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TG TF: a Happy hare or rabbit experiment,It had been a long time since I thought about where to go with my device or the website. It was a long time since I had turned into Samantha Sharp. Paul had joined me and become Luna Loud. Eventually I thought about taking my own rubbish to the lab where the device I first used to get to the world of the Catillac Cats got reprogramed and duplicated. I knew that it might go to the dump where I found the device in the first place anyway. So I thought that I'd give that waste a shorter trip.When I got to the lab with my rubbish the scientists greeted me. "Hello Sam" one of them said. "Would you like to know what experiment we did on Ryan?" "What did you do?" I asked. "We made a machine that could change anyone into the physical form of anyone" said another scientist. "Even cartoon characters or computer game characters. We could even change anyone into alternate versions of themselves or alternate versions of anyone else. We found out that they can change back to normal in a certain amount of time without even going back into the machine. We tested it on Ryan by seeing if he could be Flurry Heart from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for 20 minutes. And it worked." I had a think about if they should do a test on me. I also thought about who to change into. "Have you tested to see if anyone could be changed permanently if they didn't use the machine again?" I asked. "No" answered a scientist." "Would you like to test it out and see if I can be Happy from Tabaluga?" I asked. "Sure! Why not?" answered the same scientist. "Step into this machine." He pointed out the machine and I stepped in. Then the scientists pushed some buttons, the machine closed, and got to work.It seemed like lightning started to change me. First my feet shrank and ended up being 3 toed. They became more paw like and padded underneath and grew white fur. My socks disappeared and my shoes shrank to fit my new feet and turned hot pink. As the fur grew up my legs as they thinned out and lost muscle. As the fur got to my waist my pennies and tests shrank inside of me and a tight vagina replaced them. Then my pants turned lacy. I got shorter as the fur grew from my waist to my shoulders. My shoulders cracked inwards and my arms thinned out as they grew fur and got shorter. As my hands shrank and became dainty they grew fur and went from 4 fingers and a thumb to 3 fingers and a thumb. My clothes turned into a pink dress with yellow buttons that appeared to hold the shoulder straps to the front. My neck thinned out as it grew fur and my Adam's Apple disappeared. I felt a bit more fur on the sides of my face and my head became rounder and my chin less pointy. I lost my canine teeth, went down to 12 molars, and the only incisors I had left were my four front teeth. I could tell from the aching of my front teeth that they were becoming sharper. My nose shrank and became black, my eyes went from Hazel to black, and my eyebrows thinned and went from brown to black. I got an itchy sensation on my ears, and the next thing I knew, they became very long and a bit floppy and fur grew on their outsides and their insides turned pink and they moved to the very top of my head. Finally the hair on my head changed the same colour as my fur and got more tuft like.Then the machine opened and I stepped out looking just like Happy. "Wow! You look cute!" said the scientists. So I went to look at my reflection. "So I do!" I said in a voice like Happy's. "And now to change you back to normal" said a scientist. "Not yet" I said. "First I'd like to go to the dump to get some fuel for you to burn and make the power for the machine." The scientists thought about it. Then they remembered when Ryan left the lab in Flurry Heart's form. He got back safely. They told me about it. "So I guess it would be ok for you to go to the dump in that form" one scientist said.So off I went. First I went home to get a trolley. Then I took it to the dump, loaded it with flammable rubbish, and then went back to the lab with it. I hoped that plenty would see me and think to do something about the Tabaluga and Leo Christmas Special movie.When I was back at the lab the scientists got the rubbish into the incinerator so that their generator was kept working. When they were ready I stepped back into the machine, the scientists pushed some buttons, the machine closed, and changed me back to normal. After I got out the scientists made some consideration. "Well it seems that the only thing we'd have to worry about if we use the settings for a permanent change is that the machine breaks" said one scientist. "You were great to be used as a lab rat" said another. "I'm glad I could help" I said. "Are you going home now?" asked a scientist. "Yes I am, goodbye" I said. "Goodbye Sam" said the scientists. And I went off home.When I got home I put my experience of being Happy on a playlist with the Tabaluga Christmas movie. I hoped that would give me more chance of success.
