightsmen Gunner glitch by Alexavier870 Sho's Journey: Making Friends? by dviouslecunning Undertale height chart by Thelightsmen Twilight by Indra1408 Curious Little Thing by dviouslecunning Demonette Maeve by Alexavier870 Cavetown - Meteor Shower (SPEEDPAINT) by ghostchiryou [Houseki no kuni] Transformation by ColorfullyMonotone

Scoring & Judging

Pieces for you to comment on are grouped under separate point headings. So, if you post an amazing comment on a piece of art under the "10 Points" heading, you will get up to 10 points maximum! If you post an amazing comment on a piece of art under the "5 Points" heading, you will get up to 5 Points maximum!

Please note, this is a sliding scale. Those who comment with little/no effort will only get 1 point, not 5 / 10 points.

At the end, all points will be tallied up to determine the winners of this contest.


As you know, we have 3000 :points: up for grabs! Winners will receive a minimum of 1000 :points: each, while those who put in great effort may find themselves the recipients of some :points: too!

:note: Want to donate a prize?
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Final Note

  • :+devwatch: ProjectComment for updates on this contest.
  • This article is regularly updated with artwork! Once a piece has received a constructive comment, it will be removed from this article.
  • Comments made on behalf of this contest can't be used for group gallery submissions, but can be used for Nominate a Commenter + Win 100 Points!

Don't forget to link us to the deviations you've commented on in a reply to this journal!

We wish you all the best of luck and hope you have fun! If you have any questions, concerns, or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you! :love:

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Something had to be done. This hack actually was a blessing in disguise.
It allowed the admins and I to design a new folder system that we thought would provide the best of both worlds: A place for expert premium artists to showcase their work amongst their peers AND a place where beginner artists could submit and be inspired.
Q: That's nice, but exactly WHAT is the system
Group Update #H1N1: Updated FAQ and Clarification.:icondeirdre-diuran: said: :iconsaysplz:"Could we get the Rules and FAQ updated with the recent submission details and changes, and a clearer rule on frequency of submissions (how many per folder per day/week/month per person)?
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Eternal Lovers by Raven-HD-Maverick
Code:015 Ichigo - Darling in the FranXX by Reivash

Mature Content

Kyrie sexy clothes by alcatras45
Rune of evil by red-fox-child
Viva la Vida (Contest entry) by Fractalico
Retrato ilustrado by Pravusdie
Plantae dabit vitam by Renata-s-art
Spellbound by shazzz999
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Faerie's Greeting by Auriant
Pretty face by ailaghast
Rooftop 2 by SOEURISE
Four Couples At Camp by gretzelboy89
Traditional Painting and Drawing
Minimal 2 : Contrast by JakubQaazAdamski

Mature Content

Aqua Mermaid by VoiceInForestShadow
Lunar Lux by naanbreadd
Johnny Cool movie by stevie-wydder
Crafts and Sculpture
Leather purse cheeta cat by ChibiPyro
Wooden Box Moon Cat by ChibiPyro
Shaman King: Matamune Sculpture Bookend Part 1 by ArianeTatsu
Chebika's figure (version #1) by Lanasu57
Danish Female Student by krist85
Ida - 17 Years Old by krist85
Steampunk Disney Cosplay by Zapphyre
Photo 1019 by Darkyscorpion7
Literature 2
Cartoons and Comics
Wedding Guest card for Our friends and Their Cat by Catifornia
The Right Kind of Doctor by Pony4Koma
Special 1 :   Birdbrain becomes a Mommy by UchihaSama224
Schattenreich Chapter 1 Page 8 by UchihaSama224
Manga and Anime 2
|CM| pippi's Summer time! by GigaMessy
Annie by Mneme5is
Summer Peridot by kyuze-angel
Pixel and Customization
Baris Luvs by Kleoite
chibi page dolls by popoxide
100 Space Backgrounds by GraphicAssets
Mature Art

Mature Content

Back in Town by Vagrant3D
Traditional Art
Michael Jackson (graphite) by mchurchill1982
Traditional Art 2
Hunting Down Her Key Item by AkaiMeganeKiki
Traditional Art 3
By Any Other Name by MiGpilot25
Traditional Painting and Drawing FULL

Mature Content

Concern and Healing by VoiceInForestShadow
Digital 3
C: Tythius by AnaLuizaCG
Digital 2
Fun House : Fries? by Monseo
Ditigal 1
A girl working part-time at a cafe by cerulea83
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pattern Beige 2 by cottonflake
Photography Full
nature's beauty by GeorgeXVII
Best Literature
The Laws of Flesh Tribute by BrandonHill
Best Fanart - Closed
Shadow by sarahlouiseghost
Best Manga and Anime
Rare Ones by DetachmentStudio

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2OT -ChROse - IRAY 012 by 2OT
City of Judgement by VladOgorodnyk

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