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Sizhui by jt-designs-123
ADOPT AUCTION [OPEN] #33 by honeyaruu
YCH comm: Jian89 by kiko-sempai
Cat Villagers by StroodleDoodles
CLOSED Steampunk Turtle Mad wanderer adopt by SnowmanAndOctopus
CLOSED  Physalis Dragon adopt SB 25 USD auction by SnowmanAndOctopus
+ Tea fantasy adoptables + (1/3 OPEN) by Aikorn
[Adoptable Auction] Chibi1-4 (close) by Rayxer001
Artisan Crafts
Yogi Bear by Artfrog75
Scorpion  e Sub-zero  / Mortal Kombat by Oscarliima
Michael Jackson / We Are The World by Oscarliima
Aline Nogueira 2021 by Oscarliima
Digital 2
[COMMISSION] Augio Alzuda by Mr-Toontastic
Rose Eyes by StroodleDoodles

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132. Waiting for a miracle (Version 3) by RayneTheQueen
tease by mogilenetc
Bad Hat Romance“Are you sure about this, darling?” the young Galar Champion asks.“Yes, I’m sure of it,” the young Alola Champion replies.“Don’t you think we should tell them first about this, so that we can all move on?”“Nah, we can tell ‘em later. For now, why don’t we enjoy this moment, champ?”“O-Okay, then… if you say so.”They both lean over, their foreheads touching each other. Their lips connect, sweetness and warmth enveloping them as they bask in the moment. They lock each other in an embrace as they kiss with passion.Unbeknownst to them, though…-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------From a distance, two figures happen to have witnessed it all, shock and confusion strewn all over their faces.It looks like the faces of jealousy and anger have taken over.“W-Why? Why, my love?” the Alolan trainer asks in sadness. “Why did you do this? Why him, of all people???”Meanwhile,A tantrum…Is…Coming…On…Now!“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! VICTOR, YA MUPPET! HOW DARE YE CHEAT ON ME WITH ELIO’S GIRLFRIEND! AH’LL MAKE YA REGRET IT, YE SASSENACH, SASSENACH, SASSENACH, SASSENACH, SASSENACH, SASSENACH, SASSENACH, SASSENACH!!!”A shock wave has been generated. Unfortunately, the guy beside her is not so lucky enough to get out of the way.“Oh, great Tapu Koko! I’ve been planted in the ground! Gloria, would you please face the other way the next time you’re throwing a fit like this?”
Photography 2
Play This Song by AquariusAnqel
Forget Me Not by AquariusAnqel
Cupid by AquariusAnqel
Generation 1 1970 Mustang Boss 302 by TaionaFan369
Requests #1 by Grimlai
CD: The Advocate and The Mediator by HaraaJubilee
HB: Love Will Keep Us Together by HaraaJubilee
Doubts by artsy-mii
Traditional 2
Happy Halloween by Madarami
Pharanormal by DragonPinkiePie
New baby by Madarami
Guerilla Gumball Watterson (Remake) by JayZeeTee16
Standing Poses Set06 by BerenyiArts
KneelingPoses Set07 by BerenyiArts
NETHERIEL // RPG // OC by nahuel-amaya
GIF YCH AUC [open] by WeirdSwirl

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Founder's gone! Here's some active groups.

Heads up to everyone, the founder has ghosted. Here's some active groups:

:iconandrophiliacs: - For all visual art featuring men and the male figure.

:iconzyaoi: - For Legend of Zelda slash and femslash.

:iconmanganime-central: - For medium to high quality anime/manga artwork.

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You can upload any art up here; stories, photos, digital, traditional, whatever you want!
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