TG TF: Glinda the Good Witch,Justin enjoyed his birthday party from when he got back from the world of Frozen when he was Anna. He had invited Al and got a duplicate of the device that I first used to get to the world of the Catillac Cats. Justin wondered where to go with it. He first tried the world of The Wizard of Oz. But he couldn't get into characters. On getting back to reality he went on to the internet and came across a Wizard of Oz website. One thing it did was ask "Who is your favourite character from the movie?" Justine typed Glinda into the answer button. Then a pink glow came out of his body.His feet shrank and his legs shortened, thinned out, and lost muscle and hair leaving him with sensitive skin. His socks disappeared and his shoes turned into a pair of high healed slippers. His hips widened and his pennies and tests shrank inside of him and a tight vagina replaced them. His backside got a bit bigger and his panties turned lacy. As his belly lost hair he seemed to lose some fat and his stomach thinned into a sexy core so he had an hourglass figure. He got shorter again and grew 2 breasts and his nipples grew longer and harder. His shoulders cracked inwards and his arms shortened and thinned out as they lost hair. His hands shrank and became very feminine. His clothes turned into a floor-length coral pink ball gown with like wings at the back and he won a bra. A long magic wand with a glittering star on the tip ended up in his right hand. His neck shortened and thinned out as he lost facial hair and his Adam's Apple disappeared. His face softened drastically and his lips puffed out a bit and became more feminine. His nose shrank becoming cute and dainty. His eyes went from brown to sky-blue and his lashes grew to. The hair on his head went from dark brown to rich reddish-gold, grew down to his shoulders, and fell in "flowing ringlets" over them. Finally he won a crown to match his dress.Then he was in a pink bubble that took him away. Soon he ended up in Munchkinland. He saw Dorothy Gale. This was the first time they met. He heard her say. "Now I ... I know we're not in Kansas." Justin thought carefully about what Glinda said. He decided to alter her lines. "Are you a witch?" asked Justin as he approached Dorothy. "Who me?" she asked . "No. I'm Dorothy Gale from Kansas." Justin looked at Toto. "Who is that?" asked Justin. "That's Toto my dog" answered Dorothy. "Well I guess I got muddled" said Justin. "The Munchkins called me because they said a new witch has just dropped a house on the Wicked Witch of the East. And there's the house." Justin pointed the wand at Dorothy's house. "And here you are" he added. "And that's all that's left of the Wicked Witch of the East." He pointed out the feet sticking out from under the house. "And so the Munchkins asked are you a good witch or a bad witch. You not being a witch at all doesn't mean we can't ask are you good or bad." "Well I'm good" said Dorothy. "Besides witches are old and ugly." Then they heard some giggling. "What was that?" she asked. "The Munchkins" said Justin. "They're laughing because I am a witch. I'm Glinda the Witch of the North." "You are?" said Dorothy. "Ooo I beg your pardon, but, I've never heard of a beautiful witch before." "Only bad witches are ugly" said Justin. "The Munchkins are happy because you have freed them from the Wicked witch of the East." "Ooo but if you please what are Munchkins?" asked Dorothy. "The little people who live in this land" answered Justin. "It's Munchkinland and you are their national Heroine my dear. It's all right! You may call come out and thank her." Justin started singing the song about the wicked witch being dead and the Munchkins came out.After all the singing there was a puff of red smoke and the Wicked witch of the West emerged and the Munchkins got down. She went over to the house and saw the feet. "I thought you said she was dead" said Dorothy. "That was her sister the Wicked with of the East" said Justin. "This is the Wicked witch of the West, and she's worse than the other one was." The Wicked witch turned around. "Who killed my sister?" she asked. "Who killed the witch of the East? Was it you?" The witch looked at Dorothy. "No" she answered. "No it was an accident. I didn't mean to kill anybody." "Well my little pretty, I can cause accidents too" said the witch. "Aren't you forgetting the ruby slippers?" asked Justin. "The slippers? Yes" said the witch. "The slippers." She went to get the slippers and Justin cast a spell and put them on Dorothy. The feet disappeared under the house. "They're gone" said the witch. "The ruby slippers. What have you done with them? Give them back to me or I'll..." "It's too late" said Justin. He put his wand down at Dorothy's feet. "There