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Luxus3 for Windows - hotspot correction

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23th of July 2020
I've uploaded a fixed version that PoulNyrup has kindly fixed for me. He basically went through all individual .cur and .ani for us. Thanks! 

I will go over the Mousecape version too.

22th of July 2020

Luxus 3 cursor set for Windows 👍 

Shout out to my friends on Deviantart, Discord and Facebook for helping me and motivate me to finish this set. ✌️

The little secret is that the base arrow cursor is based a small amount on a cursor within Autodesk Sketchbook. 

I liked the appearance so much that I wanted it systemwide. Now also in a darker look and gold appearance. Has animations on Busy and Wait cursors 😊

The included cursors all have an Install.inf for each of the variation in either the regular or hi-dpi monitor resolutions. Choose what fits you.

The Install.inf is furthermore fixed for other authors to use as I noticed spelling errors and I added in the possibility to include LocationSelect and PersonSelect cursors - these are both new over the old Install.inf files.

Feel free to extract that file and spread that specific file around i.e include it in your own projects. Could benefit you in the long run to have included all cursors that Windows 10 provides. 😊


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It isn't there? Try re-loading the page. I have not removed the download link. It should still be on the left most side - the symbols there.

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Very Cool! I use this!

very nice thank you :)

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belleza, love it

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Interesting!! Gotta love custom made cursors!

Looks great.Thanks

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This is so solid fantistic marvellous cursor. thank you very much!

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Thank you for commenting :D

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Quality work! Thanks for the cool cursor.

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You are very welcome. :)

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This looks so cool,nice one <3

awesome epic job!!

Looks great, thanks!

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Love it thanks

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Thanks! And you're welcome :)

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Looks great, how do I install this?

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Thanks :) You install the cursors by first downloading the archive and inside there are sets for each variant with each cursor appearance having their normal resolution and their high-dpi set. There's an Install.inf file inside each variant that you choose that you right click from within File Explorer and choose to Install. It goes to the cursor settings in Windows and makes them available to the user via the dropdown where you would normally select other cursors or pointers

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