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SeriesWallpapers - Good, Nature and Evil + no logo

By allannyholm
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I decided to remove the background on my initial upload of these wallpapers.. I'll put those in my Stash here in a minute..

I am finally done tinkering with these wallpapers - or am I? Probably not.

There was and still exist a text version, but it didn't really work out for this release. Spacing problems. 

Using text is a whore in Sketch(read, I'm not good enough to handle that)

So here's 10 wallpapers; 5 designs with each a logo or no logo. There's a nature one with my interpretation of a ladybug and also a good and evil one - Including a halo and horns-- the other 2 designs are half good half evil and they are not showcased in the preview.

I hate making previews. This preview you see is one that I one that I quickly put together.

The other preview I made is much more elaborate, but it was too much.

Btw.. they are in a 5120 px and PNG format.. why? why papa?! I'll tell you why. Go play with your toys. mama and papa is having a pool party :P 

© 2020 - 2021 allannyholm
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The subtly is in the details.


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Thank you!

"Subtle" is my middlename and I'm not afraid to use it.

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Great work mate. Very creative, thanks for sharing. :)

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Thank you! And you're welcome.