they are and there they'll stay" he said. Dorothy looked down in shock. "Give me back my slippers" said the witch. "I'm the only one that knows how to use them. They're no use to you. Give them back to me. Give them back." Justin got close to Dorothy's ear. "Keep tight inside of them" he said. "Their magic is very powerful. Or she wouldn't want them so badly." "You stay out of this Glinda, or I'll fix you as well" said the witch. Justin laughed. "Oh rubbish" he said. "You have no power here. Be gone. Before somebody drops a house on you too." The witch looked up to see if a house was coming down. "Very well" she said. "I'll bide my time." She looked sternly at Dorothy. "And as for you my fine lady" said the witch. "It's true I can't attend you here and now as I'd like. But just try to stay out of my way! Just try! I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too." She cackled and disappeared in a puff of red smoke with some fire to follow in a mushroom shape. "It's alright, you can get up, she's gone" said Justin. He let the Munchkins get up."I'm afraid you've made a rather bad enemy of the Wicked witch of the West" said Justin. "The sooner you get out of Oz altogether the safer you'll sleep my dear." "I'd give anything to get out of Oz altogether" said Dorothy. "But which is the way back to Kansas? I can't go the way I came." "No that's true" said Justin. "The only who might know would be the great and wonderful Wizard of Oz himself." "Wizard of Oz?" asked Dorothy. "Is he good or is he wicked?" "Very good but very mysterious" said Justin. "He lives in the Emerald City and that's a long journey from here. I guess you have no way of flying so you'll have to walk. The Munchkins will see you safely to the boarder of Munchkinland. And remember never let those ruby slippers off your feet for a moment. Or you'll be at the mercy of the Wicked witch of the West." He had taken Dorothy so far and he kissed her on the forehead. "But how do I start for Emerald city?" she asked. "It's always best to start at the begining" said Justin. "And all you do is follow the yellow brick road." He saw her walk through the Munchkins. She found the road. "But what happens if I?" she began. "Just follow the yellow brick road" said Justin. And he turned himself into a pink bubble and flew away. He went to where Glinda lived. Although he altered some of her lines he was doing well as her.
TG TF: Princess Elena,Al liked going to Justin's birthday party. Al's present to Justin was a duplicate of the device that I first used to get to the world of the Catillac Cats. Al wondered if he could change into characters without using the site he first used to change into Peg Pete or a duplicate of my device.Soon Al was back in Disney world. Eventually he found something about Elena of Avalor. He thought about turning into her. Could he do it in a new way? Eventually he found out that there was like a machine that would ask what anyone would do if they were one of the characters of Elena of Avalor. So he went up to it and looked at the screen with a list of characters. He selected Elena and inserted the payment. Soon bright lights shone on him. His feet shrank and lost hair and his shoes changed into brown high-heeled shoes with flowery patterns and socks disapeared. His skin was turning olive coloured. His legs shortened, thinned out, and lost muscle and hair leaving him with sensitive skin. His hips widened and his pennies and tests shrank inside of him and a tight vagina replaced them and his backside grew bigger and his underwear turned lacey. As his belly lost hair he lost some fat and his stomach thinned into a sexy core so he had an hourglass figure. He got shorter again and grew 2 breasts and his nipples grew longer and harder. His shoulders cracked inwards and his arms shortened as they lost hair. His hands shrank and became very feminine. His clothes turned into a long red sleeveless over-skirt dress stylized with matching coral gauze ruffle/flounces around the elastic neckline and on the side and bottom with an attached ivory-colored underskirt. Around his waist he won a golden belt held in place with a golden buckle. He also won a braided beaded bracelet on his left wrist His neck thinned out as he lost facial hair and his Adam's Apple disappeared. His lips puffed out a bit, turned ruby red and became more feminine and his nose shrank and became cute and dainty. His eyes went from blue to amber-brown and his his lashes got longer. His ears got pierced and he won some golden engraved hoop earrings. His eyebrows went from red to dark brown and the hair on his head changed colour with his eyebrows, grew down to his waist, and restyled itself into sort of a ponytail. A flower hair comb clip was placed on the right side of his hair and finally he got the Scepter of Light.Al had been completely transformed into Elena. Now it felt like he was being sucked into the screen. He ended up in the kingdom of Avalor. Al decided to see what he could do in terms of ruling the kingdom.
