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Theme Tuesday No.18 - Waves

Tue Jul 17, 2018, 2:00 AM

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Hello, lovely people! So glad to have you stop by! Welcome to our weekly Themed feature at devfeatures and AllArtandStuff!

:icondevfeatures:             :iconallartandstuff:

The theme for this week is WAVES and we're starting out with some artworks from our members at AllArtandStuff
I hope you leave with at least a few new favourites and if you like this feature, fav it or share it to help spread the word and don't hesitate the let the artists know how much you like their work.

Storm by annewipf
DestinyBlue Redraw by Gem-D
Giant Wave by buianhtu3223
Point Pelee Waves by cirruscastle
Green Wave by cirruscastle
Green Wave by ClefairyKid Astral Girl by Lily-FuJoyride (Pt. 1) - Beach Bunny by Qalcove
[Speed Sketch] by ArchieF0X Sunset Beach by cirruscastle
Sunshine by BoxTailFluttering Ghost by ChaosFissure Polar day by JuliaNikitina
Under the Water by Leona-Norten Zodiac Wars Pisces by pearl-of-lightFractal Silver (Chain Pong 00 #461) by JakeukalaneUlmo Holds Back the Great Sea by KipRasmussen Girl in a white dress under the water by fly10Red Velvet II by Thesan13 Dancing on the Water by Lucastorquato27The Infinite Sea (Alternate Sketch) by AlanGutierrezArtThe lavender field by artualTurtle by NewburgartWave of Despair by AndyzhangLavander Waves by organicvisionA secret song by WindBirdsWaves by AlexGutkinSarcophallangus Quicksand Summer Recollection by Bibire
Currents by ranonusWaves by EvgenVHV African Sun by cicique  Unusual handmade pendant by Mantuli Two hooks by RedTweny   She is the Dark by KainMorgenmeer Music Of The Sea by DanStefan Your Voice is my Price by Adeline-MartinA Study in Scarlet by EL-LY


All our previous features can be found in our Ultimate feature list


The Theme for next week will be INTRICATE. Send your suggestions here or in the comments below preferably something undiscovered and recent and unconventional.
Huge thanks to the awesome people who submitted suggestions for this week: Malintra-Shadowmoon, UszatyArbuz.

Skin made by fantasy-alive
Background by dierat
Mini-thumbs snippet by SimplySilent
Hello everyone ! 
Welcome to my 88th Daily Deviation Highlights journal.
I'll share with you some awesome Daily Deviations of the last 10 days!
Hope you will enjoy the feature !

Star! Star! Star! Star! Star!

Mistic by Inthepoole 
Mistic by Inthepoole
 Suggested by AfricanObserver and Featured by JenFruzz
Bullet; GreenGiven 7.7.2018

The Mystic's Dream by kallielef 
The Mystic's Dream by kallielef
 Suggested by DanielaIvanova and Featured by TsaoShin
Bullet; GreenGiven 7.7.2018

Untitled by dasTOK 
Untitled by dasTOK
Suggested by Yuukon and Featured by TanyaSimoneSimpson
Bullet; GreenGiven 8.7.2018

Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang by agusgusart 
Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang by agusgusart
 Suggested by GeorgeXVII and Featured by Moonbeam13
Bullet; GreenGiven 8.7.2018

Commission 70 by Lulybot 
Commission 70 by Lulybot
Suggested by Catgirldstr11 and Featured by LenamoArt
Bullet; GreenGiven 9.7.2018

The Sun by MuseInBlack 
The Sun by MuseInBlack
 Suggested by Yuukon and Featured by TanyaSimoneSimpson
Bullet; GreenGiven 9.7.2018

Documentation of my medical fight by ClaraMcGuireArtistry 
Documentation of my medical fight by ClaraMcGuireArtistry
 Featured by TanyaSimoneSimpson
Bullet; GreenGiven 10.7.2018

Liebe zu Zeiten der Pest by Felicia-Lucienne 
Liebe zu Zeiten der Pest by Felicia-Lucienne
Featured by Mrs-Durden
Bullet; GreenGiven 10.7.2018

Artyom Korolyov 02 by forluvopete 
Artyom Korolyov 02 by forluvopete
Suggested by GeorgeXVII and Featured by DistortedSmile
Bullet; GreenGiven 11.7.2018

