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I'M BACK !!!(sorta)


:squee:I do traditional mixed media commissions(Payment via PayPal only).Some samples are here for you to check out :squee:

A general scheme is as follows :nod:

1) Single Original Character Lineart - $5
2)OC with a secondary character Lineart - $7
3)Single OC Colored artwork - $10
4) OC with a secondary character Colored artwork - $20
5)OC Ref sheet - Lineart - $10
6)OC Ref sheet - Colored - $20

7)For multiples characters in same artwork - PM for details

8)For background - PM for details.
:bulletgreen:THINGS I WILL DO:

1) Fantasy Characters and Creatures/ Monsters 
2) Semi realistic illustrations
3) Chibis
4)Concept Artwork

:bulletred:THINGS I WON'T DO :



:happybounce: EXAMPLES :happybounce: 

user uploaded image user uploaded image user uploaded image user uploaded image user uploaded image user uploaded image
 user uploaded image user uploaded image  user uploaded image user uploaded image user uploaded image user uploaded image user uploaded image
user uploaded imageuser uploaded imageuser uploaded image


In the past two to three years I've been more active on Instagram and Amino with regards to my artwork. Both of these platforms have their own problems with art getting recognition and other stuff but the process of uploading art is simpler than that of DA. People have arrived on a consensus that DA is dying but I kinda refuse to accept that xD, even though I myself haven't been particularly active here, because DA was and still is an essential element to my growth as an artist.I'm in Uni now and adulting sucks. But it feels good to look back once in a while on what artwork I created as a growing artist and as a person. 

I still don't think that I'll be consistently uploading much here (besides commissions) when it comes to journals, tutorials or even artwork...But I hope to do so someday.

Keep being awesome ya all!

Genius Loci: The Discordant Cities by Ranarh

Collection based on the Open Feature - Nature


Thank you everyone for participating!

The Colours In The Grass 0764.2 by DPasschier
. . . by Alexey-Argentum
Eisherz by Xenaris A dream by sulgao Hyazinthara by Erdbeerstern
Never Let Me Go by Yuukon
Blue Tit by PaulaDarwinkel
Ce qui fut n'est plus by Onodrim-Photography
sweet by lovemyscars
Peace by butterscotchbobSunset Arch by ScottaHemiPerfect Clear Pink Sunset by HaveFaithHopeLoveArt
desert by YoBarte
YCH Commish: Three of Wands by Aminirus 
Oh deer by KanahaniARTLeaves by CinnamonDevil
Stock-photo-evening-niederhorn-258468037 by orestART
Children of the Seed by VitaliaDiSunflower Zentangle by SavageFrog
Waves after waves by GeorgeXVII
Tree beats stone by WolfDenOne -- Evolve -- by AshleyxBrooke
into the green... by tanares8
Caught in the Middle by Kitteh-Pawz
Field against the Sky by DevaPan
Red Mums 2 by JenX-Photo Fiery Forest by ReaperBunny The stone under the tree. by Myrrael
Breezy by JustinDeRosa
Rova Den by milkcupie
Winter Seashore by Pajunen
Perito Moreno 2 by Cansounofargentina
hello world by InsanityPants
Yellow by AnastasiaMorning
Leon Devenice , Original paintings for sale by leondevenice
Between light and shadow by Ellysiumn
Artwork By Robert Lukeman by SpectrumMakers
Salt River Twilight by PeterJCoskun
Sunset by Andorada

We should not take Nature for granted...

Warmth by Andorada

What do you plan to do

in order to protect it around you?

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Giantess Birthday Gift Tiny by AmyGiantess Giantess Birthday Gift Tiny :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 74 2 [WIP] [Status Update 06-2020] by MbTheGray [WIP] [Status Update 06-2020] :iconmbthegray:MbTheGray 51 2 Anime Giantess Vores Tiny Man by AmyGiantess Anime Giantess Vores Tiny Man :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 106 2 Giantess Alien Saves Tiny Human by AmyGiantess Giantess Alien Saves Tiny Human :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 185 3 Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 4 by AmyGiantess Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 4 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 155 3 Tsuyu from BNHA! by ChiranasDraws Tsuyu from BNHA! :iconchiranasdraws:ChiranasDraws 707 75 Dressing Up! #02 by MbTheGray Dressing Up! #02 :iconmbthegray:MbTheGray 81 13 Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 3 by AmyGiantess Giantess Elf Princess and Her Tiny Knight 3 :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 85 3 Giantess Knight by AmyGiantess Giantess Knight :iconamygiantess:AmyGiantess 76 3 Melissa Moonlight 'In the Shadows' by Dzikawa Melissa Moonlight 'In the Shadows' :icondzikawa:Dzikawa 364 16 Ganyu [FANART] by MbTheGray Ganyu [FANART] :iconmbthegray:MbTheGray 130 12 Pastel Sky's Pixel Art (reupload) (2018) (nf2u) by IrisBlue16 Pastel Sky's Pixel Art (reupload) (2018) (nf2u) :iconirisblue16:IrisBlue16 142 10 The haunting hour. Fear never knocks by Godzilla2137 The haunting hour. Fear never knocks :icongodzilla2137:Godzilla2137 3 12 my @tiredkatie DTIYS participation by galaxxieart my @tiredkatie DTIYS participation :icongalaxxieart:galaxxieart 77 0 Coloured @hanabushi_ sketch III by galaxxieart Coloured @hanabushi_ sketch III :icongalaxxieart:galaxxieart 85 1 Playing Chess with Fate by bonbonka Playing Chess with Fate :iconbonbonka:bonbonka 49 7
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Noisy fella (Works) by Ehsartem