Night in the Lust RingAttention: This fanfic is not part "Funny and Cute One Shots". Julia and Bry received an invitation from Asmodeus. They arrived at Ozzie's restaurant on the Lust Ring. However, the girls had no idea what awaited them there.Hell, Lust Ring...A dark blue sky filled with rain poured down on a city. There was not a single cloud in the sky. Thousands of stars shone in the sky like diamonds. Catchy sensual jazz music played in the city with dozens of neon lights and signs. All of the signs were with sexual themes. There were various shops and establishments everywhere. The streets were decorated with neon hearts. As Bry and Julia walked, the demons looked at them like a tasty morsel of meat."I don't like this Ring. Everyone here is staring at us, like we're prey or something like that. Why would Asmodeus invite us here out of all the other Rings of Hell?" Bry asked.Julia said "This was to be expected from the ruler of the Lust Ring. He sent us VIP tickets to skip the line at the Ozzie's restaurant. Don't worry, Bry. It only takes a few hours."Bry said feeling dirty "Just want to get this done ASAP. I want to head back to the hotel to rest. I also want to get the scent of Lust washed off me".Julia said "Stay close to me and try not to go too far."Bry said "Don't have to tell me twice. Don't think I'd be comfortable with these residents".Soon the girls approached the luxury building with a circus tent. Above the roof of the building was a pink neon sign "Asmodeus". The entrance to the building was in the shape of a heart with a lit up border and two red curtains elegantly draped overhead. Above the entrance there was a banner with a sign that read "Ozzie’s" in a bold white font. In front of the building there was a huge line of and demons, imps, incubi and succubi.Bry said "Must be a real hit with a like this long. Fortunately we don't have to wait in the back." Julia and Bry walked past the line to the entrance, where they were stopped by succubus. Succubus said "Hey! What do you two think you're going? The end of the line is back there."Julia said "Actually, we have VIP tickets from Asmodeus himself."She handed the succubus two VIP tickets with the symbol of Asmodeus.The succubus accepted the tickets and said "You two are damn lucky. I have no idea how, but you two must be in good standing with Asmodeus. Please, come in."The girls entered the inside. Blue and pink lighting filled the elegant space. It looked like an dinner theater restaurant with tables for the guests and a stage in front, showcasing the establishment's name in neon lights. The heart-shaped ornaments were everywhere. The walls had four glass pipes inside which burned a blue flame. Above the glass pipes were balconies overlooking the restaurant. The interior was lit by a large chandelier of dark blue floral drapes with blue flames at the ends. Blue cages with women demons floated under the ceiling. There were blue floral lanterns on the walls. In addition, there was a symbol of Asmodeus on the walls. Winged imps flew everywhere and delivered dishes to visitors.Bry said "Have to admit this place is a lot nicer than the other places in this Ring".Julia and Bry sat down at a free table for two. As they noted, the backs of the chairs were made in the shape of hearts. There was no one on the stage of the theater yet.Bry said "I heard Fizzaroli will be performing tonight. The real Fizzaroli".Julia said "We have time to watch his performance. I don't see Asmodeus yet."The winged imp girl put a couple of trays on their table. The first course was the seafood salad, which included shrimp, crabs, squid, octopus, mussels, scallops and fried fish meat. The second course was stromboli with cervelat and purple onions inside. Then, the winged imp girl put on the table cherry juice and hot chocolate without marshmallows.Bry said, a bit worried in her voice "While this does look good, I don't recall ordering before we got seated".The winged imp girl said "This is at the expense of the master Asmodeus. Don't be afraid, the food is not poisoned. If this were really the case, our restaurant would have already been closed.Also, the master asked to convey that he would arrive soon. In your spare time, you can enjoy the show and even go on stage to sing. Enjoy!" Then she flew away.Bry said "This Asmodeus really know how to take care of his VIP guests. I mean he even knows their preferred food item".Julia said "Anyway, it looks delicious."She took the stromboli and took a bite of the first piece."No arguments here" Bry said dining on her seafood salad.Ten minutes later...Food and drink was done away with.The lanterns on the walls lit up green. Platforms with dancing women demons around the poles landed on the floor. After that, electric discharges ran through