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UPD Fragmented Desktop Wallpapers in Glourious 5K

By allannyholm
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Update at 2 o'clock in the morning.. I've thrown in a few more color variations.. 14 in total now.

I present a wallpaper series loosely? based on octaviotti 's Monity icon in his latest Tile Mac Icon set here
Tile Icons - A macOS Iconpack by octaviotti

I've been tinkering with the idea for a while and then I spotted something I thought I could work with.

These are the wallpapers. They are always in 5120 x 2880 unless I get told otherwise. They do scale ya know, ya know?

Also a huge shout out to niivu because I borrowed some color styles, although not completely, from his latest wallpaper set here:
Joyful Desktop - 5K Wallpapers by niivu

And of course a huge thank you octaviotti for sending me his acceptance of me doing wallpapers like this based on what I could see in an icon :heart:

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It's amazing how a little detail on an icon can trigger an idea! Anyway, great work! This is perfect for a dynamic wallpaper that changes through the day

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Thanks! And you're right -- now that you mention the day/night thing - I think there's at least one more variant to be made. Great tip.

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Great work Allan! Nice selection of colors as well. Thanks for the shout out and sharing your work. :highfive:

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Thank you! I will try my best to keep sharing if you promise to get a Mac :P giggle -- that last part was for fun . I appreciate that there's a group of us sticking together - against all odds it would seem.