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Re-Somatic theme



Version 1.2.5 is again a small update in numbers but features overhauled windows once again. This time it looks a little different But still in the spirit of Somatic. Perhaps even more so now because of the redesign of the windows.

I've changed some pixels here and there and tried to polish things up a bit. And now there's an iTunes theme - though in a separate download in my gallery. If the iTunes theme is not there when you read this it soon will be.

I think that next is probably the dark windows appearance so that things kinda match up in Somatic style. Though it will be a while.  


This is a theme for macOS High Sierra.

I've tried here to re-create some of the feel of the Somatic theme by davidlanham  A huge thanks to him. Hug 

The preview describes the content but here it is also:

· 6 variants; Blue, Orange, Red, Purple, Green, Albino

· Blue or Graphite appearance in the OS

· Retina and non-Retina

Things not done: Buttons and such. Probably never will be. You'll have to do without.
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This is really cool. thumbs up emote Are you going to make a version for Mojave?