each platforms and turned from into a part of the stage. Then the women demons left the stage and headed away. From the hole in the ceiling, Fizzaroli descended the pole straight onto the stage. In appearance, he was very similar to RoboFizz. However, the differences were noticeable. His eyes have lime-colored sclera and pink irises. He had a white face with a red tip on his mouth. He had a black tail with red stripes. There was a triangular tip at the end of the tail. Fizzaroli wears a bright red and blue jester cap with bells, a white ruffle and a black collar with bells located below it. The front side of his outfit was bright red with yellow trim at the bottom with yellow hearts, while the back is bright blue with white trim at the bottom and black hearts. He wears white and purple striped pants and white-striped purple sleeves with pink cuffs and yellow trim edging, and yellow balls on his shoulders with pink hearts. He also wears black, heeled shoes with white hearts on the front and black gloves with yellow cuffs. After greeting the guests, Fizz began to sing "Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment".Bry said "He looks just like his robot selves. Have to admit he sings well too".Julia agreed "Yeah. If he changes into a suit and hides his tail, hardly anyone will notice the difference between him and his robots. He even has cybernetic arms and legs."Fizz continued to sing, dancing gracefully on stage. Sometimes he circled around the pole. A minute later, the song ended and all the guests began to applaud."Thank you all for coming. And I want to extend a special thanks to the VIP of Asmodeus themselves. So why not come up here and sing a tune for us?" Fizz said to Julia.Julia got up from the table and walked towards the stage. Fizz helped her up onto the stage and climbed onto the balcony using his long arms. Julia went to the microphone and began to sing "SIAMES feat Patricia Pacheco - The Wolf". She sang very confidently. Her beautiful voice was heard throughout the restaurant. The lanterns began glowed blue, while the LEDs turned purple. The girl did not notice the appearance of blue smoke behind her. The song was interrupted in the middle. A large dark demon appeared behind Julia. He had a blue glowing pupilless eyes, mouth and two animal muzzles on the sides of his head."Beautiful, but your song lacks lust. How about you and I do a duet to bring passion to the audience?" Asmodeus asked.Julia chuckled "With pleasure!"Bry said to herself "Something tells me he's not giving you a choice".Fizz announced "Ladies and gentlemen please welcome your demon host, Asmodeus, the embodiment of lu-u-u-u-u-ust!" He sang the last word, theatrically pointing to the stage.The smoke cleared and Julia was able to make out in detail the Ruler of Lust. Asmodeus had green eyes and a mouth with sharp teeth. His head was dark blue and has long feathers running to his chest. Also on the sides of his mane of thick cyan hair were two faces: a bull on the left and a ram on the right. Asmodeus has long arms and digitigrade legs, a broad upper chest and narrow waist, and three rooster-like tail feathers; red, black and white. He wears a navy-blue vest and a red undershirt with blue sleeves that have red heart-shaped cufflinks. It features two sets of white glowing stripes down the chest, and a red heart clasp on the abdomen. On his main head was a top-hat with red and white head feathers sticking out from its ribbon. On his legs are jagged high-heel shoes that have red-colored tips. Julia unconsciously took a step back as his shadow loomed over her.AsmodeusGive me a thrustYou show me some lustFrom the groin to the bust, in desire we trust, in the House of AsmodeusThe Ruler of Lust spun around before he lay down on the floor in front of Julia. She was surprised to see that his additional heads could sing in unison with Asmodeus.AsmodeusLittle demon, you came here to sing your serenadePerform your feelings on a velvety stageHe rolled over onto his back and raised his left hand to the top. Then he lifted his left leg and bent it in a seductive manner. Asmodeus rolled over again and got down on all fours like a predator. Julia took the initiative and started singing about her passion.JuliaMy life is boundless passion Whatever I do, I can't get rid of itI run away but it finds me again and againThe flame burns in my heart and devours me aliveThe Internet Demon flew into the air and sat on the edge of an empty cage. On the last line of the song, Julia spewed out a stream of dark blue fire. Fizzarolli wearing neon pink glasses, held a pitchfork with the dark blue flame on top. He blew out the fire and greedily looked at a roasted marshmallow. The jester himself was sitting on another empty cage. Asmodeus reached out with his right hand and grabbed Julia, pressing her arms to her sides. The Ruler of Lust lowered her to the level of his face and