Aconitum napellus - Aconite, Monkshood Fine Silver by QuintessentialArts 
Aconitum napellus - Aconite, Monkshood Fine Silver by QuintessentialArts
 Suggested by GeorgeXVII and Featured by SinistrosePhosphate
Bullet; GreenGiven 11.7.2018

playful space by KPEKEP 
playful space by KPEKEP
Featured by C-91
Bullet; GreenGiven 12.7.2018

Lily flower hairpin by flintofwitch
Lily flower hairpin by flintofwitch
Featured by SinistrosePhosphate
Bullet; GreenGiven 12.7.2018

Night Watch by jlxp
Night Watch by jlxp
Suggested by KizukiTamura and Featured by JustACapharnaum
Bullet; GreenGiven 13.7.2018

Elimination by daRoz 
Elimination by daRoz
 Suggested by WhimsicalBlue and Featured by Moonbeam13
Bullet; GreenGiven 13.7.2018

Free Hugs by Bonekrishna 
Free Hugs by Bonekrishna
 Suggested by danlev and Featured by Moonbeam13
Bullet; GreenGiven 14.7.2018

Light a Fire Under Him! by Rockman0 
Light a Fire Under Him! by Rockman0
 Suggested by varelabro1 and Featured by TsaoShin
Bullet; GreenGiven 14.7.2018

Insectoid by AkdasFirst 
Insectoid by AkdasFirst
 Suggested by GeorgeXVII and Featured by Moonbeam13
Bullet; GreenGiven 15.7.2018

Md: Kateryna Zhuk by AlexKPhoto 
Md: Kateryna Zhuk by AlexKPhoto
 Suggested by GeorgeXVII and Featured by TanyaSimoneSimpson
Bullet; GreenGiven 15.7.2018

Genn Greymane by AlexHorley 
Genn Greymane by AlexHorley
Featured by PixlPhantasy
Bullet; GreenGiven 16.7.2018

Flourish by escume 
Flourish by escume
Suggested by psoty and Featured by lovelessdevotions
Bullet; GreenGiven 16.7.2018


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  GeorgeXVII ❤

Vibes 1

Thu Jul 12, 2018, 1:26 PM

The Elbe in Saxony, Stadt Wehlen by Berlin-Steglitz
Mom and Baby Mountain Goat by StevenDavisPhotoChief Mountain by MaciejKarczMountain blues by Trichardsen
Mountain crew by KristynaKvapilova
Mountain Sunrise by DominikaAniola
Autumn Mountain Lake by DeingeLmountain by elopan
Descent from Doe Mountain by papatheoSweet cote d'Azur - Ochre Vaucluse mountain Sweet by Rikitza
Wartburg by Caneyanasser Grund by Caneya0683 Beautiful mountain in summer by RealMantis
Morning Mountain by Veta-Fox
Saxon Switzerland III by AeterneNovusNatus
Mountain valley by miirex
Mountain Lake by Veta-Fox
Mountain peaks by MirachRavaia
Mountain Lake IV by MoonKey19
Colorado Rocky Mountain High by jonathanjessup
The Misty Mountain by m-eralpTwilight on mountain lake by Sergey-Ryzhkov
Crowfoot Mountain reflected 2 - Canada by wildplaces
Winter on the mountain..:) by Bjorn3009
Giewont Mountain by jeremi12Bastei by TobiasRoetsch
Mid May on Whitehorse Mountain by PNWDronetography
Morning Mountain by Veta-Fox
Snow mountains and mountain lake. by WallpaperEarth
Cold Morning In The Mountains III by Lumimyrskydawn
Shadows Reflections and Mountains by gigi50
Reni Tree Climber 2 by Footografoflower of the mountain... by Essential-Insanities
Leura Cascades, Blue Mountains, Australia by SteveCampbell
Smoky Mountains by ChlorineDream86
Over the mountains and the horizon by m-eralpSaxon Switzerland III by AeterneNovusNatusBig Thunder Mountain reflection by ZeFrenchM
The Mountains Are Calling by SvenMueller
Sulayman Mountain sunset 2 - Kyrgyzstan by wildplacesAffensteine by MartinAmm
Klufthoehle by Caneya
Where mountains meet the ocean by Sigfodr

Skin by Dan Leveille;
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