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Group Update #69 : Your Feedback.Feedback regarding the new Submission Guidelines was mixed to negative.
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Q: Why was this new system implemented?
A: Because someone trashed the group, erased all the folders and made me have to redo everything.
Q: So, what is this new system, and why did you change it?
A: Our group was in crisis mode. We were dealing with too many submissions a day, and none were monitored. Most times, people would just unwatch the group and lose access to important updates about social events.
Something had to be done. This hack actually was a blessing in disguise.
It allowed the admins and I to design a new folder system that we thought would provide the best of both worlds: A place for expert premium artists to showcase their work amongst their peers AND a place where beginner artists could submit and be inspired.
Q: That's nice, but exactly WHAT is the system
Group Update #H1N1: Updated FAQ and Clarification.:icondeirdre-diuran: said: :iconsaysplz:"Could we get the Rules and FAQ updated with the recent submission details and changes, and a clearer rule on frequency of submissions (how many per folder per day/week/month per person)?
Much appreciated :)"
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This post is.
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Gallery Folders

Knifears - OC by Tudalia
Cthulhu Rising by Tudalia

Mature Content

It's O.K. by Tudalia
Thursty by Andorada
Admins' Requests
Blair by Triachi
At the LZ by Baron-Engel
The Invisible Sun by ChaosFissure
Batim,Fnaf and Cuphead in: the duck pond by fnafmangl
Digital 9
Gloom City by zarkdmacabre
Adopt auction #4 ~OPEN 3/3~ by SamPan3
[OPEN] Adopt Auction - Broccoli by Dyavlnchk
[OPEN] Adopt Auction - Tarantula by Dyavlnchk
Digital Painting and Drawing 6

Mature Content

Irellia by reportgg
That bloody fang... by StoneFortressDragon
[OPEN] Adopt Auction #19 by AlexandraAlV
Open Commission ! by Laiwa
Other Digital 6
Yaba by Hector-Monegro
DinoGamer Girl by Slashser
Study #28 by Fr1ezE
12.06 Sunset [Junicorn] by MsBeesa
Traditional Art 7

Mature Content

Ms. Vulpa 3 by MrRemoraman
Yellow Feelings by BreDemonal24
Dumb Boys by BreDemonal24
Dance by SreejaRenganath
Photography 5
Denise Dupont - (Danish Curling Player) by DDFAN10
Gift of green by Cothoga
Smile by cehavard90
Portrait Of Beauty by pcurto
crash.jpg by Zen0312
Neo's Question by TheGodofCities1967
Riker gets burned down by TheGodofCities1967
Elektra by 1chick1
Literature 2
TCarnos/Adopt/Auction10/OPEN by MrSneakers
Katsuzavr/Adopt/Auction7/OPEN by MrSneakers
Harry Potter Modern!AU| Devil's Triangle Part 3.2Jazz music blasted from the radio, beating a steady rhythm through the car. Hermione tapped her fingers on the steering wheel in time with the music as she drove back home. The upbeat tune worked magic in relieving her stress and exhaustion of the day. Reliving the memories of the day, Hermione sighed when she thought about her class. She had been a ball of anxiety walking into the classroom, wondering whether the kids would be difficult to handle. It turned out better than expected, thank goodness.Though they were teens and supposed to be in their rebellious phase, she had been pleasantly surprised to see a number of them who were eager to learn. Of course there were the more trying ones - rowdy jokers, distracted chatterboxers. And then there was this girl, Valerie.Hermione’s lips drew into a thin line as she recalled the young teen whose natural expression resembled a brooding and nasty… bitch, for the lack of a better word. From the start of the class, Valerie had been hostile towards her. Several times within the course of her teaching, the young girl had snickered or thrown odd questions her way. If not for her self-restraint, Hermione probably would have snapped at the girl. But it wasn’t just Valerie’s lack of respect for authority that rubbed her the wrong way. Hermione shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she bit her lips. When she looked at Valerie, she felt like she was looking at a younger version of herself. The way Valerie expressed herself was different from Hermione but it took a rebellious spirit to recognize another one. Valerie had the same afflictions - a craving for attention, strong self-preservation instinct, and a lack of trust.The uncanny resemblance made her chest seize up and Hermione had to remind herself to breathe. Better not to dwell on that girl.She shook her head and refocused her mind. Another name drifted into her consciousness. Tom.Her grip on the steering wheel tightened. When she had seen his surname on the roster, her throat dried up and her heart seemed to plummet to the floor. Filled with a mixture of dread and anticipation, she had looked up from the attendance sheet to see a lanky boy timidly raising his hand. He didn’t look much like his father, but the haunted look in his eyes and the soft features of his face was so reminiscent of him. Old, buried feelings bubbled up in her and she had to stop herself from calling out to him. During class, she tried not to stare at the boy but her gaze inadvertently traveled to where he sat. She had managed to keep herself together and not dwell on the past but now, outside the confines of school, Hermione allowed herself to be pulled back into her memories. As she meandered down the empty road, the dull countryside scenery melted into images of her teenage years. Images of a young Hermione laughing along with her best friend, Lynn, and a rugged, bad-boy version of Tom. A wistful smile spread across her face. Those times were blissful and carefree, without the burden of adulthood, its responsibilities and crimes. After she had left for a better future, she had not contacted Lynn and Draco, and those joyful days had melted into nothing but a memory. Seeing their child in her class brought forth a longing that she never realized existed in her. A longing to reconnect with her once good friends. Maybe it was time to give them a call now that she was back in town.Hermione reached for her phone, her eyes flitting away from the windscreen. A sharp honk blared and her head snapped up just in time to see her car drifting away from the lane and into the path of an incoming police car-
Semich/Adopt/Auction5/OPEN by MrSneakers
Fan Art 6
just hold on to me, I'll hold on to you by MarshmallowBreeze
Quentin Tarantino's STAR TREK by TheGodofCities1967
Racist Droids by TheGodofCities1967
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-FanArt-04 by VladislavPantic
Artisan Crafts 2
YCH auction [OPEN] by omenchii
Crafts and Sculpture
Christmas Balls Selling by Atanata
Cartoons and Comics 2
E.S.A.A Emotional Support and Assistance Android by Mattmankoga
Manga and Anime 3
10$ Paypal Auction (open) by AlbinosDoll
Adoptables 3
[Open] Ych [SetPrice] by VET0CH
Pixel and Customization
Selectyoucharacter Guz by Rakun001
Mizore Ito (Misery-chan) - Corridor by SketchMeNot-Art
Where are we going today? by Sergiba