continued the song.AsmodeusSo give me a thrustShow me some lustAsmodeus pressed Julia to his face and gently ran his finger of his free hand over her chin. Before Asmodeus let go of Julia, he pressed her to his chest so that she could hear his heart. Julia landed on her ass and looked at Asmodeus. He lifted his left foot and ran the tip of his boot over Julia's chin, making her blush slightly. Then he began to dance around the pole.AsmodeusFrom the groin to the bust, little demon, you just mustIn the House of AsmodeusCome on, sing us a so-o-o-o-ong!Julia jumped onto the pole from the opposite side of Asmodeus. Climbing higher, Julia wrapped her legs around the pole and hung upside down, seductively spreading her wings.JuliaI've run away many times,But it's always by my side.In my head and my heart.It devours me from the inside.I'm obsessed with lustful desire!During this time, Bry watched Julia dance and sing on stage with Asmodeus. Bry said to herself "Great show but I can't help but feel that Julia's singing about being eaten. It's almost like he's bringing out this as lust".AsmodeusWhat a delicious thrust!Now that's the spirit of lu-u-u-ust!Asmodeus placed his hands on his chest while Julia created the contours of a heart from dark blue fire behind him. While Julia and Asmodeus sang in unison, they walked across the stage and wagged their tails seductively. Then they turned to the audience and threw their hands up. They sang, "In the House of Asmodeus!" and held last note for a ten seconds before light blue fireworks started to explode around them. The audience began to applaud them.Asmodeus' room...Asmodeus, Fizarolli, Julia and Bry entered the luxurious room with blue floral lanterns. The walls were covered with wallpaper with the same ornament of hearts as in the restaurant. In three meters away, opposite the fireplace, was a soft couch and two armchairs on either side. Blue fire danced in the fireplace. The company stopped in the center of the room.Bry said "This is certainly different. Usually when we meet high level demons we end up fighting them, not being invited to a luxury room".Julia said "I must admit this is a pleasant variety".Fizarolli said "What are you standing? Sit down ladies. Make yourself at home."Julia said "Actually, we won't be long. Master Asmodeus, I didn't want to ask you about anything in the presence of guests and ruin the evening. But now that we are alone, I wanted to ask you. For what reason did you invite me and Bry to your restaurant?"Bry added "I agree. No offense to you, but I don't wish to stay in Lust Ring for very long. The demons here are looking at us like prey or something like that. Making my scales stand on end. I actually feel safer in Pride Ring"."Please, call me Asmodeus. As for the reason, I've heard of some sinners that could cross the Rings of Hell and wanted to see them for myself. Judging by your scents you two are unusual demons, ladies. You're not hell-born demons, yet you can cross the Rings. Tell me, ladies, what are you?" Asmodeus asked.Fizz added "Not to mention that you two never used elevator 666. Strange that there's no information about you two neither. It's as if you never existed here in Hell".Bry said "Congratulations Julia, seems all Hell will learn of us in no time. Vaggie told us sinners can't cross the Rings. She told us disguises are need, but noooo you thought we didn't need it".This statement pissed off Julia. She turned to Bry, forgetting about Asmodeus and Fizz.Julia said sarcastically "Excuse me! Didn't you want to visit other Rings of Hell? I don't understand why sinners should be locked in the Pride Ring, like in a cage. I built my own elevator for our friends from the Hazbin Hotel to give them a new experience. I gave them the opportunity to be free. What kind of claims can there be for me?"Bry said "I won't deny that I want to see the other Rings, but unlike you, I wanted to avoid problems. You only care about your own amusement rather than the consequences of them".Julia angrily declared "Of course! Better to be narrow-minded and follow stupid rules than being free! It seems to me that you are in vain raising the panic! I doubt the other demons will believe that I am a half-demon, which can open a portal between worlds!"Bry said facepalming "Did you just reveal yourself in front of Asmodeus and Fizz?".It was only now that Julia realized what she had said. Julia breathed out "Damn it."Fizz said "Thought you two were strange but from another world, that's something I didn't see coming. Now I see; since that's the case the rules of our world don't apply two you two".The half-demon's heart thumped with concern. Julia turned her gaze to Asmodeus.Asmodeus said "Judging by your song, I'd say you didn't have much love in your childhood. Your desire to be eaten is just your way of feeling safe and secure. Your lust of it will never be satisfied".Julia lowered her