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You In My Arms (Sad Story)Blaze and Cyber were best friends ever since they met. Blaze would always give much more attention to Cyber. Cyber would give all of the attention to Blaze. But everything once changed as they grew and tore apart.Blaze and Cyber met in kindergarten. When Cyber was getting bullied by other children. Blaze stands up for Cyber and increased his interest in Cyber. He shouts in fear and love. "Don't do that to her!" He says. The other children ran away to the playhouse where they always hide to plan revenge and seek evil plans against others. Blaze sighed and shakes Cyber's hand. "Hello, I'm Blaze. What's your name, My friend?". Cyber didn't really know what she can say so she just makes a silent voice. But she knows it's rude to not respond. So she sighs and spoke up. "I..I'm C-Cyber...T-Thanks...!". Blaze hugs Cyber and gives her an "I love you" hand sign. Cyber gets a little confused. "W-what does that mean...?". Cyber questioned. Still. Some people were looking at Cyber. Blaze responded. "You'll know once we grow up." Blaze smiles.15 years later. In High School. They were 19. Cyber got her English book with her. Walking too class. The teacher slammed her ruler on the table. "Cyber, Cyber, Cyber. Why are you always LATE?!". Cyber replied. "Teacher, Teacher, Teacher. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SHOUTING AT ME?!". Her voice was very terrible. Her music grew to creepy music. Blaze went in front of Cyber. "Hey, Cyber. We should skip class for now. The teacher is so nosy.". The teacher spits on the table with fierce decisions. "Excuse me?! Calling me NOSY when I'm NOT?!?" The teacher shouted. Blaze got extremely ferocious. Eyes turned extremely spitfired. Blaze grabbed Cyber by the hand. "Let's go, Cyber! This brat doesn't know about my extreme anger.".1 minute later. Cyber questioned Blaze. "W-why did you do that to the teacher...? She seems friendly...". Blaze slaps Cyber. "She's not, Cyber! She's just a tardy teacher! Why don't you stop defending her and get out of my sight?!". Cyber got hurt and cried. She ran away in tears facing Blaze's anger. Blaze got up and gasped in tears. "What have I done to my poor, poor, friend...? I'm so out of control in front of her...". Cyber's Mind:"What's wrong with Blaze...? Why is he so angry? What did I do wrong...? Just why?""We've been friends for 19 years. Yet, He's still so angry...?""People tell me that Blaze is just a tardy homo sapien. But he was nice at the start.""I should stay away from Blaze starting now. There's more to find on this impossible journey throughout the century. ""Maybe I have to research some ancient internet."Cyber went to the computer room. Thinking much of a life. She selected the 3rd computer, went incognito, and searched up 'My friend is so angry in the past. In the future. He's still so angry. Why?'. 1 result was found.The result read:Getting angry in the past and future can result in a condition called 'Deadly Destination'. The targeted person gets angry at somebody that they really hate.There's no way the condition can be cured. The only cure to remove the condition is salt. But the salt needs to be fed 3 times a day.Cyber pukes in shock. "Ew! I'm not feeding my friend salt! He hates salt! Why can't this site have other ways to cure Blaze?!"
A Bright Future for NRG ComicsHello loyal followers of NRG Comics™! This is CEO Alex Dawe.First of all, we’d like to send our hearts out to those also struggling to return to normal during the outbreak. Know that you are not alone as you have our support.During this time, me and my team have been hard at work figuring out the future of NRG Comics™ as we adjust to a changing world. And I have to tell you, we are excited about it! Sure, we’ve had to cancel a few cons and postpone our first Indiegogo, but that doesn't mean it’s canceled for good! We still intend to raise awareness for Zener: Master of the Mind’s Indiegogo during this time, introduce a lot more new readers to what we have to offer.Zener is not the only thing we’ve been working on. The NRG team has been hard at work simplifying our publishing plans in regards to introducing you to brand new heroes coming to the NRG Universe! In addition to continuing the adventures of Empress and bringing Zener along for the ride, We have already begun production on another new NRG Superhero- “Toonman: The Animated Ace”, a superhero who is an actually living cartoon character!!And through these three heroes, we plan to form our first superhero team and introduce a wide variety of potential new ongoing series through their adventures. It is honestly safe to say that the ideas we have invert and/or subvert the classic superhero archetypes many love, while still sticking true to what was so loveable about them in the first place.Big things are coming. It will be done at a slow and steady pace, but we promise you that we plan to do right by you the comic fans and give you stories and characters you’ll be dying to read! So stay tuned and remember- practice safe, social distancing and good personal hygiene!Sincerely,Alex Dawe
NRG Comics™
Farglecak Description (Prologue)The Kingdom of Farglecak Farglecak is a kingdom on a cloud, home to many creatures. The cloud is only visible to Farglecakians though. There are many different creatures on Farglecak, such as manchosos, wambuts, and cross-mermaids.  Some of them are known to humans as mythological creatures, such as unicorns, griffins, and dragons. Humans know these creatures because since the time humans consider as the middle ages, Farglecakians did in fact roam freely around Planet Earth, living in harmony with humans. But as humans started getting more and more destructive and afraid of the supernatural, Farglecakians were forced to find a different place to live. Farglecak is also home to a type of human species, usually descendants of dwarves or elves that have lost their special features such as pointed ears. These types of humans are sturdier that Earthen ones though, and sometimes have small features that are not human, such as orange or violet eyes, or webbed hands. A bad fall won’t break their leg and it takes more than paper to cut their skin. Some Humaoid Farglecakians decide to live on Earth and dwell among humans for a chance to find a job or to learn more about humans themselves. Farglecak is ruled by the Kygarika dynasty. The current king’s daughter is named Qirenna. The leader also has three senators that help them rule and make decisions. These senators are voted by the public, much like on Earth. If a Farglecakian is part of a certain community, for instance, a pygmy fairy tribe, they provide for themselves. If a Farglecakian lives independently, they must acquire a job that provides them with enough income. Both communities and independent Farglecakians who are wild, such as dragons, untamed griffins, manchosos, and likewise must abide by all laws. To reach Earth, Farglecakians use portals which are spread throughout many places on Earth, but there is only one on Farglecak. Portals are usually only accessible by those who have Farglecakian blood in them. In the rare occasion of a human stumbling upon Farglecak, they will immediately suffer psychological trauma and ultimately cease to live, as they cannot survive in the supernatural and magical world of Farglecak....
Pixel Art
Pac-Man (Sega Master System Sprites) by SupaStarFox
Rally-X NES Edition (Sprite Sheet) by SupaStarFox
Miru And Chomp Chomp (NES - Sprite Sheet) by SupaStarFox
Mappy (Super Game Boy - Redesign) by SupaStarFox
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Unicorn And Moonlight by SirSilverwind
Waterfall Dancer by SirSilverwind
Dancing in Moonlight by SirSilverwind
shrekxy by aiyukunasayu
target by GirlWithTheGreenHat
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