Mature Content

[NSFW] Laying down after a hunt :3 by NaaN-AnA
Traditional Art 1
Michael Jackson (graphite) by mchurchill1982
Traditional Art 2
Inktober 8/31 by ChristineDim
Traditional Art 3
Hibiscus by CultivatingHonesty
Traditional Art 4

Mature Content

Concern and Healing by VoiceInForestShadow
Traditional Art 5

Mature Content

Yvannah - If it isn't nailed down... - Shabazik by Naughty-b-Nature
Traditional Art 6
Lapices De Colores by oscarb1
Ditigal 1
A girl working part-time at a cafe by Cerulea-blue
Digital 2
Fun House : Fries? by Monseo
Digital 3
C: Tythius by AnaLuizaCG
Digital 4
Captain John Cross Portrait (Updated) by ArtbyMipps
Digital 5
+ GENJI + by KamiwaiZu
Digital 6
YCH Commission #41. by ArtwithKA
Digital 7
Chasing The Sun by SkookyEchoes
Digital 8
Nathaniel and Adiel (OC warimonn) by WhiteNick
Best Literature
Best Manga and Anime
Manga and Anime 2
Djinn [COMMISSION] by Arilynluna
Best Fanart - Closed
Shadow by sarahlouiseghost
Mature Art

Mature Content

Moment by DerBuettner
Mature Art 2
Midnight - Boku no Hero by Gusdibujandonsfw
Adoptables FULL
Snowflake Horned Anthros (OPEN) by RumCandyAdopt
Adoptables 2 FULL
[Close] [Auction] Adoptable outfit 41 by Bipupi
Fan Art 1
The Neverending Battle by dhbraley
Fan Art 2
Witches Abroad by DmitriyVS
Fan Art 3
fumettino #01 - Magician Ayame by DrClosure
Fan Art 4
Lenalee Lee - Beijing Guoan Football Club by Yuri-SPFC
Fan Art 5
30 Days Of Sonic - Day 8 (Micro) by Lady-Hanno-Art
Photography 1
nature's beauty by GeorgeXVII
Photography 2
Bridge in Nature by matcheslv
Photography 3
The Old With The New by QuirkyPhotoz
Photography 4
foggy tiles by agevla77
Digital Painting and Drawing FULL
l1 by liloooi
Digital Painting and Drawing 2 FULL
Commission: Mirai by Eriaricheria
Digital Painting and Drawing 3 FULL
Caterpie Gijinka by Nirvna-chan
Digital Painting and Drawing 4 FULL
Couldn't Have Asked for a Better Son by DragonitaVioleta
Digital Painting and Drawing 5 FULL
#137 Just a dance [JackxElla] [CanonxOc] by Bowein
Artisan Crafts
Nathaniel and Adiel 2 (OC warimonn) by WhiteNick
Cartoons and Comics
A burlesque dancer walks into a dungeon... by Grendelkin