head, trying to hide her embarrassment. She gripped her right forearm with her left hand. The half-demon felt ashamed for sang on stage about her obsession. Bry gently touched Julia's right hand. The Internet Demon shuddered and looked at Bry."I knew you suffered but I never thought it was this bad for you. This is why you like to have new sensations. I'm ashamed for lecturing you about being careful" Bry said, tears forming in her eyes. The Internet Demon reached out and wiped away Bry's tears.Julia said "I'm fine, Bry. I need time to deal with this." The half-demon turned to Asmodeus and bowed to him. Then she said "Please, accept my apologies for the outburst. I am grateful to you for an unusual evening. I never thought that I would dance on stage with the Ruler of Lust. But now that you know the truth, we would like to return home. Come on, Bry..."The girls turned and headed for the door. As Julia was about to grab the doorknob, a blue Asmodeus symbol flashed on the surface of the door, blocking the exit. Bry felt Fizz's arms wrapped around her, pulling her towards him. Then he drew them back, causing her to spin around. After Bry finished she felt dizzy and fell onto the couch. Fizz climbed onto the couch and crawled over to Bry. Asmodeus' right hand ensnared Julia, pressing her arms to her sides. He stopped in the middle of the room and lifted the girl to his face.Julia exclaimed "Asmodeus, what does that mean?"Asmodeus said "I didn't give you two permission to leave. We've never had demons from another world before. Besides, you two look good enough to eat".Bry regained consciousness from dizziness and saw Fizz in front of her. Turning her head to the left, Bry saw Julia jerking her legs in the air, trying to escape from Asmodeus's grip.Bry said "Should've known this was a trap. Why is it that every demon wants to eat us?".Julia said "Seriously? Is that all you care about? This is not the worst thing that can happen to you. But you know, I'm always scared of being eaten by new demon."Asmodeus began to scratch Julia's chin with his finger, making her blush. To her horror, the Internet Demon felt herself getting excitation. The girl's breathing became intermittent. Her tail began to twitch nervously from side to side. Julia hoped Asmodeus would not notice her arousal. In response, the Ruler of Lust only smirked and continued to scratch her chin.Asmodeus cooed "My, my, this already got you aroused? I'll gladly satisfy your desire, but first your heart needs to be filled with lust".Bry said "He must be controlling her desires. She's getting more lustful".Fizz said "He's done nothing to your friend. This is her desire alone. There's no shame in giving in to your desires. As for you, you look quite tasty".Fizz started to lick Bry's face, feeling the tongue going against the small scales of her face. Wrapping his arms around the water demon to keep her from struggling too much, Fizz then opened his mouth wide and shoved her head inside it. As Fizz started to swallow Bry, Julia tried to look away. Asmodeus however used his fingers to keep her vision on the action. He wanted her to get more excited as she saw her friend being eaten by Fizz so her heart will be more filled with lust. Fizz's belly began to expand as more of Bry was being spilled inside. Soon all was left was her feet and tail. Fizz took off the shoes and shoved her feet inside, using his tongue to tickle them. Feeling Bry wiggle about with laughter, her tail thrashed about outside his mouth. Fizz then slurped them up like a noodle and swallowed one last time. Sighing in relief, Fizz then laid on the couch, stroking his belly feeling Bry squirm about inside, his forked tongue hanging out on the side."Let.Me.Out.Of.Here. You creepy clown" Bry said pushing against the flesh Fizz's stomach.Fizz taunted "And loose a pleasurable treat like you? Don't think so. *pats belly* Seeing how your friend is getting so horny, we'll be continuing this pleasurable experience".Julia's arousal has reached its limit. A pleasant warmth spread over her body. Her fingers on her hands trembled finely. She was breathing intermittently, unable to hide her excitement. If Julia had pupils, everyone would see hearts in her eyes. All her thoughts faded into the background and disappeared into the blue smoke of lust. Asmodeus took off the shoes from Julia's feet, but she didn't even pay attention to it. The Ruler of Lust opened his mouth and licked Julia's neck with his long green tongue. A half-sigh, half-moan of pleasure escaped her throat. After tasting her, he removed his tongue and licked his lips.Asmodeus cooed "Such exquisite flavor. Your lust has made you sweet. Now then, just relax and enjoy the ride. You'll be the first half-demon I've ever eaten".Asmodeus then opened his mouth wide and shoved Julia's head inside, and began to savor her lust-filled flavor. Since she's the first half-demon he's ever