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Luxus3 Mousecape - updated hotspot

By allannyholm
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This release is specific to macOS users. Windows cursors are elsewhere in my gallery, here
Luxus3 for Windows - hotspot correction by allannyholm

23th of July 2020
I've uploaded a fixed version that PoulNyrup made me aware of - first for Windows and now with Mousecape for macOS. Thanks! 

Shout out to my friends on Deviantart, Discord and Facebook for helping me and motivate me to finish this set. ✌️

Download Mousecape here: github.com/alexzielenski/Mouse…

Current version is 1813 - right at the top of of the list of releases.

The little secret is that the base arrow cursor is based a small amount on a cursor within Autodesk Sketchbook.

I liked the appearance so much that I wanted it systemwide. Now also in a darker look and gold appearance. Has animations on Busy and Wait cursors 😊


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Is it possible to create macOS cursors — such as hand — in this general style?

(These designed by a person on Dribbble, if I could remember who I’d credit.)

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It appears to be from this gentleman;



And yes, it's possible. However, I haven't drawn anything this cartoon-y before. I've been close, but no cigar. I will investigate this procedure :)

The closest you can use on a Mac, via conversion, is this

Mario Cursors by Gaucho


Mario Hand Cursor

or this

MasterHand - Cursors

You would have to download CursorCreate as outlined here, there's nothing too it really - a little tinkering. CursorCreate will accept Linux cursors and Wndows .cur and .ani via drag and drop. Export as a Mousecape file when done.


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Yep, that is the person. OK.

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Is there a Linux version of this and the other cursor sets on your Github project? Many thanks!
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Huge congrats on the well deserved Daily Deviation mate! :highfive:

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Back in the old days, when someone got a DD, there would be some kind of text explaining why the particular deviation was worthy of the award. Unfortunately this isnt possible any more in the new gallery format. So for those interested, here's the text behind the submission for DD.

Allan - feel free to remove this if you don't feel it's appropriate...


Modification of the macos/OSX interface has always been an integral part of the customization community at dA, despite this platform often presenting a significantly greater challenge to modify compared to Windows versions over the past many years. Despite these challenges, a handful of committed artists have created awe-inspiring and timeless skins for various elements of the macos/OSX GUI, skins that themselves have inspired countless other Windows themes afterwards.

The latest tool for customizing the macos cursor is Mousecape, and it's most prolific and accomplished artist is Allan Nyholm from Denmark. With his latest cursor set "Luxus 3 cursor set for Mousecape", Allan has created an immensely beautiful piece of art that all Mac users free of charge can use and enjoy every day. The work gone in to the regular and hi-dpi versions of the regular, gold & obsidian cursors is truly remarkable.

Not being content with creating this cursor set for Mac users, Allan Nyholm has made a version for Windows cursors as well. Like all excellent artists, he wants to share with everybody. :)


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I wanted to thank you for giving a shout out to the cursors in a comment on I think niivu's profile where the challenge was to share some cool custo things.

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np - with the old dA layout shot to pieces it's now almost impossible to dig through all the shit to find the diamonds...

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If you leave shit long enough on the sidewalk it will eventually turn into white gold. Dog shit I mean.

It's turning white at least. Don't go into the light.

A most beautiful sight.

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ok, somebody's drinking red wine on a Monday evening... :D

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Somebody somewhere indeed.

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I blush now -- very nice. It's not inappropriate having it here.

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Wonderful work!! :clap: !!!

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Thank you :)

Btw.. my bosom isn't that big. A B-cup perhaps. Yes, I made it sexual.

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I was so sure I had no idea what you were talking about... but... :thumbsup: :laughing: !!!

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I like it. There is something amazingly 1995 about the marketing vocabulary. Why have black when you can have obsidian?

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Thank you! 1995 was where it was at. I remember it as it was yesterday..... (flashback bubble pops out)

As someone in the field of eating crayons all day I can tell you that once you go black you never eat an obsidian color again.

Also, I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings and least of all the BLM folks hither and dither

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Indeed. This wouldn't look out of place in the interface that B5 ships use.

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Hi there Allan!

Is there any chance you could share the GOLD version of the following 32px files as png's with me?


I think they're included in your mousecape version, but not in the Windows version... I think they're really cute and would love to use either one of them as my text-marker cursor in my Windows version (32px, not 48px)...

Thanks in advance! :D

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Sure, here is a direct link to those specific two in Gold and PNG format: https://jmp.sh/7PKOAPy+/PoulNyrupGoldTextSelect.zip

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Thanks - that's really kind of you. :)

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Wasn't a bother at all.

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