tasted, Asmodeus wanted to get as much flavor from her as possible. As she entered his throat, Asmodeus purred as he used his fingers to trace the half-demon's path all the way down. With her body full of lust, Julia didn't even bother to resist the muscles inside as they guided her down. She moaned as Asmodeus massaged her tail before swallowing her down completely. Because of the size difference, Julia's body only made a slight bulge inside the Lust Demon's belly. Still dominated by lust, Julia lay down on the soft green floor and purred like a little dragon.Asmodeus cooed "My, my, such a delightful flavor. Judging by your purrs you're loving your new home. That's good since you'll be in there for quite a while. So for now, just sleep and dream your lustful dream". The Ruler of Lust sat down in an armchair, caressing his stomach in satisfaction.In Fizz's stomach, Bry heard everything and was shocked by what had happened."I can't believe she let this happen. If it was the Lord of Gluttony that's one thing, but the Lord of Lust" Bry said pushing against Fizz's stomach.Fizz taunted while patting his belly "You ain't getting out of there, but please continue if you want. I don't mind a free massage. Too bad you missed that hilarious scene with your friend *pats belly*. She was quite calm despite being swallowed by Asmodeus. This was just to remove all those limitations".Bry said "I know she wouldn't give up without a fight. So Asmodeus did something to her if she didn't fight back. And what do you mean by 'limitations'?" Fizz explained "All demons have natural limitations that prevent stupid actions and restrain their desires. It was your friend's desire to have Asmodeus devour her. So he removed that limitations so she can give in to her desires".Bry said in shock "Can't believe this. This is what Julia wanted when she sang on stage".Asmodeus added "You're correct, dearie. On stage she sang her desire, but I understood her hint. It only took one touch to remove her limits, but I still helped satisfy her lust".Bry said "Great, now she'll ask every demon to eat her. I liked it better when she was more restrained. Will she be like this forever?". The very thought of it made her heart race and feeling panicky.Julia said "My Sea Angel, stop panic already! Don't break the high! And yes, I wanted Asmodeus to swallow me. But what was I supposed to say?" Then she made a seductive voice and continued "Hi, Asmodeus, you are really cool and hot! Can you please eat me?".The jester burst out laughing, having heard Bry's nickname. Fizz teased "Sea Angel? What an adorable nickname. It suits you perfectly. Wouldn't mind eating again. I enjoy a bit of seafood now and then".Bry said embarrassed and angry "We agreed that you only call me that in front of our friends only. Demons here may take my nickname the wrong way. They might think that we're a couple, but we're more like sisters".Julia chuckled "I think you panic too much. You should be simpler about life. Maybe you should remove the limitations? What is wrong with giving in to your desires?"Bry answered "Because I don't want to regret my actions. That's why I try to keep myself under control. How long until your lust subsides and you're back to normal?"Julia said "Maybe later. It is as warm and cozy..." Then she started purring.She lovingly rubbed the soft walls and lay down on the floor, wagging her tail.Asmodeus assured "Don't worry little 'Sea Angel', she'll be back to normal once I release her. I just want to give her the chance to enjoy her desires".Fizz said patting his belly "After an exciting night, you two ladies deserve a good night sleep. After a hearty meal like this, I don't feel like going into my room. I'll just sleep here".Bry said "Don't know about Julia but I doubt I'd be returning to Lust Ring anytime soon. The only good thing about this is that Julia got to enjoy herself"."Oh, this won't be our last meeting. I'm sure we'll see each other again sooner or later. Looking forward to eating you again. You're just so cute and delicious" Fizz said patting his belly and licking his teeth and lips."Fuck you" Bry said before falling asleep."Oh, feisty. Quite a tongue for an 'angel'. But I don't mind a bit of spice with that sweetness. Wonder how you'll behave next time we meet" Fizz teased patting his belly.Julia closed her eyes and soon fell asleep listening to Asmodeus's heartbeat.Ten minutes later...Fizz fell asleep on the couch. Chuckling softly, Asmodeus brought a blanket and covered Fizz. Then, he silently left the room and entered his bedroom. Asmodeus lay down on the huge bed and put his hand on his stomach, feeling inside the sleeping half-demon. Asmodeus cooed "This has been quite an interesting night. I must admit your lust is magnificent, little one. I wouldn't mind doing this again. But for now, enjoy your desire in there".
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